Nylonové zaistené stehenné puzdro

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Puzdro navrhnuté pre nosenie na stehne. Uchytenie o stehno nylonovým popruhom. Celá hlaveň zbrane je krytá a chránená.

Naši remeselníci vyrobia puzdro presne na mieru vašej konkrétnej zbrane , ale vďaka čiastočne univerzálnemu designu puzdro sadne aj na zbrane v rovnakej veľkostnej kategórii.

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Zákazník Doyle 12/3/2021

I am very pleased with my holster that I ordered. I would purchase another one


Zákazník Daniel T 3/11/2020

The holster looks great and is all you say it is. A good value for the quality work that is put into the making of the holster. Will tell others about the products you offer. Thanks for a great job.


Zákazník Joel 8/12/2020

this leg holster is great! i have had a bulky cheap looking one for a couple years of hunting and this holster now is less bulky, better in appearance and my glock fits perfect. i'd like to thank Falcoholsters for getting it made and to me during this time of the world going crazy.


Zákazník Juraj M. 21/9/2021


Zákazník Jay C. 25/5/2021

The construction and finished of the holster were of high quality; however, the design leaves much to be desired. The leg strap is fixed (sewn) to the holster hence cannot be adjusted or replaced and the "drop" strap's belt loop is Velcro'd rather than sewn hence, should the Velcro fail or be defeated by an opponent, the wearer could loose control of the weapon. The weapon's trigger/trigger guard are exposed which, again, is a security issue. Bottom line, this holster, while of excellent construction,
is adequate for heading to the range by hobbyists, is not for law enforcement or serious hikers.

That said, the service was fast, all emails were answered completely and expeditiously and, considering the holster was shipped from the Slovak Republic, arrived in a very short time. With Falco, the basics are there; if they will take a moment, consult with some U.S. law enforcement groups (NTOA, TTPOA, etc.) and update their designs, they could produce some outstanding, high quality and modern holsters that should undercut the competition and make them a healthy profit while providing professionals a serviceable, lower cost option.

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