Breathable Belly Band Holster for Guns with Light

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Belly band holster for a gun with light made from especially soft and breathable material. B113 Belly Band provides maximum comfort while wearing at a cost of lower resistance of the material. In time the Belly Band might show signs of usage but holds reliably. It consists of a gun holster , a pouch for 2 gun magazines, and documents. The Gun  is carried at the waist under the clothes, secured by an elastic cord. The Gun  is not visible under the clothes, it adheres well to the body and still, it keeps stable on the waist.

  • For pistols and revolvers
  • Designed for guns with lights
  • Concealed carry under any type of clothing
  • Available in black nylon color 
  • Belly band height 4,75"
  • 5-year limited warranty 
  • Universal fit for various laser/lights

Breathable Belly Band Holster for Guns with Light

Size: M
Hand option: Right hander

Breathable Belly Band Holster for Guns with Light

Size: XL
Hand option: Right hander
SizeWaist circumference (inches)Total length (inches)
XXS22.8" - 26.7"
XS26.8" - 30.6"
S30.7" - 34.5"37.7"
M34.6" - 38.5"41.7"
L38.6" - 42.4"45.6"
XL42.5" - 46.4"49.6"
XXL46.5" - 50.3"53.5"
XXXL50.4" - 53.5"57.4"

5 stars

Thank you.


This Belly Band Holster fit my Colt .45 Defender perfectly. It's construction is Class A, and also has compartments for several Magazines. The Velcro holds the Belt in place very securely. Very Pleased with it !


The quality is amazing. It’s used for duty purposes. My magazines don’t stay too well running, but they have a slick coating on them (Sig Sauer). Fit is amazing. Breathes well. Protects the firearms. The red dot on the pistol is well protected. Amazing value for such a well built holster.

Thank you Sir for your great evaluation that we greatly appreciate.


Great product. If you’re thin like me and never wear jeans (sweats for me w/untucked shirt), this is a great solution for a compact 40 or 45. Any gun for that matter. Love the holster. However, I recommend just tucking the pistol against the body, rather than in the pouch. Makes it much easier to mount. The band is nice and tight to support it.


The generic belly band is very well made, can hold a couple of my pistols, without having to purchase one holster for each. Each pistol has a light, so the B113 generic holster is perfect for these, and I tried to use the holster without the light on the pistol, and it was tough getting the muzzle of the pistol into the holster. Still, it is a very easy holster to take on and off, fits a variety of clothing combinations, either wearing the belly band outside my normal pants (shorts or long pants) or wearing the belly band inside my waistband. The only challenge that I had was the delivery time, since it is made in Europe. However, wonderful customer service from Veronika and Miriam.


First of all the company gets a 5 star rating,even though the belly band was not for me. The band was not wide enough causing the edges to roll over and the pistol tie down was to large letting the pistol flip out of the holster. I notified Falco Holsters ,the company gave complete 100% refund no Questions asked, great service. I will buy again from FAlco. Thanks again !


The most comfortable holster I’ve worn. Fits under any sweatshirts and work out gear. Perfect for when you are out and about in sweat pants. Great product.


Like many others, I've tried (and still own) lots of other carry holsters and decided on the belly band for concealment and to avoid belt and pant challenges, especially in warmer weather when wearing shorts and no jacket. I used the Falco sizing guide to purchase a Large (36" waist for pants, but measurement higher up from hips is about 38"), but had to return it for a Medium because the extra "flap" of band on the Large protruded under a shirt. Otherwise, it was fine. The medium works better but I have less adjustment range for any future weight gains or for putting over a layer of clothing. The band works very well with slim (single stack. i.e. Kahr CM9 or Ruger LCP) pistols but a full size auto (double stack, full size grip) is too heavy for the breathable band to support, in my opinion. It can be done but the band must be very tight around the waist, which isn't a long-term solution if comfort is important. The order turn-around time is very long and the fraying of the band's edges are reasons for 4 of 5 stars. The edges are starting to fray due to the Velcro making contact with it during the course of taking on and taking off. I'd recommend Falco's belly band but with the caveats I've mentioned here.

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