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Professional Three Point Sling

Professional Three Point Sling - It. 5302
Express Custom Made (6 - 8 weeks)
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The sling is designed for use with long guns, assault rifles, machine guns, and shotguns. The material easily slides on over tactical equipment. The sling is designed for quick and easy manipulation.

It also allows a simple switch of arms from the right to left side, and 

does not interfere the butt of the rifle. Offers many length settings and is  well suited for use with tactical and body armor. The weapon is mounted with an  HK hook and a strap mounted on the weapon.

  • Suitable for rifle, machine gun, shotgun
  • Material easily slides over tactical equipment
  • Easily switches from right to left side
  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for wearing with or without bullet-proof vest
  • Mounted on the weapon with HK hook and  loop
  • Width 1.5 inches

Why to buy a Falco holster
  • All our products are handmade in Europe
  • We use premium leather cowhide and proven long lasting cordura nylon
  • Durable stitching ensures years of life
  • Holsters are hand molded for specific gun model, so they fit the gun perfectly
  • Sophisticated design makes the products comfortable to wear
  • Excellent price / quality ratio
  • Most of our products offers 5 years limited warranty
How long it takes to get my holster?

All Falco holsters are handmade and are available for a wide range of pistols and revolvers. To guarantee the shortest handling time, we stock over 1,000 holsters. However according to thousands of gun + holster + color + hand combinations, part of orders have to be produced and have handling time about 6-8 weeks. Please chcek availability of your holster combination wehn adding to cart. Thank you for understanding.

For delivery we recommend UPS shipment, as it offers 3 day worldwide delivery with tracking and delivery confirmation.