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Our custom leather gun holsters are handcrafted from premium Italian leather. We buy the best quality vegetable-tanned leather, we hand-dye it and lacquer it in-house. Our craftsmen make custom leather holsters one at a time, using the traditional method that results in sturdier and more durable leather pistol cases.


Leather as a material has excellent properties and ensures high comfort and durability. FALCO offers belt leather holsters for revolvers and pistols made from leather in 4 product lines. We are best-known thanks to our premium leather gun holsters line when the holster is made from full grain natural leather according to the traditional method. You also have a choice of the classic line that customers like the most because of the price-quality ratio. The comfort line is characterized by suede leather combined with classic leather mainly for reinforcing the most important parts such as holster security straps, leather belt loops, and the opening of a holster. Basic leather line holsters are made of sturdy black leather. Such outside the waist holsters are basically shaped, but that doesn't change the fact that they serve as great leather gun cases. Thanks to the great number of possibilities you can enjoy custom leather holsters for pistol models such as Glock 29 or even less known CZ 75 PCR Compact.

Glock 43 Outside the Waistband Holster
Glock 43 Outside the Waistband Holster


Almost every Falco OWB holster for concealed carry is Red Dot compatible.  You can choose from the following best – know gun optics brands like the Romeo, Trijicon, Vortex, and others. Most favorite is Holosun mount compatibility.  Not all our customers know that if you choose the Red Dot sight for pistol option, we will automatically adjust the holster to high sights. Thanks to this you can rest assured your S&W M&P 2.0 Compact, Taurus G2C, Ruger P94 and all other handguns equipped with RDS will fit into the holster just perfect.


We place great emphasis on the fact that every customer will find their dream holster. Therefore our OWB holsters are compatible with various lights and lasers such as Streamlight, Surefire, Olight, or Viridian.  If you are not able to find your concrete light or laser in our gun configurator, please let us know at support. We are still stocking new light molds, and we will definitely contact you when we stock the one on your specific firearm light, and at the end, you will have the best leather OWB holster. Our customers most favorite combinations are owb holster for M&P Shield with Crimson Trace laser, Walther PDP with RDS, FN FNX 45 with TLR,  or CZ P07 light bearing owb holster.


At FALCO you can build your own custom leather OWB holster for concealed carry from scratch and enjoy concealed carrying even a full-size firearm in the premium custom-fitted OWB pistol holster. In our configurator, you will go through the individual options and you will feel like in Pimp my ride, but you will actually be tuning your new OWB leather holster that will last you for years. You are able to choose from the options such as the leather line, trigger guard design, logo engraving, initials embossing, and leather lining. You are also able to choose different colors of leather. Gentle ladies admire our OWB leather pink pistol holsters, which are a great accessory to daily wear.

We can even make comfortable FK Brno belt holsters, and almost all leather belt holsters can be made as revolver holsters OWB. We are able to produce a holster according to a revolver frame. For example J Frame holster OWB holster for Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 38.

All FALCO Holsters can be made as left-handed holsters for revolvers and pistols. If you are a left-handed shooter, you can simply select a left-hand option in our gun configurator.

Falco Holsters offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty for all belt holsters and with our replacement screw sets, you can easily replace any worn own screws or attachments. And if for whatever reason you are not satisfied with our belt holster, you can take advantage of our 30 Days Buy Back guarantee.  


It's quite simple. You kill a cow, you peel it off the leather, you process the leather, and that's where the fun begins. Of course, it is a joke. I recommend you leave it to the professionals – understand us. 

We, at Falco, cooperate with the most renowned cowhide producers and we can declare that Falco is one of the most famous leather holster maker in Europe. As soon as we get the order from you the whole process begins. It is important to draw the template accurately so the holster will fit your gun perfectly. Then the leather is cut to the exact shape of the holster. After cutting the shape we color the edges of the leather pieces. As soon as the edges of the leather were colored, we glued it together and we add hardware. At this time we have a holster already made. The last steps are to sew all the parts together, color, hand mold, and impregnate them. The last step is to lacquer it to make a beautiful shiny holster.

Cowboy leather holster in production process
Cowboy leather holster in production process

Brand new leather PPK OWB holster can be hard to work with because it’s so tight, but when it comes to your handgun that can affect your draw. It can also make it difficult to holster your pistol since it won’t accept the frame as easily as non-leather. Therefore we also recommend you buy our Break in Kit for easier holstering of the firearm. It contains denatured alcohol for holsters and leather conditioner.