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Tactical Belt: Carry Comfortably Like Never Before

I first started to take shooting seriously about 10 years ago. That was when I got interested in Shooting Competitions. The amount of stress I felt during my first matches strucked me. What helped me to be more relaxed and confident was getting a reliable tactical belt.

Thanks to Falco holsters I´ve found the perfect option.

Carrying my gun and gear on a tactical belt makes me feel more comfortable and secure. I absolutely recommend getting a tactical belt or IWB belt to my shooting competition fellows. Doesn´t matter if you are a military, law enforcement professional or a civilian gun enthusiast. I bet you will benefit from having a tactical belt that will meet your needs.

nylon gun belt
nylon gun belt

Thanks to my experience I am able to pass onto you which factors you should consider when buying a tactical belt.

Types of Tactical Belts

Don't be too benevolent when it comes to choosing a belt. The more thoroughly you know and name all your needs, the better your choice will be. There are several types of tactical gun belts that you can choose from.

Gun belts, duty belts, military belts, belts with plastic buckles, belts with Cobra buckles, or even completely without them. Join me in exploring the differences in this short guide.

Gun Belts

A gun belt or so-called pistol belt is designed specifically for carrying firearms. They are typically wider and sturdier than regular belts, with reinforced stitching and a durable buckle. Gun belts come in a variety of materials, including leather and nylon.

Duty Belts

If you are a law enforcement professional or security personnel, a Duty belt, tactical nylon belt, or utility tactical belt is your daily companion. Or you are only at the start of your career and you just started looking. Here I put together some basic information for you.

If you need to carry it all - firearms, handcuffs, radios, batons, and other tactical equipment, duty belts are engineered for you. I mentioned feeling stressed during the shooting competition. I can imagine that the pressure is much greater in your profession!

In matter of life and death, you must value mobility and ease of access above anything. That is why duty belts are typically wider and heavier than gun belts. They distribute the weight of your carried gear evenly and comfortably over a long period.

Make sure your equipment is not sagging or shifting. Each item should remain securely in place and be easily accessible. You can do so, by getting A nylon police duty belt, which often includes a rigid structure that prevents all this.

A key feature of the best duty belts is the incorporation of a velcro inner belt. That is why these belts are sometimes referred to as velcro gun belts or police inner belts. This inner belt adds an extra layer of stability. It also significantly enhances the rigidity of the entire setup.

The velcro system allows for a customizable fit. It also ensures that the belt stays firmly anchored to the wearer's waist, providing a solid foundation for all the attached gear. So if you are a law enforcement officer, this combination of stability and flexibility of the best duty belt is a must-have tool for you! With such support and confidence, you will perform your duties effectively and safely.

Military Belts

Military tactical belts are designed for use by military personnel and are similar to duty belts in their weight and rigidity. They typically have MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing, which allows for the attachment of various pouches and accessories.

Nylon Belt With Plastic Buckle

I am all for comfort. I don´t want anything to take my mind off the target during the competition. My Nylon Belt with Plastic Buckle is the epitome of practicality.

These tactical utility belts are designed for everyday carry and are made of high-quality, lightweight nylon webbing. Thanks to that they are strong and I feel comfortable, even when I wear it all day.

Nylon belt with Plastic Buckle
Nylon belt with Plastic Buckle

Plastic buckle offers a secure fit without the added weight, which is ideal for me. If you, in your profession need to avoid setting off metal detectors it is ideal for you too. They are perfect as a belt for concealed carry and for those who require a hassle-free nylon belt for security-sensitive environments. 

The variety of designs ensures the chosen gun belt nylon would pair well with casual attire. It is a versatile and useful addition to any wardrobe.

Tactical Gun Belt With Cobra Buckle

Are the words strength and reliability at the top of your vocabulary? The Tactical Gun Belt with Cobra Buckle is an assuring & reliable accessory for you. These military tactical belts are made from heavy-duty ballistic nylon. Thanks to that, they are capable of supporting the weight of a firearm and additional tactical equipment.

Cobra Buckle is renowned for its exceptional load-bearing capacity and quick-release mechanism. With this buckle, you´ll get unparalleled security and the swift and easy access you need. So whether you are in law enforcement, the military or you are a shooting enthusiast, the sturdy design of nylon tactical belts will provide the utmost functionality and durability

Features to Consider

I am sure you are convinced by now that you are going to order one belt or another. There are several features you need to consider before doing so.


Again, you should think about your preferences and specific needs. This stays when it comes to the material as well. What kind of environment are you working in? What type of gear do you need it to carry?

Do you carry the weight of the world on your belt? Sorry, got carried away a little.

You can choose from a variety of materials of tactical belts, including leather and nylon. I chose a nylon belt for its durability, affordability, and comfort of course. Leather belts, while often more expensive, offer a classic look and can be more durable. It´s up to you.


I talked about the buckles above already. They are an important feature of a tactical belt. You should look for a belt buckle that is sturdy and easy to use. Although I prefer a plastic buckle, the most user-favorite model is the cobra belt.

Cobra buckles are known for their reliability, strength, and quick-release mechanism. So in case you often find yourself in situations where ease of use and durability are paramount, they are an excellent choice fo you.

Nylon belt Cobra Buckle
Nylon belt Cobra Buckle


Check how much weight you need to carry. The width of the belt will determine how much weight it can support. Gun belts are typically wider than regular belts, with widths ranging from 1.5 to 2 inches. This wider design allows for a better distribution of weight and helps to prevent the belt from bending or sagging under the load of heavy gear.


Never skip the leg day and go for reinforced stitching to withstand the weight of your gear. Quality stitching is a crucial aspect as it adds to the overall strength and longevity of the belt. Double or triple-stitched seams are ideal, as they provide additional reinforcement, reducing the likelihood of tearing or fraying. Especially in the areas where the most stress is applied.

Top Picks for the Best Tactical Belts

Here I have a few recommendations.
For law enforcement & IPSC shooters, I picked The K715 tactical nylon belt. It is a heavy nylon duty belt featuring a Cobra buckle, and Velcro lining & is 2 inches wide.

    Tactical Nylon Belt K715
    Tactical Nylon Belt K715

    For less demanding gun owners who still require top-notch quality, I recommend K711. It has a cobra buckle, and plastic reinforcement & it is 2-inch thick.

    Nylon Duty Belt K711
    Nylon Duty Belt K711

    And there is K709 of which I am a satisified owner. It offers a plastic Cobra buckle and is made out of one layer of a 2” wide polypropylene strap. It was designed specifically for gun carry as all of the Falcos belts in the offer.

    Classic Nylon Tactical Belt K709
    Classic Nylon Tactical Belt K709


      Thanks to my hard work you should know by now what is there to consider when you want to choose the best concealed carry belt for you. Whether you're looking for a nylon gun belt, duty gun belt, or EDC belt, it's important to choose a belt that is comfortable, durable, and able to support the weight of your gear.

      Go through the text once again if necessary and meet your need with the the best tactical nylon belt. I bet you´ll find the best gun belts that will keep you prepared for any situation.

      Author: Martin Lukacko

      Date: December 21st, 2023
      Update: April 24th, 2024