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Custom Belt Gun Ammunition Pouches 

Our custom magazine pouches and speed-loader pouches for on-the-belt carry are available for all pistols, revolvers, and rifles.

FALCO's Ammunition belt holsters are available in nylon, premium nylon, or leather. Choose from a wide selection of open-top magazine holsters with tensioning screws or ammunition holsters with snap closure. The best magazine pouches can also be used as knife shoulder holsters. Do not be afraid to play around with the accessories. Same as our firearm holsters, all of our leather ammo pouches can be lined with leather underlay.

The belt pouches with flaps are ambidextrous and you can carry them under either your right side or left side. The right-handed open-top pouches are made to be carried on your left side to enable a left-hand draw for the right-handed shooters. Our left-handed open-top pouches are designed to be carried on your right side for a left-hand draw.

Our mag pouches with clips can be easily mounted on your gun belt. If you prefer concealed carry, you might go with just the single magazine pouch which is easy to conceal as inside the waistband mag holster or as outside the waistband mag pouch. The tensioning screw on this magazine holster allows you to adjust the holster retention on your spare magazine. 

Our ammunition pouches can be custom fitted for single-stack magazines, or double-stack magazines. Simply enter the capacity of your magazine or speedloader when ordering and we will make sure to adjust our holsters for even extended magazines. There are also bullet cases for all calibers of revolver ammunition. 

We recommend matching your ammunition holster to your gun holster and belt by getting one of our firearm-carry sets.