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Carbon Fiber Holster for Glock 19
Carbon Fiber Holster for Glock 19
Carbon Fiber Holster for Glock 19
Carbon Fiber Holster for Glock 19
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Carbon Fiber Holster for Glock 19

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The unique outside the waistband Carbon Fiber Holster by FALCO is currently available for Glock 19 and can be made with optics cut.

This is not another plastic holster with a Carbon Fiber finish. The CX85 is completely made out of real Carbon weighting mere 3.5 oz. The signature pattern you see on the holster is the woven fibers of the Carbon cloth embedded in resin and hardened by pressure and heat. The holster is produced by inserting a Carbon fabric sheet into the mold where it’s formed into the desired shape with the help of resin. The whole mold with the formed sheet then enters the autoclave where the material hardens through simultaneous elevated pressure and temperature resulting in a uniform high-end material system as used in aviation, aerospace and top tier racing cars.

In the final step, the semi-finished product is taken out of the mold and hand-taped to perfect the holster’s shape. The edges get buffed and smoothed and special drills are used to produce quality holes for the belt loops.

The holster is designed by FALCO Holsters to be worn at 3 o’clock position, with a slightly curved rear side to comfortably wrap around your hip while pulling the grip towards your body for easier concealment. Specifically molded for a Glock 19. The Carbon Fiber parts are manufactured and autoclave cured at the Slovak facility which supplies specialist Carbon Fiber components for brands on the Supercar Tier List, while the rest of the holster manufacturing process such as hand tap, rounding of the edges & drilling is done in-house at FALCO Holsters.

Fits Glock 19

  • Open top and open muzzle design
  • Optics cut available
  • Pancake style with 0°cant
  • Designed for 3 o’clock carry
  • Two 1.5” belt loops on sides
  • Total weight 3.5 oz

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