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Customer Paul W.

Product: Secured IWB concealed leather holster with thumb break Premium

Exactly what I expected from Falcoholsters. I carry concealed on a daily basis. This holster is well made, fits my gun perfectly and is comfortable to wear. I’m going to try an OWB holster next.

Customer Gary

Product: Stable OWB open top nylon holster

Great quality revolver fits nicely into holster will get many years of use.

Customer Johny C.


I custom ordered a Kydex IWB holster from Falcoholsters for my Walther PPQ 40 S&W as it was not a stock item. The holster is very well made, comfortable and has a very smooth draw. The gun will not come out of the holster until you withdraw it! The customer service has been excellent. Well worth the wait to have it custom made!

Customer Curtis

Product: Breathable Belly Band Holster for Guns with Light

The most comfortable holster I’ve worn. Fits under any sweatshirts and work out gear. Perfect for when you are out and about in sweat pants. Great product.

Customer Doug H.

Product: Airflow nylon IWB holster for guns with light

The Walther CCP Holster from Falcoholster is an excellent holster for inside the waist band carry. I carry "in front" toward my right side. The holster is comfortable while seated and while driving long distances. The top holster "extension pad" prevents the slide from contacting the shooter while seated or drawing the weapon. The workmanship is first class as is the material of construction. The material has a "soft feel" unlike Kydex. The draw is very smooth after a little break-in period. I recommend this holster for all Walther CCP users.

Customer Ted

Product: Folding leather shoulder holster Premium

This product is all you imagine and more. In fact, you really cannot appreciate the craftsmanship or materials of the product until you open your own package. The leather quality is top notch. The fit and trim are superb. The dying and finish are flawless. I don't intend to purchase holsters any where else in the future. They have the styles that interest me so I will be a repeat, repeat, repeat customer. You should be too.

Customer Jeremy L

Product: Cross draw OWB nylon holster

Arrived very fast. excellent quality. Thick heavy material,very well stitched. Glock fits snugly and adjustable strap holds securely. I bought it primarily for when walking my property and wanted something to old weapon in when hiking climbing around. Would purchase again!..

Customer Steve

Product: Stable easy on IWB leather holster Premium

Well worth the wait. Custom fit for your weapon. Mine, a Sig P239, has an an Aimpoint laser grip installed. It fits perfectly. And even though they send direction on how to soften the leather, I found the fit to be perfect. My gun has the right amount of friction to hold the weapon securely without impeding removal. Excellent, excellent job.

Customer Dustin M.

Product: Chest holster

Color- Awesome Fit- Amazing Quality- Beyond Stunning Construction Far Beyond Awesome. Please keep up that amazing work can only hope you don’t change that quality. Again many Thanks for awesome orders.

Customer Mark

Product: Pancake style OWB leather holster with thumb break Premium

Purchased this holster based on the reviews and they were very accurate. Holster was a little stiff, but leaving the gun in it over night it loosen up nicely. It does a great job of holding it close to your body so as not to print through a shirt. It's as advertised, well made, fits the piece perfect and I would order this holster again.

Customer Corbin K.

Product: Nylon small of back IWB holster

I have bought 4 holsters made by Falco and once again they haven't let me down on my holster I just received.

Customer Victor M.

Product: Open barrel OWB leather holster with thumb break Premium

One could not have ask higher quality OWB Holster. The stitching including the bottom tension was perfect as was the color. The advise about using a plastic bag to help break-in the Holster was perfect. The only beef I have, is it takes too much time from making to order till receiving...but I will always come back to your business for any future leather needs I may have. Thanks

Customer Jake H.

Product: Horizontal nylon shoulder holster

I have got to say this is the best holster I own. Thanks to the Falcoholster team, my pistol could not have fit any better. I unpackaged it, put it on, and wore it all day. I could hardly feel it was there. Super job, thanks.

Customer David

Product: Tactical nylon leg holster with extra mag

First off, Great job guys... I love this holster! The craftmanship is superb. Fits like a glove?? More like fits like a condom... And I mean that in the most respectful way... I will definitely be ordering one for my R1 in the future and will definitely recommend these guys. Thanks for a great holster at a awesome price.

Customer Jonas T.

Product: Open top & open muzzle OWB nylon holster

Outstanding quality made holster! The fit for my Sig could not have been better...height and angle are perfect...well worth the wait..will be ordering for the Glock next...thank you Falco.

Customer Simon

Product: Pancake style IWB concealed open top leather holster Premium

My pistol is no longer made and this holster was a perfect fit. Since these are handcrafted it took a little time to make. Product quality and fit and finish are superb.

Customer jill


The holster holds the pistol very firmly. Great job!

Customer Shane A.

Product: Stable OWB open top leather holster Premium

When I bought my Sig 226 I looked everywhere around town to find a holster that fit. Stumbled on to Falcoholsters website and found exactly what I was looking for. This is a well built holster, functional and absolutely beautiful. These are made to order so there will be a little wait time. But it was worth the wait. I would recommend Falcoholsters to anyone looking for a top of the line holster.

Customer Marty N.

Product: Folding leather shoulder holster Premium

I've worn this holster for two days now. It takes a bit of time to find the final adjustment that matches your body size and style for your chosen weapon, but the adjustability of this holster is phenomenal. I believe I have mine adjusted perfectly now. I'll wear it for a couple of weeks and if all is still well, I'll use a little bit of loctite on the screws to cement things in place and trim any extraneous leather. The roto functions exactly as advertised and is simply genius. This holster is made from quality leather and the finish is precise. So far, I am highly pleased and will provide a longer term review in about a year.

Customer Michael P.

Product: Dual IWB / OWB pancake style nylon holster

Thank you for the great job on the holster. Lite weight and best fit ever. I've tried so many holsters over so many years from leather Galco's on down. The search it over, you're the guys. All the best.