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Complete Guide To Concealed Carry Bags

As the Marketing Manager of Falco Holsters, my journey into the world of concealed carry began with a personal revelation. The moment I received my concealed carry license, the reality of carrying a firearm daily dawned on me, bringing with it a host of challenges I hadn't anticipated. The initial excitement of choosing my first IWB was quickly tempered by the realization that my lifestyle in multiple situations required more flexibility. There were moments when wearing a belt was impractical, situations where I needed to change or remove my clothes—like visiting the doctor or swimming at the lake—where my firearm could inadvertently be exposed.
This personal quandary set me on a path of exploration, and fortunately, my position at Falco Holsters placed me at the crossroads of problem and solution. The ultimate answer to my issue was off-body carry, or simply, concealed carry bags. Unlike many, I had the unique advantage of experience with all kinds of carry products and knowledge of the features of different gun bags, not to mention access to an extensive array of concealed carry options right at my fingertips. I simply had to choose the one that fit my requirements and head to the warehouse to try it out.
My experience, unique yet universally relevant, underscored a simple truth: not everyone has the luxury of sorting through options with the ease of a marketing manager at a holster company. 

Sling Bag
G122 Sling Bag

Acknowledging this, I crafted this gun bag guide not just as a catalog of options but as a shared journey through the lens of my personal experience. It's designed to illuminate the path for those standing where I once stood, at the intersection of need and uncertainty. This guide distills my insights into a practical framework, helping you navigate the choices and considerations that led me to find a concealed carry gun bag that matched my lifestyle and responsibilities.

Concealed Carry Bags: Ideal For All Situations

First thing first let's see what off-body carry in Falco gun bag represents so we are on the same page here. Each Falco concealed carry bag & concealed carry pouch is hand-made on-site by our craftsmen. Durable nylon available in multiple color options with precise stitching provides long-lasting quality that is assured by the lifetime limited warranty. Each CCW bag has a special compartment with a quick-release pull tab designed for your handgun. This compartment is lined with the loop side of Velcro that protects your gun and provides the availability to position your holster as you wish or even swap it for a different one.  Universal inner Velcro firearm holder, which is included with each bag, will hold your handgun securely and allow you to accommodate the gun with light too. All bags for concealed carry use trustworthy YKK zippers to maximize the lifespan of your equipment. This was everything I found out about Falco gun bags that is common across the portfolio. Now let's see all the options you have & how to pick the right one because you can pick from a wide variety of tactical bags, bike bags, and civilian-looking bags for better concealment. However, do not worry, it's not that difficult to pick the right one, and I am confident that there is an ideal gun bag for every scenario life may present to you

How To Choose the Right Concealed Carry Gun Bag

This section stands as the cornerstone of my guide, and after reading it, you'll emerge with a clearer understanding of exactly what you're seeking in a gun bag. Drawing from my firsthand journey through all the choices and considerations involved in selecting the ideal gun bag, I've compiled this list to highlight the critical factors you must thoughtfully evaluate. It's written to ensure that by the time you reach the end, you'll not only have a solid grasp of your needs but also feel confident to make an informed decision that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle and concealed carry goals.

tactical bag
G101 concealed tactical bag

Guide To Choose the Right Gun Bag For Pistol Or Revolver:

  • Size and Fit: The first step is to ensure the pistol bag is compatible with your firearm. Make sure the main compartment is bigger than the dimensions of your firearm. Handguns should fit snugly inside a bag using a dedicated Velcro holster.
  • Accessibility: The primary function of a concealed carry bag is to provide quick and easy access to your firearm. I always look for a design that allows for swift retrieval, ideally with ambidextrous access, so it can be reached with either hand. As I mentioned earlier, each Falco CC bag features a quick-release pull tab, so rest assured, whichever option you choose, this aspect will be covered.
gun carry bag designed for quick access
gun carry bag designed for quick access
  • Discretion: Discretion is always my highest priority because without it I might as well carry OWB and lose this strategic advantage. My ideal gun carry bag should not draw attention or suggest that it's for a firearm unless I want it to be. If you are looking for a true grey man bag opt for a low-profile design that resembles an everyday bag rather than one with a tactical or military appearance.
  • Material and Durability: Durability is key. The material should be sturdy, like leather or ballistic nylon, with quality stitching and if you live in a place with varying weather conditions, go for a weather-resistant material.
  • Safety Features: Safety is also one of the top priority points on this list. I appreciate Falco concealed carry bags because they all feature a compartment allocated solely for your handgun & they come with a universal elastic holder for your firearm that keeps your trigger covered at all times. There are also multiple other Velcro holster solutions available. A dedicated Kydex or nylon Velcro holster, Velcro holder for your IWB holster, or even Velcro platform for a handbag will make your off-body carry extra safe so you can conceal carry with peace of mind. I recommend always looking for features like these when selecting your new ccw bag.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics: The bag should be comfortable to carry. Look for features like padded straps and a design that distributes weight evenly to avoid strain.
  • Personal Style: Choose a bag that suits your personal style & body shape. You're more likely to use it consistently if it fits well with your everyday wardrobe. You can pick from multiple various colors.
Colors of gun carry bags
Colors of gun carry bags
  • Additional Storage: Extra compartments for personal items like keys, a wallet, or a phone are essential. Make sure that the bag you picked has enough compartments for items you carry daily. It will make the bag for pistol more functional for daily use.

I hope this guide reflecting my thought process has offered you valuable insights. After reading and carefully evaluating each aspect, remember to keep these considerations in mind or jot them down so no detail escapes your attention. Next, we'll explore the various designs available, marking the final stage of your journey to finding the perfect concealed carry gun bag.

Various EDC Bag Designs

In the next and final chapter of my guide, we dive into various EDC (Everyday Carry) Bag Designs. This section categorizes gun bag designs based on the position on the body where they should be carried, the distribution of the equipment's weight, and the scenarios for which they are best suited. Understanding the nuances of each design will empower you to choose not just any EDC bag, but one that perfectly complements your lifestyle, seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, and meets your concealed carry requirements with precision.

Concealed Carry Sling Bag

  • Although CCW sling bags can also be worn as backpacks, I definitely appreciate the front chest position much more. All your belongings, along with your firearm, will be positioned in front of you, giving you complete control and awareness of them. 
  • Such a concealed carry chest bag has only one strap, which helps to distribute weight over one of your shoulders, making it more stable on your chest.
  • The advantage is clear. You don't have to drop your bag or move it in any way to draw your handgun. You will simply pull on a quick access strap with your weak hand and draw with the strong one. This will reduce your reaction time by seconds and could even save your life. The most popular concealed carry bags for pistols are the G122, G222, and G106.
    concealed carry bags for men
    concealed carry bags for men

    Thigh Holster Bag

    • Thigh bags for concealed carry or so-called leg CCW bags are designed to offer a comfortable carrying experience positioned on your leg or more specifically on your thigh.
    • The weight of your handgun and everyday carry items is supported partly by your leg, thanks to the adjustable strap, and also by your hip, due to the wide adjustable belt with a quick-release mechanism that wraps around your waist and distributes weight more evenly. 
    • The thigh bag design is especially appreciated by motorbike riders, hikers, runners, or simply anyone who values fast draw from a leg position. I personally appreciated it during my walks with dog in the woods. This concealed carry bag stayed on my hip like glued because the back of the bag lined with specialized anti-rub fabric.
    Concealed Carry Thigh Bag
    Concealed Carry Thigh Bag

    Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag

    • Shoulder bags for concealed carry offer versatile wearing options. The most common position is on your side, but wearing it in front of you can also provide better control over your equipment. 
    • The weight is evenly distributed thanks to the wide, detachable, adjustable strap, which can be padded on certain models for additional comfort.
    • In my search for the perfect concealed carry solution, I discovered the most variety within the realm of shoulder bags. From tactical bags featuring MOLLE systems to those that mimic the appearance of regular messenger or notebook bags, this design can fulfill any preference. Personally, I found the shoulder pistol bags to be the ideal concealed carry travel bags, as they facilitate easy draws, even from the confines of a car seat.
    concealed carry shoulder bag
    concealed carry shoulder bag

    Gun Purse

    Gun purses weren't initially on my radar when searching for a new concealed carry bag. However, I recognize the importance of covering this option, as the number of female gun enthusiasts grows daily, many of whom are in search of the ideal concealed carry solution.

    • Concealed pistol purses are designed to be carried just like regular purses, either on your side or in front of you. 
    • As expected, the weight rests over your left or right shoulder, depending on how you choose to wear it. For enhanced safety, we recommend wearing the adjustable strap across your body.
    • There are various models of gun purses, each offering different draw methods. Yet, you can still be assured that your handgun will be securely held in place by the velcro holster, as is the case with all other alternatives. A purse designed for gun carry provides ample space for everyday items as well as your handgun. However, if you're attached to your current purse, consider our straightforward solution: the gun platform carry. The G100 is a solid, unbendable Velcro platform that can either be used as a bag insert for safe gun carrying or as a gun carry platform attached vertically or horizontally to a surface.
    purses for concealed handguns
    purses for concealed handguns

    Gun Pouch

    As I discovered, gun pouches offer a very unique, simple, and discreet solution for your everyday carry. 

    • Concealed carry pouches are designed to be attached to your belt and positioned on the strong side hip, though you will also find models that include a paddle platform. These can simply be slid into your pants.
    • The weight rests on your belt, just as with regular holsters.
    • Gun pouches come in small, medium, and large sizes, and are available in both tactical and more discreet-looking designs. When I was testing them out, they resembled regular tool pouches or document pouches, making them one of the best designs for concealed carry in terms of blending in. They also do not interfere with additional backpack you might be carrying.
    Gun Pouch
    Gun Pouch

    Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

    Do you think fanny packs are relics of the past? I beg to differ! While wearing them might sometimes seem "fanny," it certainly won't if your style embraces the colorful 90s or if you've never stopped using them.

    • A fanny pack, or bum bag, should be positioned in front of you for maximum control over your EDC items and firearm.
    • The weight of the equipment rests on your hips, thanks to the adjustable quick-release padded nylon belt.
    • Although this style isn't my personal preference, you might find them appealing. We craft them from breathable material and include additional compartments for everyday carry items such as mobile phones, documents, cartridges, and wallets.
    CCW fanny pack
    CCW fanny pack

    Frequently Asked Questions About Concealed Carry Bags

    To save you time and reduce the workload on our customer care department, I've decided to add this section, which may further assist you with any questions you might have.

    Is carrying a gun in a purse considered concealed?

    Yes, carrying a gun in a purse is generally considered concealed. Concealed carry refers to the practice of carrying a firearm (such as a handgun) in a concealed manner, either on your body or in close proximity, in a way that is not visible to the surrounding public. A conceal and carry purses, being a common personal item, typically conceal the firearm from public view, thereby fitting the definition of concealed carry. However, always make sure your handgun isn't just tossed in the gun handbag with other items flying around. Either look for a dedicated concealed carry purse or consider using a universal Velcro platform that can hold your handgun in one place in a safe holster.

    purse gun
    purse gun

    Can you carry a gun in a bag considered concealed?

    Carrying a gun in a bag is also considered concealed carry. Much like a purse, a bag can hide the firearm from public view, making it a form of concealed carry. The bag must be under your control, ensuring you have immediate access to the weapon. It can come in various shapes & sizes. Most common are ccw fanny pack, concealed pistol purse, concealed carry shoulder bag & belt pouch.

    What is an EDC bag?

    An EDC (Everyday Carry) bag is a bag designed to hold all the essential items one might need on a daily basis, along with specific provisions for carrying a concealed firearm safely and securely. The concept of EDC emphasizes preparedness and accessibility, ensuring that you have immediate access to not just your personal items like keys, wallet, and phone, but also to self-defense tools such as a handgun, all within a compact and manageable solution.

    Is it legal to carry a gun in your purse?

    The legality of carrying a gun in a purse depends on the laws of the specific jurisdiction. In many places, especially in the United States, it is legal to carry a gun in a purse, but it typically requires a concealed carry permit or license. The requirements for obtaining such a permit vary by state or region and can include background checks, firearms training courses, and an application process. It's important to be aware of and comply with local and state laws regarding concealed carry, as failure to do so can result in legal consequences. Additionally, some areas may have specific restrictions or prohibitions on concealed carry in certain locations, even for permit holders.

    concealed carry for purse
    concealed carry for purse


    This guide has been both a personal and professional revelation for me. As the Marketing Manager at Falco Holsters, my experience has been enriched not only by navigating my own concealed carry choices but also by the privilege of guiding others through theirs. At the finish line, I chose sling bag G122 as my buddy to help me carry handgun everywhere I go. If you knew me personally you would certainly know which model it is already, because this gun bag is with me everywhere I go.

    G122 chest bag
    G122 chest bag

    Concealed carry is not just about the choice of a firearm but also about finding the right partner in a carry solution that respects your lifestyle, your needs, and your safety. Whether you're drawn to the tactical functionality of our G101 bag, the discreet charm of our gun purses, or the innovative design of our concealed carry fanny packs, Falco Holsters offers something for every scenario life might present and I hope you already picked your favorite. Thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you, and may you carry with confidence, knowing you're supported by the quality and innovation of Falco Holsters.

    Author: Martin Lukacko

    Date: December 12th, 2023

    Update: March 25th, 2024