Laser/Light Bearing Holsters

Laser/Light Bearing Holsters

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Custom molded light bearing holsters for your light/laser mounted guns, designed for outside the waistband concealed carry, inside the waistband carry, or shoulder concealed carry. Formed on real gun mold.
In order to guarantee a perfect fit not only of the weapon but also of the light, we have many models of lights. For example Surefire gun light, Olight gun light, Streamlight gun light, Viridian gun light.
By merging the given lights with individual weapons, various combinations are created, such as holster Glock 17 with light, concealed carry holster for Beretta 92FS, Glock 19 concealed carry holster with light, and holster for Crimson Trace.
Every Falco concealed carry holster with laser is designed to meet each individual shooter’s preference even when you are using a gun light or laser. Each light compatible holster is made by hand and we custom tailor them to fit each individual shooter’s unique needs.
This simple yet effective design will bring your gun with a light attached close to the possibility of EDC.

Holster for Glock 17 with Light
Holster for Glock 17 with Light


The most important category of holsters for civilians is certainly belt holsters for concealed carry. It is this way of carrying the holster that allows the complex concealment of the weapon.

The visible part of the gun and the holster can be covered with a shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket. Such carrying is permitted by laws in various US states.


The chest area offers a solution for concealed carry for ladies as well as gentlemen. In the case of ladies, we mean female belly band holster for gun with light. For ladies, such a holster is appropriate when the weapon cannot be carried on your belt or inside of the thighs, because of the specific clothing such as dresses or tight trousers.


The best-known way to CCW light bearing holster in the chest area is the shoulder holster system. We have seen such holsters in countless action and detective movies. Shoulder holster systems can carry a gun with a light or laser, and also backup ammo magazines or another weapon. The choice to wear such a holster can be justified when a belt holster is inappropriate with a certain type of clothing such as short jackets. You can choose from many combinations of shoulder holsters and harnesses, which carry the whole weight of the gun so they make it very comfortable to wear a shoulder rig for a gun with light.

IWB Light Bearing Hybrid Holster
IWB Light Bearing Hybrid Holster


As you can see on our website there is plenty of holster designs and options you are able to choose from when buying a new holster. In our portfolio, you can find minimalist concealed carry holster, AIWB light bearing holster, appendix light bearing holster, or universal light bearing appendix holster.

Since we are able to add the initials emboss or leaser engraving we are able to produce fully personalized Glock holsters.

We respect that each customer has unique needs, some want to have a good grip of the gun other want to have a fully covered trigger guard.

Almost every Falco holster is possible to produce as an optic cut holster accepts slide-mounted dot optics (Trijicon RMR, Leupold DeltaPoint, Holosun, etc.).