Inside the Waistband

Inside the Waistband

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Inside the waist holster are your best option if you need to carry your gun concealed whilst wearing a t-shirt and trousers with a belt or similar style clothing. The holster belt would hold the holster against the wearer, keeping it pressed against the body in a stable position and the top clothes would cover the waist area, hiding the holster and gun from view. An inseparable part of such a deep concealment holster is also concealed carry magazine (holder). 


The gun draw is quick and efficient as the holster’s vertical position is right on the belly – appendix holster. Once you get the hang of clearing the clothing out of the way, the draw speed can be comparable to drawing from an OWB Glock 19 holster.

Cz P01 Iwb Holster
Cz P01 Iwb Holster


As guns such as Glock 43X MOS or Beretta can be cold, oily, and have sharp pointy bits sticking out, a well-made concealed holster 9mm should also have a sweat guard. This would separate the gun from the skin of the wearer, making the waist holster concealed and comfortable to wear. And of course, there are different holster materials to choose from; leather, nylon, or Kydex holsters IWB.

From the comfort point of view, Nylon hidden gun holster is the obvious winner. It’s soft, light, and comfortable. It absorbs the body’s sweat and it is scratch resistant. Our 3D nylon material breathes better and can also be cleaned.

A leather conceal carry holster is the traditional choice of material that would last you if looked after properly the whole life cycle of a gun itself. Although lacquered, the sweat would change the surface color with time and would develop an individual patina. 

IWB Kydex holster is the least comfortable option as you are wearing pure plastic inside the trousers pressed against your body but on the other hand, these holsters would offer you more safety. This is due to the self-locking system. Re-holstering is quick and the holster for 9mm is sturdy, holding its shape at all times.


If you have accessories like a light or laser mounted on your weapon, know that we will be happy to make you a new Falco IWB light bearing holster. We have in stock light/lasers like Olight, Surefire, Nightstick, and more. We also have the original Glock light to produce you a holster Glock 19 with light or the women´s concealed carry holster that will suit the requested needs. 

If you didn't find what you were looking for, such as a Beretta concealed carry holster or conceal carry Glock 19 holster don't worry, we can make you a nylon holster for concealed carry according to the dimensions of the weapon and the light. Please contact us at

Cz P07 Holster Iwb
Cz P07 Holster Iwb


Unfortunately, there is no one universal answer. It depends on how you like to carry your gun.

Inside waist holster can be attached to a belt with a steel buckle that can be undone quickly with belt loops. Or you maybe prefer a tuckable holster system (where a t-shirt can be put into trousers).

OWB concealed carry holsters are not pressed directly against the body, so many people consider them a better alternative than gun holster inside waistband.