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Considering Falco Holster with Snaps?

"Falco makes the Side Snap Leather Gun Holster out of deep, hand-molded premium leather with a lacquered finish. It is smooth and custom-fit to every gun. Not only does it look fantastic, it’s very durable too.
After you admire the leather, you’ll turn your attention to the snaps. Two snap belt loops allow you the convenience to install and remove the holster without removing your belt."

Mark Kakkuri

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First Impression that Gets You.

"It’s no secret that Falco makes quality products and this holster is a good example of their work.  From the precise molding to the heavy-duty stitching, to the stainless steel thumb release, this is a high-quality holster.  One of my conditions for reviewing any holster is that I actually use it for carry for about 60 days.  As it turns out, I used this holster almost exclusively for six months!  I see no reason that it shouldn’t provide years of service."

Hank's Holster Review
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Looking for a perfect match for your Glock?

"This beautiful leather holster is custom made within 20-30 days so you are getting a quality crafted piece of equipment for your Glock 42. Using a traditional method of crafting these unique pieces, the beautiful leather allows for a seamless draw of your Glock. These holsters are so customizable you can even order a left-handed design, or a different color when ordering. So you don’t need to stick to the brown in the picture, although it is beautiful."
Norman Turner
The Gun Zone

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Our extra care makes a difference.

"Although the Falco system is similar to the Vega system, both of which are modeled after the Galco Miami Classic holster system, there are significant differences between the Falco and Vega systems; and for some of you, these differences may justify the $10 price difference."

Practical Eschatology

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Top-Notch Quality by Falco Holsters.

"Craft Holsters are made from suppliers in Europe with the highest quality in mind. My particular holster was made by Falco Holsters. The quality is top-notch and the perfect appearance will be only appreciated by myself since it’ll be in my waistband and concealed most of the time because nobody should know if you’re carrying concealed correctly."

Fifty Shades of FDE

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Even a Full Size Pistol can be Turned into EDC.

"In short, this is a holster that has turned my CZ75 Compact into something that I would carry as an everyday CCW piece. A pretty good feat considering its almost 33oz weight.  I also have to mention that the finish is professionally done -- I have had a number of holster makers dye come off after a very short period of time which has always distinguished them from big brands. This is not the case here."
Reg Mathusz
Firearms Blog

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Carry with Comfort.

"First, the hand-molded leather is thick and soft. This means the body-side part of the rig feels better on body. Second, because the holster is more pliable, as you tighten your gun belt, it pulls the holster in and conforms to your body shape more than other holsters would. A quick side note on retention"
Mark Kakkuri

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High Quality Shooting Belt Matters.

"It is a sturdy and adjustable double velcro belt. I can modulate the belt according to the dimensions and the position of my magazine pouch and holster. The adjustments can happen intuitively and effortlessly. The strength of the velcro connections is just right. It is quick and comfortable way to put on the tactical equipment."

Sport Shooting KP30

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Comfortable, Durable, Reliable.

"The Falco Cross Draw Leather Holster will definitely rise to the call of duty in a concealed carry or range shooting environment. The holster’s quality is amazing and will keep the pistol right at your side without the risk of sliding out. If you want something with proven reliability and durability, this might be the go-to option for you."

About Ankit

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Perfect for your Beretta.

"The Falco A112 Hawk is one of the most stable IWB holsters that I have encountered, is of excellent quality, and the cost is well worth the price of admission."
Gun Toters

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Even Sig Sauer M17 carried all day.

"In my book, a belt holster is the only way to carry a handgun this large and heavy for an extended period of time. It also provides the most accessibility to the handgun when the user is wearing a covering garment. The Falco It.74 is one of the very best belt holsters available. It can be adjusted for the optimal carry angle due to the extra belt slot — muzzle rearward or muzzle neutral." 

Scott W. Wagner

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Falco Holsters is a proud manufacturer of popular Craft Holsters.

"The Craft Holsters Shoulder Holster is not just carried, but worn. It blends into your wardrobe and daily routine. The adjustments offer significant options to customize the fit as well as presenting the firearm at the exact position you expect. And that’s a deliverable you can bank on."

Doc Montana
Survival Cache

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What makes Falco Holsters stand out:

"In many ways, leather holsters are a fairly generic product, but this particular holster gets special marks for a beautiful color, solid 3mm leather construction, a sensible pricepoint, and a range of handgun fit options that even covers uncommon marques such as Zastava, Charter Arms, and IWI. "

Gun Tweaks

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