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Concealed Carry Bags & Pouches

Each Falcos concealed carry bag & concealed carry pouch is hand-made on-site by our craftsmen. Durable nylon with precise stitching provides long-lasting quality, while the soft inner lining of the main Velcro compartment protects your gun and provides the availability to change its position. Adjustable inner Velcro band will hold your firearm securely and allows you to accommodate the gun with light too. You can pick from a wide variety of tactical bags, bike bags and civilian-looking bags for better concealment.


Carrying a handgun or other weapons every day is essential for successful personal defense. Falco creates its gun bags & pouches to provide perfect concealment, fast draw, fast reholstering, and to fit extra mags and other personal items in one spacious and versatile place. Bags for concealed carry are ideal for everyday use because we make them to last and hold well even under the toughest conditions. Try it out yourself.

Sling Bag
G122 Sling Bag

Men's Crossbody Concealed Carry Bag

Our Crossbody & Utility Bag is ideal for EDC of guns and common items such as wallet, keys, spare mag, knife, or phone. It includes a detachable, adjustable waistband with lining. The back of the bag and the waistband are lined with an anti-slip rubber material which provides a stable grip on the body during all weather types. The main compartment for the gun offers generous space, suitable for guns up to 10.6" x 5.1". 

Thigh Holster Bag

G213 concealed carry bags were created to provide a smooth draw and comfortable carry on the thigh. Secure and comfortable attachment is achieved by waist belt strap and thigh strap. Both adjustable. The back of the bag is equipped with specialized anti-rub fabric.

Overall, the bag supports 2 zipper pockets with pull-on straps and a separate concealed gun section. This conceal carry bag is suitable even for guns with tactical lights. All conceal carry bags are made of durable polyester fabric available in different color finishes.

Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag

Falco manufactures multiple designs of shoulder bags for concealed carry. Pick your favorite here

If you are looking for a pistol bag for everyday carry, take a look at our G210, which offers an ideal amount of space and a civil look. This shoulder bag for concealed carry has an adjustable and removable elastic holster to hold the gun inside the gun compartment. It can be used for guns with tactical light too. Zip opening provides quick access to the main compartment and allows a quick draw. G210 will become your favorite concealed carry travel bag at first glance. If you are a cyclist we have solutions for you too! Check our frame bike bag G125.

Gun Purse

We at Falco do not forget about women and their struggle to find an ideal concealed carry method. We provide multiple solutions such as gun bags or leg CCW bags but gun purses are our favorite. The purse for gun should provide enough space for everyday carry items and hold your handgun in a stable, easy-to-access space. With Falco cc purse you can rest assured there are all these features all in one nice design. Pick your favorite concealed weapon purses design in the ladies' CCW bags and purses category. If you, however, like your old purse, check our easy solution by gun platform carry. G100 is a solid, unbendable platform that can be used either as a bag insert for safe gun carry or a gun carry platform attached vertically or horizontally to a surface.

Gun Bags

Each CCW bag from our workshop is hand-made on-site by our craftsmen and we are proud of it. Almost all bags are ambidextrous and if you are not happy with the product, you can use our 30 Days Buy Back guarantee. Falco Holsters also offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty which guarantees quality and precise product. Gun bag like this will last you for decades!

Tactical Bag

If you are looking for a spacious, easy-access, and tactical bag you just found it. G101 bag has an upgraded design of our popular 519/MK3 bag that was purposefully designed to offer tactical features and functional compartments. The three main compartments are generously spacious with many internal and easy-to-access pockets. The tactical features such as the exterior Laser Molle straps run along the edges of the bag and one side of the shoulder strap. The Middle section of the bag has a drawstring closure compartment that has a built-in velcro pocket, PALS webbing, and little pockets for mobile phones and other necessities. The back section has been reinforced for safe and comfortable gun carry. This bag provides an easy gun draw with pull-out strings.

All over a great, ergonomic, tactical, bag that provides plenty of space for everything you need when out and about.

tactical bag
G101 concealed tactical bag

Gun Pouch

Falco provides a wide offer of concealed carry pouches. Our gun pouches are in small, medium, and large sizes and even with tactical or more civilian-looking designs. Most of them are made for your belt, but you can also find concealed carry pouch with a paddle system.

Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

Do you think fanny packs are a long-gone history? We do not agree! It just recently made its comeback via everyday carry enthusiasts and sportsmen. Fanny packs are loved by our customers because they provide easy access to the weapon and keep a low profile. We make them from breathable material and with additional compartments for everyday carry items such as mobile phones, documents, cartridges, and wallets. A removable, adjustable, elastic holster comes with every fanny pack and it suits both right and left-handed shooters and guns with lights too.

Concealed Carry Sling Bag

A CCW sling bag is more specialized than an ordinary backpack or duffel bag. Concealed carry chest bag has only one strap which helps to distribute weight and make it more stable on your chest. The advantage is apparent. You don't have to drop your bag or move it in any way in order to draw your handgun. You will simply pull by a quick access strap with your weak hand and draw with the strong one. This will reduce your reaction time by tens of seconds and might even save your life. Thanks to the compact design it is not heavy, which makes you more mobile. The most popular concealed carry bags for pistols are G122, G222 and G106.