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Hybrid IWB Holster: The #1 Choice for Concealed Carry

As a seasoned carrier of concealed weapons & marketing manager of Falco Holsters, I've journeyed through a multitude of holster styles, materials, and brands. Yet, after years of trial and experience, I've solidified my preference for the best of both worlds: the hybrid IWB holster. This innovative design, melding the durability of Kydex with the comfort of leather, has proven to be the most effective and comfortable choice for everyday concealed carry. Let me take you through my experiences and insights, highlighting why the hybrid IWB holster is my #1 choice. But first, let's answer the questions:

leather lined kydex holster
Hybrid appendix holster

What is a Hybrid Holster?

A hybrid holster represents a middle ground between leather and Kydex holsters. Gaining popularity in the firearm community for their innovative design, hybrid holsters combine two distinct materials, typically Kydex and leather. The leather component offers maximum comfort to the wearer, in case it is perforated it allows the skin to breathe, and because it forms to your body shape with use. The thermoplastic Kydex sheet used on the outer part of the holster is highly durable and can be molded into almost any shape.

Hybrid holster
Hybrid AIWB holster

Hybrid holsters are known for their stability, security, comfort, and appealing appearance. During manufacturing, a sheet of Kydex is heated to increase flexibility, enabling it to replicate the intricate details of various handgun types. Once cooled and hardened, it is attached to a precisely cut and stitched double-layered leather platform. The result is a holster tailored to fit a specific firearm that is definitely more comfortable than Kydex offerings.

They are versatile, suitable for a wide range of uses, and continue to grow in popularity, attracting an expanding fanbase every day.

Leather Hybrid Holster

My first encounter with a hybrid holster was a leather Kydex hybrid holster. This type of holster offers a unique combination of the supple feel of leather against the body and the robust structure of Kydex to secure the firearm. This blend ensures comfort without compromising on the holster’s functionality. 

Comfort: The leather part contours to the body over time, providing a personalized fit.

Durability: Kydex ensures the holster maintains its shape, offering easy re-holstering and a secure fit.   

Perforated leather platform of Hybrid IWB Holster
Perforated leather platform of Hybrid IWB Holster

Custom Holsters IWB

Falcos Customization is where IWB holster hybrids shine. Whether it's for a specific model like my Glock 19 or 3000 other handguns on Falcos compatibility list. You can specify the color of the leather backer, edges & even stitching, size of your sweat guard, preferred hand, cant, or width of your belt. These holsters can be tailored to all your individual needs so they are unique as the concealed carrier himself.

iwb owb hybrid holster in manufacturing process
iwb owb hybrid holster in manufacturing process

Falcos Hidden Hybrid Holster Review

Having used various models, including the popular hidden hybrid holsters with steel & plastic clips and the IWB/OWB convertible holster for a magazine, I can attest to their practicality. My holsters were tested as a hybrid holster Glock 19 & its hybrid magazine pouch.


I enjoyed mainly the improved comfort of this hybrid holster. It had a snug retention but still provided smooth & fast draws. What surprised me at first was the fact that this holster stays open even without the handgun inside. It does not collapse thanks to the reinforced sweatguard with an additional layer of leather.

A908 -  Comfortable Hybrid IWB Holster with Grip Hook Clips

This holster is an improved version of A116 and I can clearly see why. New narrow polymer clips are easier to put on & off your belt and they are reinforced with an additional piece of leather. This hybrid holster was ideal for IWB hip carry or the so-called 3 o'clock position. I recommend it to everybody who frequently manipulates with a holster during the day.

F906 -  Hybrid IWB/OWB Double Mag Pouch

I tested this hybrid magazine pouch both in IWB & OWB configuration. It does its job very well. Magazines were held in one place during the whole day of concealed carry & I even forgot they were on my belt. After trying reloads at the local gun range I quickly found out that the hybrid pouch is more silent and far from the rattling noise of fully Kydex options. The only downside of this pouch is that you have to change clips with belt loops on it using a screwdriver. Other than that this is definitely my go-to option when it comes to carrying spare ammunition.

iwb/owb hybrid holster
iwb/owb hybrid holster


The FALCO Holsters A907 is a remarkable blend of comfort and functionality. As someone who values practical EDC options, I was impressed by its fusion of premium leather and sturdy Kydex. The leather part is exceptionally comfortable against the body, making it ideal for extended wear, while the Kydex ensures secure and consistent firearm retention. Its design is perfect for compact and subcompact handguns, offering safe and reliable access. The added perforations for breathability and the extra-wide belt clip for easy placement and removal enhance its practicality. With its minimalistic design & optional claw, this holster is not just a carrying tool but a piece of artisan craftsmanship. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a top-tier hybrid holster.

Types of IWB Holsters

The variety within the hybrid IWB holster category is impressive. Mostly thanks to all the customization options. I've explored several types, each with its unique advantages.

  • Canted Hybrid IWB Holsters: Hybrid IWB Holsters equipped with one clip are good for a variety of positions. If you plan to carry it on your hip or more on the back I highly recommend getting the canted version. In case you are good with classical appendix make sure it is configured as straight on the hip.
  • Hybrid Appendix Holster: Ideal for those who prefer front carry, offering quick access. Hybrid appendix holsters are usually available with two clips on the far sides of the leather platform which enhances their stability. 
  • IWB/OWB Convertible Holster: Provides versatility for those who alternate between inside and outside waistband carry.
leather kydex iwb holster
leather kydex iwb holster

Different IWB Holster Clip Types

The clip is a crucial component in any hybrid Kydex holster. My experience with various clip types in hybrid holsters has shown me their importance in terms of security and comfort. Here are all the available options along with their features.

  • Wide Plastic Clip: As seen with A907 this clip provides a secure attachment to the belt and is typically made of sturdy plastic. It was easy to put my holster on & off the belt and it held very well on the belt during concealed carry
  • Steel Clips: As seen in A116 2021 & A116 L 2021. These clips are definitely more rigid than anything else on the list. The holster basically clawed on my belt and restricted any possible movement on the belt. Although it is harder to put this holster on your belt, its security is well worth it.
  • Grip Hook Belt Clips: As seen with A908 & A908 L. Hook Clips are easier to put on your belt in comparison with steel ones. Thanks to their attachment to the holster on the lower side only, it made tucking my T-shirt possible.
hybrid leather holster
hybrid leather holster

Key Points in My Experience with Hybrid IWB Holsters

  • Leather Kydex Holsters: Provide a perfect blend of comfort and rigidity.
  • IWB and OWB Holster Combo: Offers flexibility for different carrying preferences.
  • Leather and Kydex IWB Holster: Strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality.
  • Kydex Hybrid Holster: Can be custom crafted for a wide variety of handguns & lights.
  • Hybrid Leather Kydex Holster: Combines the traditional feel of leather with the modern functionality of Kydex.


After years of carrying concealed weapons and experimenting with different holster types, the hybrid gun holster remains my top choice. The leather Kydex hybrid holster offers unparalleled comfort and durability, while its customization possibilities provide a perfect fit for specific firearm models & needs. My experience with these kydex leather hybrid holsters, from the compact hybrid to the convertible IWB/OWB models, has reinforced their versatility and reliability. Whether it's for everyday carry or specific tactical needs, the hybrid IWB holster caters to all requirements with its innovative design and practical features. For anyone seeking an effective, comfortable, and versatile concealed carry option, I highly recommend exploring the world of hybrid holster IWB.

Author: Martin Lukacko

Date: November 21, 2023