A116 L 2021


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The new generation of our A116 Kite belt holster combines the comfort of the airflow leather platform and shape stability & quick gun draw of the Kydex holster. Now also compatible with the rail-mounted lights/lasers.

Handmade from genuine Italian leather and genuine U.S. Kydex to fit your handgun  perfectly.  The leather platform is perforated to allow your skin to breathe. This makes concealed carry with A116 L exceptionally comfortable even during the long carry periods. The A116 L is a low-profile holster thanks to its strong steel belt clips being placed on the far sides of the leather platform. This holster design is perfect for concealing even Full-Size handguns comfortably.

  • Open-top IWB hybrid holster
  • Designed for Guns with rail-mounted lights/lasers
  • Genuine & Durable 0.08” U.S. made Kydex
  • Premium quality pre-tanned Italian leather
  • Strong & Durable steel belt clips available for 1.5” or 2” belt width
  • Custom fitted for your individual firearm
  • Optional Sweat Guard separating gun from the body
  • Red dot sight & Suppressor height sights compatible
  • Open muzzle allows for extended threaded barrels and prevents the collection of dirt
  • Lifetime warranty & 30 Days buyback guarantee

Our stock photos show the designs made for HS XDM pistol with Streamlight TLR 7A mounted. Your holster shape will reflect your individual firearm & light/laser model.


Customer Boyan A. 26/1/2022

Best quality!


Customer Thomas Meyers 26/1/2022

Very well made. Very good fit. Excellent holster. Very good customer service. Thomas Meyers Alaska


Customer Lubos P. 20/12/2021

Pekné a funkčné.


Customer Aaron C. 22/12/2021

Very comfortable and reliable holster


Customer Mike F 26/1/2022

Absolutely the best quality and most comfortable holster I’ve ever owned!


Customer Mike F 26/1/2022

Absolutely the best quality and most comfortable holster I’ve ever owned!


Customer Dorthy 26/1/2022

Finally! Not only the right holster, but the best holster. Perfect fit, perfect draw, and in beautiful leather. I could not be happier. Thank you!


Customer Cliff K. 28/11/2021

This holster is almost perfect. Extremely comfortable and retention is good. Padding on the back would make it totally amazing. The leather is thick and heavy duty but still conforms well to the body. Fantastic holster.


Customer Robert T. 6/1/2022

Best holster I’ve ever had


Customer Isaac B. 6/12/2021

This holster is amazing. Perfectly good there firearm and the light. It came in a timely manner and looked amazing. Highly recommend this custom holster to anyone looking for a iwb holster.


Customer Peter K. 3/11/2021


Customer Kenny S 25/1/2022

My all-time favorite holster, a joy to behold, handle and be able to appreciate. I just ordered another one!


Customer Ron L. 3/11/2021

Excellent quality, comfortable to wear and holds my gun well with just the right amount of retention. My only complaint is the belt clips are not height adjustable.


Customer Michael 25/1/2022

This is one of the finest crafted holsters I have ever owned. Perfect fit and very comfortable.


Customer Jesse M. 16/12/2021

This is one of the worst holsters that I have ever purchased. The kydex does not retain the firearm in the slightest when it is not worn, and it somehow gets worse while wearing it. The firearm shifts and moves and actively tries to work its way out of the holster during even routine movements. What is even more frightening is that any activity that requires bending allows the firearm to shift in such a manner as to depress the magazine release button. Several times I drew the weapon during dry fire practice only to watch in horror as the magazine would gracefully fly from the grip and hit the floor.
Lets not even begin to discuss the design of the belt clips and leather backing.
I am not sure how it was designed to be incorporated into the everyday load out, but any belt of even moderate thickness seems to exceed the design tolerance and make the whole holster try to destroy itself.
I am truly disappointed, I had such high hopes from a quality manufacturer such as Falco.


Customer Christopher M. 5/11/2021

The first holster i received had some fitting issues but after a quick chat with customer service i got a replacement in a week and this holster is awesome. It fits my sig p320 xcompact with tlr7 snug


Customer Nicholas C. 5/11/2021

Holster seems overall good quality, the the fitment and retention seems loose for what I would expect, even with added pressure of being up against your body.

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