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Inside the Waistband Leather Holsters for Concealed Carry

Our custom leather holsters for concealed carry are handcrafted from premium Italian leather. We buy the natural cowhides and hand-dye and lacquer them in-house. Our craftsmen make the fully customizable holsters one at a time, using the traditional method that results in sturdier and more durable concealment holsters.

You can have leather underlay added to all of our holsters. Underlaid holster provides higher protection to the surface of your firearm.

FALCO offers the most comfortable holsters for pistols and revolvers. Our IWB leather holsters for pistols with lights are compatible with various tactical accessories. FALCO gun holsters are hand-molded for one specific handgun to deliver a snug fit.

All of our inside the waistband IWB holsters are compatible with pistols with high-sights and pistols with red dot sights such as Romeo, Trijicon, Vortex, Holosun, and others. Simply choose your type of laser from the options.

Our best clip-on gun holsters are made with steel belt clips that allow you to take the AIWB holster on and off your gun belt without struggle. We also recommend carrying our holster with clips as an appendix holster inside the waistband. Our customers appreciate holsters with snaps that blend easily with the belt. For perfect concealment, try our tuckable holster A109.

At FALCO you can build your own IWB type of holster from scratch and enjoy concealed carrying even a full-size firearm in the premium custom-fitted pistol holster. We can even make concealed FK Brno holsters, and all products can be made as revolver holsters. Not only full-size pistols but favorite compact pistols such as Sig Sauer or Glock 19. If you are not happy with the product, you can use our 30 Days Buy Back guarantee.

All Falco Holsters can be made as left-handed holsters for revolvers and pistols. If you are a left-handed shooter, you can simply select a left-hand option. Falco Holsters offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on craftsmanship and with our replacement screw sets, you can easily replace any worn-out screws or attachments. This way, you can truly enjoy your concealed carry holster for life.

  • Falco Holsters are custom-fitted for the widest assortment of pistols and revolvers
  • Compatible for guns with high-sights and red dot sights
  • Custom holsters for every responsible firearms owner
  • Available for pistols and revolvers with light or laser