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Premium quality can't be rushed. For this reason, the production of your high-quality custom Falco Holster takes its time. Our staff at appreciates your patience and even though we are unable to speed up the production process for you, we put an effort in getting the packages to you as fast as possible after they are finished. That is why we use Federal Express services. Your support and incredible reactions showed us that this is the way how to get Falco Holsters closer to you. 

We hear and value your opinion. It helps us grow. 

30 Days Buy Back

We put a real effort and passion into crafting holsters for you. Thinking through every detail of design, carefully picking the raw materials, and always searching for better and innovative ways.

We keep all our production in-house, in the hands of skilled craftsmen, and test every holster before it gets shipped to you.

We believe in our product. And we will buy it back from you.

Lifetime Warranty

All our products are handcrafted with care from high-quality materials, by a skilled team of Craftsmen. We keep our production in house, including product development. We believe that only a Craftsman that takes pride in his work can make a premium holster that lasts a lifetime.

We stand behind our holsters with no excuses. All of them. 

Holster for Every Gun

At Falco Holsters we seek a solution for everyone, as proof stands the incredible product variability that is the widest on today's market. We developed over 500 holster designs and each of them is made in a custom fit for more than 2000 models of pistols and 900 models of revolvers from our List of Available Guns. Have a specific design on your mind? Reach out to our Custom Shop and our Craftsmen will do their best to fit your needs.

Whichever Firearm you Carry. We have a solution for you.

If you have further questions or need any help do not hesitate to contact us at

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