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Nylon Ammunition Pouches for Shoulder Rigs

Our custom nylon magazine pouches and nylon speed-loader pouches for shoulder rigs are compatible with all of FALCO's shoulder straps and cross-shoulder harnesses. You can easily interchange the nylon pouches for your everyday carry needs.
FALCO's craftsmen make the fully customizable holsters one at a time, using the traditional methods that result in sturdier and more durable concealment holsters. The nylon ammo pouches are handcrafted using Cordura, or our branded premium sandwich nylon.

Depending on whether your choose a revolver shoulder carry or a pistol shoulder carry, you can complete your shoulder gun rig with a double speedloader holster or a double magazine holster matching your rig perfectly. Wearing a perfect matching nylon shoulder rig suit is perfect for carrying a firearm on formal occasions.

Choose from a wide selection of open-top magazine holsters with tensioning screws or ammunition holsters with snap closure. The best magazine pouches can also be used as nylon knife shoulder holsters. Do not be afraid to play around with the accessories. 

Our horizontal double magazine shoulder holster can be also worn on your gun belt. If you prefer concealed shoulder carry, you might go with just the single magazine pouch which is easy to conceal during gun carry. 

Find out more about our materials or about carrying a handgun in a nylon shoulder holster in our blog.