Kydex Reinforced Belly Band

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Our innovative Belly Band B105 introduces the perfect solution for safe firearm-carry in a belly band. Thanks to the removable Kydex insert, this product will keep your trigger covered at all times. You can go hiking, take a run, get out and around without a belt and still keep your handgun safe and concealed. The B105 Belly Band minimizes the risk of accidental discharge like no other Belly Band does.

Belly Band is made from a combination of firm and breathable material. It represents an ideal compromise between firmness of material and comfort of wearing. It consists of a Kydex gun  holster, a pouch for 2 gun magazines, and documents. The Gun  is carried at the waist under the clothes, secured by a Kydex insert molded for your exact gun model. The Gun is not visible under the clothes, it adheres well to the body and still, it keeps stable on the waist.

  • For pistols and revolvers
  • Concealed carry under any type of clothing
  • Kydex reinforced belly band
  • Available in black nylon color
  • Belly band height 4,75"
  • 5-year limited warranty
SizeWaist circumference (inches)Total length (inches)
XXS22.8" - 26.7"
XS26.8" - 30.6"
S30.7" - 34.5"37.7"
M34.6" - 38.5"41.7"
L38.6" - 42.4"45.6"
XL42.5" - 46.4"49.6"
XXL46.5" - 50.3"53.5"
XXXL50.4" - 53.5"57.4"

Excellent perfect holster and the best customer support I know of. I sold all my other holsters and have replaced them with Falco Holsters. Very high quality.


Another excellent holster, I ordered this as a quick on and off rig and it surpassed my expectations. I will be ordering more of your products in the future. Fit and finish of your holsters are well worth the money. Thank you for true quality workmanship.


I received the belly band holster mentioned above. It was not the correct kydex holster for the S&W M&P 9mm Shield ez that I ordered it for. The holter I received was configured in a way that pushed the slide rearward on my pistol. I contacted Falco and was told that I would be receiving a new correct belly band holster from you. I will be able to answer this questionnaire once I receive the correct holster.


Works very well for the firearm it was built. High quality material used and very good craftsmen ship.


Amazing product. Ive tried many of the belly bands out throughout my narc career and this by far the best. Just need one for my other two guns now!!


This is a gift…I’ve already bought almost two years ago..the best product I’ve ever bought. It’s very comfortable for Police use. If you have a compact gun I think it’s the best choice you can do for plain clothes or undercover. You cane have many advantages: the most important one is that the belt fits very well, so you can distribute the weight on your waist (your back will thank you).

Thank you for your positive feedback. We are always happy to hear from our satisfied customers.


Very satisfied and made a good quality feels good


Great holster with strong construction. Highly recommend


Awesome love it Glad I bought it worth the wait.. thanks…


Excellent workmanship. I really like it.


Excellent customer service. My original order didn't work out the best, great product, but this was my first experience with a custom holster and learned quickly I should've shared more detail. I reached out to customer service and first off, I was very impressed by the quick response time and their willingness to help. Within a few days of going back and forth exchanging options and ideas, i received a revised holster with 15 degrees of cant and a redesign on the sweat guard. Hands down very comfortable and ultimate concealment and that's considering my EDC is a full size 1911 government. I can easily conceal in business casual and tucked shirt wearing it all day from 7:30 to whenever my day ends. I will definitely be using their products for future gun purchases.

Thank you, wishing you many happy days with your new companion.


This is, by far, the BEST holster I've ever owned, and it's the only one that I'll ever need/use from here on out... it's comfortable, secure, discreet, and I've worn it (concealed) with literally every clothing/outfit combination from casual to formal. Also, Falco customer service rep Miriam Maruniaková was incredibly helpful when I needed to make a last minute change to my order. I highly recommend this holster for anyone who's looking for a comfortable and secure EDC holster. 11/10 EXCELLENT product.



Thank you for your valuable feedback.


Only test wore it so far around the house feels great think I’ll like it for hikes and such.


First order,my firearm did not fit the cheap kidex holster, second time around a new holster was sent to me, and still the firearm didn't fit, don't purchase, BUY USA ONLY.


Retention could be a little stronger. Gun drops in holster but doesn’t click positively. Thanks

Thank you for your feedback, one of our team will be in the contact with you shortly.


Kydex holster does not lay flat against the body in f the person wearing it. This leads to a large bulge and makes it obvious your caring a weapon


Band material not rigid enough to hold the Kydex in place.


My belly band is quite comfortable. 1 suggestions
1. Reinforced Mag pouch from kydex. It would make a tactical change of the magazine easier.

Hello Peter! Great idea, we are actually working on this add-on. Hopefully, it will be available soon.


This is hands down the worst CCW holster I have ran across. The kydex holster looks like it was press formed between foam boards circa 2006 and not vacuum formed like EVERY OTHER QUALITY MANUFACTURER in this price range. It literally is bent (in a U shape) to such a degree that the gun sits a full inch out from your body. Its like trying to CCW a Safariland ALS on a bellyband. The gun (g43X UNLOADED) flops around with little to no support given by the actual belly band.

We removed all their kydex and utilized a QUALITY appendix holster stripped of belt loops and put it INSIDE one of the larger pockets and it somewhat works. Definitely better than it arrived but 10/10 DO NOT recommend. We were just looking for a comfortable carry method when an appendix holster would not work (womens business dress/casual). FAIL!

Thank you for your feedback which we highly value. We are very sorry that your experience didn´t meet your expectation. You can use our 30 days buyback guarantee. We are here to help and improve your experience. You can also contact us on our customer's helpline personally . Please let us know again if we can help with anything else


Poor quality, screws came out of holster in 7 days.


It is comfortable but my complaint is, it does not have enough retention to firmly hold the gun, with the weight of a full magazine the gun can just slips right out.

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