Kydex holsters built for safe carry

We are proud to launch a NEW complete set of Kydex holsters designed to fit your firearm & your needs perfectly. Not only are they handcrafted from high-quality 0.08" U.S.-made Kydex, but they also feature new belt loops optimized for higher stability on the belt. Our Kydex designs are custom-made for over a thousand firearms models to deliver the perfect fit. Just like all Falco Holsters do. If you are an optics & WMLs fan you will no longer need to compromise- our holsters fit handguns with various accessories. They are fully customizable to fit Red Dot Sights, threaded barrels, Lights & Lasers, and Suppressor Height Sights. 

The LVL 2 retention OWB úancake holster C909 L available for guns with lights

The 2021 Kydex Line combines all of the European craftsmanship we gathered since we started making holsters in 1989 with a single purpose: To make gun carry safe.

Belt loops make the difference

We have been building our supply chain attentively throughout the years to ensure that our products are made from the most premium materials only. After struggling to find the perfect belt loops on the market, we designed our own. The new belt loops are made from sturdy plastic and allow your holster to be mounted on your belt easily. The dimensions and shape of the belt loops provide outstanding stability on the belt and keep the holster from sliding back and forth without limiting your comfort while carrying. The closed-loop design prevents the holster to be ripped off your belt by a third party which we find immensely important for your safety. Having your holster snatched off your belt while carrying or during an incident is extremely dangerous! The only way to prevent this is to get a high-quality holster with a reliable belt attachment and to carry it on a solid shooting belt designed for gun carry.

The LVL 2 retention OWB holster C909

LVL 2 Retention available

Now that your holster is safely attached to your belt, we want it also safely holstered to prevent the bad guy to draw YOUR handgun. We added an optional safety lock to all of the new OWB designs: Safariland's Self Locking System. The custom molding of our holsters is enough to provide LVL 1 retention thanks to the self-locking ability of Kydex (characterized by the loud click when holstering). On top of that, the SLS provides a second level of retention not only to meet the requirements of L.E. officers but also to keep the armed citizen safe. Feel free to discover both SLS options available in our holster configurator and pick the one that suits you best:

Slide lock

The basic design of an SLS is unlocked by pulling the slide to the side. The lock secures your firearm in place reliably.

Push lock

A professional self lock from Safariland is simply unlocked by pushing down the lock. The SLS is designed for L.E. use and offers high firearm security and effective draw.

Field testing & Sweat-guard

Teaming up with Instructor Zero led to serious field testing of our designs. This was a huge success and led to several design improvements like adding a Half Sweat-guard option. This option is perfect for those who look for something in between the Full Sweat-guard holster and No Sweat-guard holster.
The Half SG option offers higher comfort while carrying. Feel free to experiment with various Sweat-guard heights to find the one that works just perfectly for you and your shape! Remember that Sweat-guard has another important function apart from posing as a barrier: It helps you reholster your firearm more easily and prevents accidental discharge by keeping your clothing safely out of the way.

C908 2021

OWB Hybrid holster designed by Instructor Zero offers the highest comfort, safety, and draw effectiveness. You have seen it in action in his recent videos. Try one for yourself!


Conceal don’t feel

Open Carry vs CCW question divides the shooting community like few others. We believe that the correct answer varies depending on the situation and location you are in. There are certain occasions and places where the CCW is the only safe way to go. Remember: There are countries where the sufficient reason for the bad guy to attack you is to steal your firearm. The 2021 Kydex line features 7 easy-to-conceal IWB holsters. Our IWB holsters are designed to make even a 1911 feel like a feather. If you carry full-size pistols or L-frame revolvers, you will appreciate the holster claw option.

The Holster Claw is a removable piece of hardware placed under the firearm's grip. The claw slightly pushes the grip away from the belt and closer to your body, what reduces the printing and enables you to carry concealed with ease. This tool comes especially handy with the Full Size shotguns.

A comfortable open-top Kydex belt holster designed for concealed carry of guns with rail-mounted laser/light provides outstanding retention, durability, and smooth gun-draw.


Well, this is it! Do not compromise and aim for the gear tailored especially for you.
As long as your firearm is on our gun list, we invite you to build your holster up from scratch today. You will find all of our new designs here.

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