A109 Goshawk

Tuckable IWB concealed open top leather holster

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A tuckable holster that is great for high level of concealment. You can put this holster inside pants and also put a shirt in pants as well. The only part visible is the small leather bit with a press stud that goes around the belt. Sweat guard separates the gun from the body. The tuckable strap is reinforced with Kydex, keeping it straight and holster inside the pants when drawing the gun.

Basic line holsters are made of hard split leather available only in black color.

Our skilled craftsmen custom make the holster for your specific handgun.

  • Open top tuckable IWB holster for a wide variety of pistols and revolvers
  • With Kydex reinforced tuckable strap for concealed wearing with the shirt in pants
  • Sweat guard keeping gun separated from the body
  • Design your own holster by choosing from the available options

After the process of drying the genuine leather, the holster might naturally shrink a little. If the re-holstering appears difficult during the first wear and the fit is too high, do not worry. All you need to do is to break-in the leather. Find our tips on the process here:



Great holster fits with no adjustment needed. Fits comfortably. Good quality holster. Look forward doing business with you guys again.


Beautifully crafted. Only the finest materials used and the construction is flawless. The single belt loop can cause the holster to shift depending on where you carry it. Just be aware of this and pick your carry spot accordingly.


Great fit, build quality and value. Considering it was built to order and shipped half way around the world from a place I never heard of, delivery time was remarkably fast. If I had a do over, I might have ordered a different model but that’s totally on me. Five stars all day long.


I purchased this holster for my husband’s birthday. He loves it. He said it’s a nice holster and very comfortable for concealed carry. If you can spring the extra bucks for the monogramming, go for it; it looks very sleek.


Looks very nice, seems convenient, but need to use before the final opinion


Very nicely made of first class materials. I tested this at home. Retention is very good, almost too good; it took me some practice before I was able to draw smoothly and quickly. That is a good thing, though. I bought this for right-hand carry and same side draw. However, after testing standing and seated with the clothing I typically wear, I have tentatively concluded that I want to try this for left-hand carry and cross draw with my right. On my 1-1/2" belt, the holster is capable of enough cant to accomplish this nicely. Base don my experience with this purchase, I highly recommend Falco products.


Good holster tight fit well construction worth money I paid for it very happy


This holster very high quality. The fit and finish is perfect. The edges are so smooth. The leather used is very high grade. This is one of the most comfortable holsters I have ever worn, probably the best. I ordered this particular holster because I work in a professional environment and my shirt must be tucked in and this holster is perfect! I definitely recommend this holster. Thank you Falco Holsters for such a great product!


I had to reach out twice because of some sort of issue with my order not being done or something. However email support was very helpful and responded quickly. The holster it's self is very nice and I'll more then likely be ordering others in the future. Hopefully with no delays


We are very happy with the holster. It has great craftsmanship and is very well done. I love the design and you can tell a lot of time was put into making it. We would definitely recommend craft holsters.


Truly outstanding quality and craftsmanship! It’s a work of art that will likely become something I pass down. Well done

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