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Customer Derrick D.

Product: Pancake style open top OWB nylon holster

I absolutely love this holster. Custom fits my piece perfectly. Very durable and excellent quality and craftsmanship.

Customer Donald W.

Product: FORESTER style chest leather holster Premium

Build quality is good and arrive quickly for a custom made holster. It fits comfortably. I really like it!
Only issue is the loops in spare ammunition holder are too big for .357 cartridge - too loose so they tend to fall out. I'm guessing they work fine for .44 or .45 ACP, but not .38 or .357.

Customer Robert T.


Best holster I’ve ever had

Customer Matthew F.

Product: Timeless roto-shoulder holster with counterbalance

Roto holster for my 1911 45. Fits amazing. Awesome quality leather

Customer Steven G.

Product: Timeless pancake IWB leather holster with snaps


Customer Amir A.


Thank you very much, it was really important for me to have my S & m pistol a serious and high-quality holester.
I highly recommend ..
the service and the many explanations given to me during the purchase helped me a lot. Thank you very much.

Customer Joe R.

Product: Comfortable IWB concealed open top leather holster Premium

Awesome holster, fitment is spot on. Very happy with the quality and craftsmanship!

Customer Shawn A.

Product: Vertical leather shoulder holster Premium

Perfect. It is the second one that I have ordered. Follow the directions for Breakin and you will love it as well !!

Customer Timothy L.

Product: Exclusive Nylon Holster with leather belt straps

ease of use and is very comfortable to wear. easy access and form fitting for my pistol.

Customer Sandra H.

Product: Pancake style OWB nylon holster with thumb break

Our first experience with Falco was a real pleasure ! The holster was made to fit the revolver perfectly. The quality is outstanding.We also purchased the belt and it is very sturdy,yet not too heavy. We are very happy with the entire experience, we had our custom made holster in 2 weeks from the date of purchase. The company's communcation was outstanding also.

Customer Daniel B.

Product: Pancake style OWB leather holster with security lock Premium

The quality of the leather is good, but the thumb release button hugs against your hip, which releases it anytime you wear it, which makes it worthless—$ 100 paperweight. I wish I had gone with a thumb break instead.

Customer Vlad Y.

Product: Vertical leather shoulder holster Premium

Have not recieved it yet

Customer Vlad Y.

Product: Horizontal leather shoulder holster Comfort

Have not recieved it yet

Customer Vlad Y.

Product: Cross shoulder harness with adjustable harness arms Comfort

Have not recieved it yet

Customer Vlad Y.

Product: Tie-down elasticated strap (2pcs)

Have not recieved it yet

Customer peter h.

Product: Folding leather shoulder holster Premium

Hands down the best holster I've had-good quality, good craftsmanship, and gun fits perfectly. If you buy this quality holster, you will save yourself time and money spent on inferior holsters. This is my second one I bought from them and I love it.

Customer Terry Z.

Product: Timeless roto-shoulder holster

Excellent product with reasonable prices.

Customer James H.

Product: Vertical leather shoulder holster Premium

Beautiful, well made!

Customer greg k.

Product: Pancake style OWB leather holster for pistol with laser/light Premium

Absolutely perfect fit comfortable and well made