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Light Bearing Holster- Find a match without a catch

The market offers thousands of types of weapons and lights. I'm not a math genius, but I know that means that there is a huge number of combinations. A few years ago I experienced what it's like to look for a needle in a haystack. I was looking for a Glock 19 holster with a TLR7A light.

During my search I came across Falcoholsters and today I am much wiser when it comes to finding the right holster for any setup. It is my pleasure to share my findings in this article and save you the trouble.

Thanks to their unlimited customization possibilities Falco is able to meet all requirements of gun with light owners. They handcraft their custom holsters with light using the finest materials. Beside that, Falco craftsmen are using the traditional methods that result in sturdier and more durable light bearing holsters.

Light Bearing Holster
Light Bearing Holster

The Right Light-Bearing Holster for Your Concealed Carry Needs

I carry my firearm for personal defense, which requires careful consideration of the equipment. This is even more true as it is a light bearing holster where compatibility plays a crucial role. In this guide I focused on choosing the right holster for various Glock and 1911 models.

I also reveal here which holster was the best choice for my Glock 19 with light. I hope that thanks to my experience, you will also choose right and fullfill your concealed carry needs.

Glock weapon light holster
Glock weapon light holster

How To Choose Glock Holster With Light

Glocks are among the most popular firearms for concealed carry because of their reliability and range of models. Each model requiers something else from a holster, especially when equipped with a light. Here's a breakdown for some of the most popular Glock models:

  • Glock 17 with Light Holster: Glock 17 is a full-size & quite wide handgun. Concealing it equipped with its light might be a mission. If you like to carry it on your hip, you should configure your holster with a cant.

    In case you like appendix carry I recommend choosing a holster Glock 17 with light that features a claw. The claw will help you with the concealment of its over-sized grip. You should always look for a holster that balances comfort and concealability.
  • I´d say a Kydex or hybrid Glock 17 holsters with light are a solid choices. Considering the size, give a thought to a holster for a gun with light with two clips. This type distributes the weight of bigger-sized guns better.

Glock holster with light
Glock holster with light
  • Glock 45 Holster with Light: The Glock 45's unique subcompact slide design with a full-size body, requires a specific holster. Since it uses a Glock 19s slide, you can conceal it more easily, however, the large G17 frame makes this a lot harder. This is why you should basically opt for the same Glock light holster as I recommend for Glock 17.
  • Choose the canted option for hip carry and a claw if you preffer appendix carry. The material you choose shouldn't play a huge part in this. Just focus on your comfort and the sacure sittting of your gun.

  • Glock 23 with Light: This is a more compact model. The size is similar to Glock 19, however it is a little wider, because of the .40SW caliber. If you chose this handgun over the traditional 9mm, you probably enjoy time spent at the shooting range as well as its concealed carry capabilities.
  • You might appreciate a holster that you can wear as IWB as well as OWB. With this type you cover both of the situations at the same time.

  • Glock 19 Holster Flashlight: This Sub-compact was widely used for concealed carry a long time before the market came with new micro-compacts. During my search, I realized that the market is bursting full with all the Glock holster light options. More options, more decision making.

    You´ll find that all Falco holsters are compatible with this handgun with over 50 various tactical lights combinations. For my Glock 19 with light guys from customer service recommended appendix A116 L 2021 holster. This holster gave me the comfort of leather & stability of Kydex. I have found a perfect Glock with a light holster, thanks to the guys in Falco.

    Review of IWB light-bearing holster A116L 2021
  • Glock 43X Holster with Light: Micro-compact G43X is nowadays praised for its small size & legendary Glock reliability. It is a top choice for many. This beast equipped with good light & RDS can be a real lifesaver, but which holster to choose?
  • Here is the answer. Keep in mind, that your holster should be in harmony with the design of a handgun. Look for a low-profile & trustworthy holster with light for Glock 43X for this small and reliable handgun. My recommendation would be A122.

I hope you find these tips useful. The only thing I can´t cover are special circumstances. By this I mean your wardrobe, body shape, or preferred carry style. The ideal holster for Glock with light might differ based on your needs & requirements.

How to Choose 1911 Holster With Light

I don´t want to appear as a know-it-all but I have a few tips for 1911 owners too. If you are one of them, you know about its historical significance and precision. It comes in various models that can be enhanced with light thanks to the rail featured on newer models like Sig Sauer 1911 Tacops or Ruger SR1911R.

1911 is already quite a large handgun and light can add bulkiness to your setup. However, with a good 1911 light bearing holster, you can rest assured it will remain concealed & unseen by everybody.

1911 holster with light
1911 holster with light

You can conceal the barrel quite easely as the 1911 is usually quite thin. A challange for you is in concealing the large grip that uses traditional single-stack magazines. The key to success & to hide it successfully is configuring your 1911 with a light holster with a cant.

If you decide to go with Kydex or hybrid holsters, always choose the option of claw. The claw nicely pushes the grip against your body & makes it practically invisible.

If you are looking for a 1911 holster with light, please make sure to choose the right model in the configuration. These handguns tend to have completely different measurements & flawless retention of your holster with light is crucial.

1911 with light
1911 with light

The rest is completely up to you. Whether it is a choice of material, sweat guard, hand option, or sight type, you can tailor the Falco holster for 1911 with light to your needs.

Light Bearing IWB Holster

Do you prefer wearing it inside or outside? Talking about the holster of course. Inside the waistband, carry is one of the most popular concealed carry styles amongst the shooters. If you plan to every day carry your pistol with light or laser you would surely need a comfortable and quality IWB light bearing holster.

I can tell you, that in Falco they always bear in mind your comfort and safety. I can´t forget to mention the outstanding designs. You can even configure your custom holsters IWB with light to be compatible with your red dot sight. IWB holster for gun with laser is a matter of course, so do not wait and build your custom holster with light now.

IWB light bearing holster
IWB light bearing holster

Special Tips for IWB Light Bearing Holsters

As a now happy owner of an IWB hybrid holster I have some inside (the-waistband) tips for you. It is a popular method for concealed carry, offering both concealment and easy access. When you carry a holster with light, there are special considerations to ensure comfort, safety, and quick access. Here are some key tips.

  • Choose the Right Position: The most common positions for IWB carry are at the 3 o'clock (on the hip) or 4-5 o'clock (behind the hip) positions. I wear mine on the hip but the right position for you depends on you. You should consider your body type, the size of the gun and light, and your daily activities. In case you are a left-hander, you would need left handed handgun holster & the positions would be opposite to those mentioned.
  • Choosing the Right Cant:
    Always make sure you pick the right cant for the chosen position because it has a great influence on your draw.
  • Comfort is Key: Since the holster will be pressed against your body, comfort is crucial. Consider leather light bearing holster or one made from a combination of Kydex & leather. You can also choose materials that minimize discomfort, like breathable nylon fabrics.
  • Gun Belt for Light Bearing Holster
    Gun Belt for Light Bearing Holster

  • Ensure Proper Fit for Light Attachment: Not all light-bearing holsters accommodate every type of light. Choose a holster that is designed exactly for both your firearm and the specific model of light you use.
  • Consider a Holster with a Sweat Guard: A sweat guard is a piece of material that extends from the top part of the holster to prevent perspiration from reaching your firearm. I picked this feature for my holster and I find it especially useful when its warm or during physical activity. With Falco Holsters, you can specify its size or even whether it should be there.
  • Belt and Clothing Considerations: Use a sturdy gun belt that can support the weight of a pistol with a flashlight holster. Your clothing should be loose enough to conceal your firearm but not so loose that it hampers your ability to draw quickly
  • Regular Maintenance: Check and maintain your holster regularly. Ensure screws are tight and leather is oiled. Also check if the holster retains its shape and retention capabilities. This is even more important as IWB carry can expose the holster to more wear and tear.By following these tips, you can comfortably and safely conceal your light-bearing holster. If you do follow it, you will be prepared while maintaining a low profile.

Rewiew Of IWB Light Bearing Holster

      OWB Light Bearing Holster

      I can appreciate the benefits of having a pistol or revolver at 3 o'clock always by your side. There is a reason law enforcement prefers this kind of gun carry. Of course, a lot depends on the legislation in your state, but everybody can enjoy this freedom at least at a local shooting range.

      Each light bearing OWB holster is compatible with light & lasers such as Olight, Streamlight, Viridian lasers, Lasermax, Centerfire, Nightstick, and many others. I know what you are thinking now. Thank god I finally found a CZ P07 light bearing OWB holster which is made to last. What can I say, except: enjoy!

      Rewiew Of OWB Light Bearing Holster 

      Light Bearing Shoulder Holster

      Each light bearing shoulder holster from Falco´s workshop is made of leather or nylon. All in one package you will get comfortable carry and a perfect fit. Cool look of Miami agent from the 70s is completely for free! You might heard about the premium leather light bearing shoulder holsters, but you can never go wrong with any material when it's made by Falco Holsters.

      1911 holsters with light
      1911 light holster

      Rewiew Of Light Bearing Shoulder Holster 

      Leather Light Bearing Holster

      I'm far from done singing the praises of FALCO. Their leather light bearing holsters are characteristic of hand-colored, hand-shaped & lacquered natural Italian leather of the highest quality. I know that they use only the best leather for the production of their light holsters.

      During my search I came across the premium variant of the holster and I have to appreciate the craftsmanship. The tiny details of hand-coloring and the natural leathery fragrance must got you as soon as You open your package. These are leather light bearing holsters worthy of your most precious firearm. With the right care, it might even live up to the lifespan of the gun itself.

      Leather Light Bearing Holster
      Leather Light Bearing Holster

      Light Bearing Kydex Holster

      Each light bearing Kydex holster is handmade of 0.08” thick genuine U.S. Kydex. Perfect fit is assured by the craftsmen and the traditional technique they use. All Kydex holsters are molded on 1 to 1 copies of individual handguns in-house.

      The hardware they use for the holsters does not loosen, which provides tight retention and characteristic click during reholstering. You can customize Each Kydex holster with light in the configurator. You can set up the sights, cant, sweat guard, color, belt width, and even set if you are left or right handed.

      Light Bearing Kydex Holster
      Light Bearing Kydex Holster

      Nylon Light Bearing Holster

      FALCO premium nylon light bearing holsters are made in combination with black leather which reinforces the top of the holster. The main body is made of sturdy, shape-holding nylon which provides a good amount of retention to your handgun.

      The design ensures the holster would remain open, enabling easier and quick reholstering. Not to mention the smooth gun draw. All Falco nylon holsters also feature integrated plastic sights rail for top sights protection.

      Nylon Light Bearing Holster
      Nylon Light Bearing Holster

      Airflow nylon is made from breathable 3D mesh, with a durable lining. This provides the most comfort to the concealed carrier.

      Basic nylon holsters
       are made of laminated material with durable foam that protects your firearm and enables the fitment of multiple firearms within the same size category.

      Custom Holsters With Light

      At FALCO you can build your own custom leather light-bearing holster from scratch and enjoy comfortable gun-carry with even a full-size firearm in the premium custom holster with light.They are ready to craft 1911 holsters with light or even X frame revolver holsters with lasers that will be comfortable to wear and provide protection to you and your firearm.

      With Falco, your holster might be customized specifically to your handgun sights, sweat guard preference, color, cant, belt loops, or even beautified with a custom laser engraved logo.

      I have to mention the customer service. If you are not happy with the product, you can use the 30 Days Buy Back guarantee. Each Falco Holster can be made as left handed light bearing holster. So if you are a left-handed shooter, you can simply select a left-hand option and enjoy your new laser holster. 

      Falco Holsters offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on craftsmanship and with our replacement screw sets, you can easily replace any worn own screws or attachments. This way, you can truly enjoy your concealed carry holster for life.

      cz p07 light bearing owb holster
      cz p07 holster with light


      Is this article packed with tips and recommendations almost to the point of exhaustion? Now you know what I had to go through till I found my perfect match.

      At this point you too should be able to choose the right light-bearing gun holster yourself. 

      Whether it´s OWB or IWB, think about how the holster fits your needs. Shooting range? Self defence? Law enforcement? A compatibility of your light-bearing gun with your holster is crucial. 

      By combining the right light bearing holster choice with thoughtful carrying practices, you can achieve a balance of readiness, safety, and comfort in your handgun carry.

      Do you have everything you need except your holster? Go and find the match to your setup now.

      Holster for gun with light
      Holster for gun with light

      Author: Martin Lukacko 

      Date: January 16th, 2024

      Update: April 17th, 2024