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Belly Band Holster - Most Comfortable Concealed Carry

Concealed carry gear isn’t a simple “buy once cry once” type of affair. Any gun owner worth their salt who has done their due diligence in regard to research and training likely has an entire box of holsters sitting around somewhere in their house.

Belly Band Holster for men
Belly Band Holster for men

Not necessarily because those concealment holsters in that box are bad. It is because as we learn and grow, our preferences, needs, and styles of concealment or carrying change with us. One of the hardest times to carry a gun is during the summer when clothing is generally shorter & lighter. The risk of printing is simply higher than ever because of melting hot temperatures.


as seen by gun journalist Luce Cuenco

That is why I often choose to field a belly band during the summer. Thanks to the belly holster I can remain inconspicuously armed even when enjoying a day on the beach. Today we will discuss the merits of the belly band method of concealed carry.

belly wrap concealed carry
mens belly band holster

The Falco Belly Band Gun Holster

Falco makes their own versions of the belly bands and they have some great features. That makes them an attractive option for first-time users of the belly band concept.

Concealed Carry Belly Band With Kydex - B105

Their B105 Belly Band is available for both left and right-handed shooters. The band comes in seven different sizes ranging from extra small all the way up to double XL.

Falco Markets its B105 belly band as a “Breathable” belly band holster. This is one of the failings of the belly band concept. You’ll sweat a lot less using their breathable elastic material over an entirely elastic bellyband holster.

Kydex Belly Band Holster
Kydex Belly Band Holster

This will make all-day carrying more comfortable. Especially if you choose to wear an undershirt underneath the belly band.

As opposed to the B103 gun belly band which has nylon siding for the firearm compartment, the B105 Belly Band includes a removable Kydex insert. It keeps your trigger covered against any intrusion into the trigger guard that could lead to an accidental discharge. This offers users peace of mind and also helps retain the firearm without the need for a strap which may hinder a quick draw.

B105 & B115 - Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster Review

Belly Band Concealed Carry - B103

Belly Band B103 features comfortable & breathable black nylon too. This band holster is on the other hand completely made of it.

In addition to the main holster compartment, the B103 also features a pouch for 2 spare magazines. Space for documents or other small items you may want to conceal on your person might come in handy too.

women's belly band holster
belly band holster for glock 43

Verdict Over Falco’s Belly Holsters

The quality and durability of the B105 is better than any other belly band gun holster on the market. Where other belly bands are looked at like disposable items, this Belly belt holster has a 5-year warranty. It has held up to sweat, washing, and daily movement for several months without letting up.

If you’re currently an appendix carrying a Kydex holster. The belly band holster for concealed carry can be a good option without the need for a traditional belt to hold up the holster.

conceal carry belly band
Belly band holsters for concealed carry

Another feature I like is the addition of the Kydex shell. It not only protects the trigger but also allows for the fielding of more complex handguns like my Sig Sauer P365. I made modifications as the Mischief Machine Omega Grip module, a TLR7-Sub light, and a Trijicon RMRcc red dot sight. Thanks to the hand-made work of Falco Holster, this custom belly band does its job well.

These alterations to the firearm will usually eliminate the ability for you to efficiently use a belly band. This applies to the other concealable holsters (as the light or railed dust cover can snag the nylon) too. Custom Kydex shell allows usage of all these attachments without worry. Meanwhile, it still maintains great retention without needing to remove a retention strap before drawing.

belly wrap concealed carry
Belly Band holster

If you’re still in the group of people that conceal carry revolvers. Falco designed their belly band holsters for revolvers so you can disassemble them at will. This once again makes the belly band holster one of my favorite concealed carry methods for revolvers.



The gun belly band is a concealed carry waistband method without the need for a traditional belt. Belly band conceal does not limit your movement. It is ideal for sports, like running, hiking, biking, or basically any sport you love.

However, I found it excellent for comfortable everyday carry too. It stretches when you sit & shrinks when you stand up providing maximum comfort & stability to your gear. Like this isn't enough, FALCOs concealed carry belly bands are ready for over 2000 pistols and 900 revolvers.


The lineup of Falco Holsters is special & if are asking why, here is a simple answer.

Each belly holster features one pouch or Kydex shell for your firearm. Universal full nylon designs are fitting handguns of all sizes. A handgun is secure thanks to the Velcro safety strap or basic retention of Kydex. Each stomach holster design is available in three material versions.

Mens belly band holster material
Mens belly band holster material

Thanks to combinations of breathable and firm rubber, you can find exactly what you need.

Falco belly band holsters will be your most comfortable everyday concealed carry option. We make them out of breathable rubber gentle on your skin and a sturdy band to hold the firearm and EDC items.

This makes it the most comfortable gun holster, ready for your daily adventures. We hand sew our bands in-house using the traditional method. That results in sturdier and reliably stitched concealed carry waist holsters.


You already looked everywhere, but still, have a hard time finding a good optics-compatible belly band? Worry no more. We've got your back!

Belly band ccw for guns with optics
Belly band ccw for guns with optics

With Falco, you can pick from multiple ultimate belly band holsters. All can be compatible with pistols with high sights or red dots of various brands. Customizing a belly band for a red dot is only a few clicks away.


Finding a good holster for a combination of your rail-mounted light and handgun is always hard. It is the same with belly band gun holsters. Luckily for you, we make CCW belly bands for over 50 light options.

Belly band holster for gun with light
Belly band holster for gun with light

We craft our Kydex belly band holsters for guns with light to fit your lights perfectly. Simply let us know your combination via our configurator and we will ensure a perfect fit.


A belly band holster should snugly wrap your waist. Placement should be either above your pants or inside the pants as an IWB (inside the waistband) holster. You should tighten the fit using the velcro closure. To maximize a holster band's comfort, you should align both sides of the velcro perfectly.

How to wear Belly Band Holster - Appendix position
How to wear Belly Band Holster - Appendix position

After you holster the handgun & put a safety strap around it, you can adjust the belly band. Adjusting means moving the sides until your firearm’s grip does not stick and you feel comfortable at the same time. This adjustment prevents printing. From there, you can load the tactical belly band holster with additional magazines or gear and you are ready to go!

How to wear Belly Band Holster - Hip position
How to wear Belly Band Holster - Hip position


Each Falco Belly Band is available in 8 sizes. This variety makes it popular as a belly band holster for women too. Four additional pouches for extra magazines and other everyday carry items enhance its usability in your everyday life.

Universal belly holsters concealed carry will fit handguns ranging from micro sizes all the way to full-size. Kydex belly band holsters can be custom-made for over 3000 handguns including revolvers.

Belly concealed carry holsters
Belly concealed carry holsters

This all means it does not matter what firearm you choose. We will make it fit like a glove & feel like a feather in our belly band holsters for concealed carry. Besides all that, Falco Holsters are available as left-handed belly band holsters too. So if you are a left-handed shooter, simply select a left-hand option in our configurator and enjoy!

Belly holster for woman
Belly holster for woman

If you are not happy with the product, you can use our 30 Days Buy Back guarantee or a Lifetime Limited Warranty on craftsmanship.

In case you are still not sure which bellyband holster to choose, head to our article about the best belly band holster options.

Final Thoughts

The concealed carry belly band holster is my favorite method of carrying throughout the entire year. Regardless of what I am wearing. Belly Band CCW is versatile, completely safe, and extremely efficient when you properly train with your setup.

If you’re interested in trying out a belly band I can safely recommend the Falco B105 belly band. Even in case you already tried different brands and were not satisfied. It is perfect for those who want an easier time switching from a normal holster to a belly band. Alternatively, the B103 has no Kydex but it can field nearly any handgun on the market.

concealed carry band
SIG P365 Belly Band

Belly Bands in general make great concealed carry holsters for women due to their versatility with many types of clothing. All of these features make the B105 & B106 one of the most comfortable concealed carry waistband holster options in Falco’s lineup. Is the B105 the most comfortable Sig P365 Holster? I certainly think so!

Author: Luke Cuenco, Martin Lukacko

Date: April 15th, 2024