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Each of Falcoholsters drop leg holsters is designed to keep your handgun securely tied around your leg and attached to your gun belt.
The pistol leg holster is attached to the belt with one or two straps with double safety. Thanks to the plastic buckles, it is possible to quickly detach the holster from the thigh and the belt if necessary. We recommend that you attach the thigh holster to a shooting belt specially developed for similar purposes.


Thigh holsters are the clear tactical choice. Thigh holsters are mainly intended for tactical purposes. They are very popular, for example, among police and military forces – military drop leg holster. Therefore, they are available in a wide range of configurations for individual types of pistols. Some of them even have a magazine pouch.

9mm Leg Holster
9mm Leg Holster


Almost all our leg gun holsters are custom-made. We place great emphasis on quality and safety. Each of our holsters contains at least 1 security level. Whether we are talking about thigh holsters with a classic thumb safety, or you choose a Kydex level II duty tactical drop leg holster. We can make the holsters for both right-handed and left-handed users. Alternatively, you can wear holsters on both sides as double-leg holsters.


  • adjustable safety straps for individual size adjustment
  • flexible leg straps for maximum comfort
  • one pocket on the side for a magazine, fastening with Velcro or with a metal stud
  • availability of adjustment  - light bearing drop leg holster or leg holster with optic cut


This option of thigh holster is efficient for the shooter who has more pistols or different gun lights. Since the holster is universal, it is suitable for a greater number of compact and full-sized models of weapons with lights such as Glock 43 leg holster, Beretta 92fs leg holster, Glock 19 leg holster, Sig P226 leg holster, and more.
The internal size of the gun holster for leg is adjustable with Velcro fasteners. The leg strap holster is also equipped with a place to insert a spare magazine.

Black Thigh Holster
Black Thigh Holster


A leg gun holder made of sturdy plastic with an ergonomic shape, lined with nylon fabric. The platform has two-leg straps with an anti-slip finish, which makes the platform comfortable without a strong tightening of the straps. The holster thigh strap also has an elastic part that expands while kneeling. The platform is attached to the belt with two rotating loops, which can be easily released in emergency situations. The MOLLE system provides the grip of the holster on the platform. It is made for versatility since you are able to attach holster to MOLLE. If you are looking for a holster for MOLLE mounting click here.