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Customer Ben S.

Product: Stable easy on IWB leather holster Classic

Five star quality ! Great holster fits perfectly to my gun.

Customer Alan M.

Product: Kydex reinforced Belly Band

Excellent workmanship. I really like it.

Customer Lauren l.

Product: Appendix concealed carry leather holster for guns with light and with magazine pouch Premium

Best quality and customization! My husband loves his holster!

Customer Jeffrey H.

Product: Single magazine leather pouch for shoulder system Basic

Excellent quality

Customer Keith R.

Product: Slim design OWB nylon holster with thumb break and a belt clip

It's not bad the problem is the time it took to get my order a month and a half . It could be a little more slim down for my liking . Over all not bad 3 stars.

Customer Blaine H.

Product: Easy on cross draw OWB leather holster Premium

Quality leather. Yet, the securing snap strap is a little short, so it has to be removed and requires both hands to close it again. Also, for how difficult it is to lock the security snap strap the strap that wraps around is too loose. The thought of being able to snap on the holster around the belt is a nice thought, but it’d probably be more effective as a closed loop and a lot more snug around a belt

Customer Richard Roose

Product: Cross draw holster leather

I recently received this holster and the quality of the leather is great, the stitching is great. The only problem I’ve encountered is that the strap is so tight that it throws the safety into the off position. This makes it unsafe for condition one carry. Maybe it’ll take some time to break in but for now I can’t carry with one in the chamber.

Customer Landon Bunker

Product: Kydex reinforced Belly Band

It is comfortable but my complaint is, it does not have enough retention to firmly hold the gun, with the weight of a full magazine the gun can just slips right out.

Customer David W.

Product: Secured IWB concealed leather holster with thumb break Premium

Beautifully constructed and finished holster. Unfortunately it is made for concealment instead of display!

Customer Timothy D.

Product: Premium Custom Cross draw holster leather

The holster came in and looked to be decent quality but that’s where it ended. Upon putting the gun in the holster it didn’t fit well at all. The thumb break wouldn’t even come close to going over the trigger area. More importantly, the magazine release was depressed completely when put into the holster so the magazine wouldn’t stay in the gun. As of now, the customer service team is working with me to try and solve the problem. The only cure for this I can see is another holster as there’s no way to modify this holster. I’ll give a complete review once the problem is corrected as this is a lot of money for a holster that doesn’t fit.

Respectfully, Tim

Customer Matthew M.

Product: Dual angle open top OWB leather holster with thumb break Premium

Excellent holster for those that still prefer leather, but need an RDO cut and still desire a thumb snap. Have used it regularly for nearly three months and is still holding up great. I was a bit concerned at first as the leather is softer than most name brands like Desantis and Bianchi, but it seems to be just stiff enough for good retention and release of the thumb snap. Being able to add a laser etched pic is a nice touch.

Customer Victor S.

Product: Maximum comfort IWB concealed open top leather holster on air flow platform Classic

Very well made holster. I haven't had it for long but it seems to be strudy and high quality. Very comfortable and stable but it could stand to sit up slightly higher. Sometimes the holster and gun slip down below the edge of my belt and my rear sight catches on my belt during draw. Otherwise I couldn't be happier with it.

Customer David B.

Product: Basic Nylon Belt with Plastic Buckle

Very comfortable

Customer Sterling M.

Product: Nylon holster for concealed carry

Fit perfectly and very well made.

Customer Brennan S.

Product: Stable easy on IWB leather holster Premium

Nicest holster I’ve bought. Materials are very high quality and well made. I love it. It exceeded my expectations.

Customer Brennan S.

Product: IWB clip on magazine leather pouch with retention screw Premium

Very high quality and well made.

Customer Jonathan J.


I love that your brand has so many varieties, I was disappointed however... because the holster was so loose, the firearm rattled. I had to make some modifications to add friction to the gun. Simple lower screw, closer to the light... but at 150 bucks... that's not something I should have to do. The other holster I got from you guys... AMAZING, that one is an easy *****... this one was just a little lack luster for the $

Customer Walter S.

Product: Quick draw slim OWB leather holster Premium

Great quality, made right with very good leather

Customer Ethan S.

Product: Easy on pancake style OWB leather holster with thumb break Classic

Well made.
Couple of tool marks that will blend in with use.