Prodyšné nylonové pouzdro pro skryté nošení zbraně se světlem

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Pouzdro pro skryté nošení zbraně . Pouzdro je vyrobeno z 3D materiálu, což zajišťuje vzdušnost pouzdra a tím pohodlnější a příjemnější každodenní nošení. Pouzdro je uchyceno 4cm nebo 5cm ocelovou sponou.

Naši řemeslníci vyrobí pouzdro přesně na míru vaší konkrétní zbraně , ale díky částečně univerzálnímu designu pouzdro sedne i na zbraně ve stejné velikostní kategorii.

  • zabraňuje pocení
  • se zakrytou hlavní
  • pro vnitřní nošení
  • s ocelovou 40mm nebo 50mm sponou
  • zbraň se nedotýká těla
  • doživotní záruka kvality

Upozornění: Změny v objednávce lze provést pouze do 24 hodin od potvrzení objednávky. Po uplynutí této lhůty již nelze změny v objednávce provést, protože je ve výrobním procesu.

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I like it so far


Fits my weapon well - very secure. Good craftsmanship.


This is a minimized IWB holster. It is exceptional comfortable right out of the box. It clips on securely and does not move around when I do. The Holster is reasonably priced and performs very well. Thanks Falcoholsters!


Nice fit, feel and small enough to be an easy CC holster. Order was fulfilled in a timely manner and DHL shipping was very trackable. All in all, I would recommend falcoholsters.com to friends in the future.


Very well made holster to fit my needs! Much thanks to Falco holsters once again for providing excellent service!


Very impressed with the quality and surprised by the fitment. Highly recommend.


I’ve searched for a holster to fit my .45 with a tactical light with no luck. The holster you made fits perfectly & you can tell it’s made with high quality material.


Perfect fit for my pistol.


Very nice holster. Great fit to the gun. Well made.


Career L.E. Firearms Master Instructor. This is the holster if your a serious IWB carrier. Most durable, comfortable along with a strong clip. Not the weak metal or plastic junk used by other manufacturers. You won't be disappointed for the money.


Great fit and high quality holster. Just what I was looking for!


I've had this holster for a couple weeks now and have worn it a few times, very comfortable. Think I'll get another one for my other pistol.


Fantastic holster. High quality construction and materials. Perfect fit for my gun/light combo. Arrived in the promised window of time; it's a while to wait, but worth it for a quality custom holster.


Good fit, no complaints. It took longer than expected to make, but other than that it fits my firearm perfectly.


Amazing fit. Definitely worth the long wait to get it, about 8 and a half weeks, but 100% worth the wait. Light, flexible, and low profile. It is easy to adjust when I'm sitting down. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a well made and comfortable holster.


Comfortable. Lightweight. Good retention. Falco makes great quality holsters. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.


excellent fit....made perfectly....good price, and again, delivered before promised date...


I ordered a nylon concealed carry.for a Zastava M-57,Tokarev.it is perfect, great fit and finish. Very well made High quality.i will be purchasing more.


The Walther CCP Holster from Falcoholster is an excellent holster for inside the waist band carry. I carry "in front" toward my right side. The holster is comfortable while seated and while driving long distances. The top holster "extension pad" prevents the slide from contacting the shooter while seated or drawing the weapon. The workmanship is first class as is the material of construction. The material has a "soft feel" unlike Kydex. The draw is very smooth after a little break-in period. I recommend this holster for all Walther CCP users.


Perfect quality. It fits my gun and very light weight. Also perfect customer service.


Well made and comfortable. Seems like it should hold up well with Dailey use. Clip holds securely. Time will tell on durability.


Good quality however it could be1/2 inch deeper to better cover trigger and sight.


top spracovanie , presne sedi zbran aj so svetlom


The holster is nice. It's a little tight for my firearm however.


Took WAY TO long to receive. Then upon receiving, I was not happy with the clip that comes on the holster. The clip is way too thin and does not work well. Hard to put on waist line (and I’m a thin average built man) also, the clip edges are sharp. Cut me twice trying to put it on then taking off! Clip needs to be a different structure. Perhaps a strong plastic type. Very disappointed in this holster. On the other hand, holster fit the firearm good just needs clip updates.

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