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Belly Band Holsters

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Belly Bends – gun belt and holster combo – are a trend in past years. Being elastic and comfortable, they enclose your body and can be worn on your body or the upper part of your pants. Apart from the standard concealed gun holster inside pants, they often provide additional pouches for magazines, papers, cellphones, and other necessities.

Tactical Belly Band Holster
Tactical Belly Band Holster


The gun is usually positioned straight at the hip at 3 o’clock with the fabric Belly Bands and with the Kydex-fabric combined Belly Bands might be at 12 o’clock and tilted. In both cases, the gun draw is fast but requires a drill. Belly Bands offer different innovative designs and materials, most often using elastic material and Neoprene. We can produce a women´s gun belt and also plus size belly band.


A belly band concealed carry holster is made from especially tight and resistant material with Velcro that fastens it. If you are looking for a comfort tac belly band you are at a good address.
Every Falco belly band holster consists of a gun holster, a pouch for 2 gun magazines, and documents. The gun is carried at the waist under the clothes, secured by an elastic cord. The gun is not visible under the clothes, it adheres well to the body and still, it keeps stable on the waist with bun belt Velcro that fastens it.
B101 Belly Band favors firmness and resistance over comfort. Ideal belly band for men in service.
If you are looking for a belly band holster for running, our B102 Belly Band represents an ideal compromise between firmness of material and comfort of wearing.
Belly band holster made from especially soft and breathable material. B103 Belly Band provides maximum comfort while wearing at a cost of lower resistance of the material.

Concealed Carry Belly Band Woman
Concealed Carry Belly Band Woman


Our innovative Belly Band holster with Kydex B105 introduces the perfect solution for safe firearm carries in a belly band. Thanks to the removable Kydex insert, this product will keep your trigger covered at all times. You can go hiking, take a run, get out and around without a belt and still keep your handgun safe and concealed. The B105 Belly Band minimizes the risk of accidental discharge like no other Belly Band holster female does.


The Falco belly band is carried at the waist under the clothes secured with Velcro. It is not visible under the clothes, it adheres well to the body and still, it keeps stable on the waist. It is a stretch gun belt.

Belly Bands are comfortable, holding in place well. The gun does not create any pressure and does not obstruct your movement.

There is enough space for all your necessities. Be it additional ammunition, papers, or cellphone. Everything is in one place without any bag needed. After some training, the gun draw can be fast and effective.