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If you’re considering being a concealed carrier, there are a few main things you might want to be aware of. Even if you’ve had your concealed carry license for a while, it wouldn’t hurt to have a refresher on defensive logic, gun safety, and legal information, especially given the addition of constitutional carry. Find the information there.  Choosing the right concealed gun holsters is no less important.


We do not know what the best concealed carry position is or if our Falco holsters are the best concealment holsters for your needs but reading that article will give you an idea of what cc holster you should buy for your firearm. We at Falco are able to produce not just pistol concealment holsters but also revolver concealment holsters and other concelaed carry gear. We produce all sizes of concealment holsters adjusted for optic holsters and light bearing holster. For example, we are able to produce a Glock 19 concealment holster, a full-size concealed carry 1911 holster, and Glock 19 with a light concealed holster. We love all body shapes so we are able to produce also concealed carry holster for fat guys. 

Glock 19 Concealed Carry Holster with Light
Glock 19 Concealed Carry Holster with Light


There are six main types of carry concealed holsters to consider. The kind that’ll be best for you depends on the way you grip your pistol, your dominant hand, and your personal comfort. The different types are:

  • Outside the waistband holsters, or OWB concealment holsters.
  • Inside the waistband holsters, or IWB concealment holster.
  • Pocket holsters – concealed gun case.
  • Concealment shoulder holster.
  • Concealed carry ankle holster.
  • Belly Band holster concealed carry – perfect concealed carry holsters for women

All of these work well for concealed carry, with the exception of the OWB concealment holster. You can carry OWB, but you’ll need to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. It’ll be the easiest in the winter and fall to really make this style of carrying work.

Pocket holsters are made from leather or premium nylon fabric. The pocket gun case is keeping gun safe even in the trousers pocket. The bottom closed design does not allow dirt to come into the barrel and an open top for easy access. A good solution is also for storing the gun.

Our Belly band concealment holster is developed so the firearm is carried at the waist under the clothes, secured by an elastic cord. The gun is not visible under the clothes, it adheres well to the body and still, it keeps stable on the waist. Our belly bands are developed and designed also for women, therefore, we consider them one of the best solutions for concealment holsters for women.


From here, you’ll want to decide if you want molded Kydex, leather, or nylon as your concealment holster material. Each material has its own pros and cons.

Mainly concealment holsters made of Kydex, tend to be the cheapest and easiest to make and purchase. Unfortunately, because of that, they also tend to be very brittle and break easily. However, Falco Holsters works instead with American-made Kydex exclusively. You can expect great durability and reliability from our concealed carry Kydex holsters.

While you might save money upfront, you might end up spending more in the long run by having to replace one after another if you don’t purchase one from a reputable holster seller.

A quality custom leather concealment holsters will cost you $50-$100 but they will definitely last for more than 5 years. They get worn out over time, but the initial investment in high-quality materials makes for a purchase that will be well worth it.

These tend to be the most difficult to break in due to their initial stiffness, but once they’ve properly molded there’s no comparison in comfort.

Most nylon holsters today are a combination of a few different materials. This makes them versatile, affordable, and lightweight holsters. Nylon concealed carry holsters from Falco Holsters are unique in the fact that they can be produced for the rarest firearms with all kinds of accessories since they don’t require exact molds to be made.

M&P Shield 9mm Concealed Holster
M&P Shield 9mm Concealed Holster


Our custom CCW holsters are carried in different ways, depending on the chosen position. It is believed, that the ideal carry style for IWB holsters is between 11 o’clock and 3 o’clock position.