Custom Holster in 10 Days

Running in-house manufacture with craftsmen making custom holsters one at a time allows us to offer the widest range of gun holsters on the market. The complexity of making fully customized holsters means that we need to constantly adapt to the ever-changing externalities in order to maintain a constant quality of our products and services. It is our job and devotion to relentlessly fine-tune the manufacturing process and implement innovative solutions that keep the old-world craftsmanship competitive in both: availability and price.

The pandemic has had a wrecking-ball impact on the whole gun industry. The demand grew so abruptly that at one point, we could have traded a box of bullets for a kidney. Getting a new Red Dot Sight or laser delivered and installed took over a month the lead times for custom-built leather holsters doubled or tripled.

While the industry keeps recovering and slowly gets back to what we were used to, we decided to push even harder and set a new standard. 

Starting from September the 2nd 2021, all of our fully custom holsters made from leather or nylon ship in 10 days from ordering. No buts. 

You can still build your holster up from scratch, just how you like it. Have it underlayed, green, blue, pink, optics ready, laser engraved, canted as you wish... And we will handcraft it in 10 days, to fit your handgun, body shape, and style just perfectly.

The Next Objective

The last thing of our product assortment that still requires some patience is our Kydex line. With Kydex growing in popularity, we are glad to offer Kydex holsters for even the less common firearms with accessories. Just now, we are in the process of re-building our Kydex workshop. You can look forward to not only 10 days delivery! Stay tuned and get a chance to be among the first to get a unique 3D Printed Falco Holster that is getting ready to be field-tested in few days!

Thank you for your continuous support. Without you, we wouldn't be here.

Katarina Zacharova


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