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Customer David Fagan

I love this cross draw, took a bit of mitt lube to break it in but strap now clicks securely.
If I were to make one change in the design they need to lower the strap a. bit because no matter what the belt will pull that leather..
With age it's getting better but that strap is always going to cross the top of the hammer vs in the middle. I do also wear a steel belt so it isn't giving either.
BUT this is a fantastic, I can pull it out when seated in my truck or a car and I test the person on top of me as well. I cannot do either with a side draw holster and I used one of those for years, I will never go back. I took a picture, it took a while before that seam made it close to the middle and you can see just a little compensation for the leather that will never give that far but regardless I still give in 5 stars.

Customer Phil L.

Beautifully crafted custom holster!!!! It is definitely with the wait. My Sig P232 fits snug and comfortable. I highly recommend Falco. I was skeptical about ordering international; however, Falco did not disappoint. The staff were responsive to my questions as well. Great experience!

Customer Nigel Thomas

Deluxe leather holster for CZ75B.
Wow ! I couldn’t be happier with this holster.
Craftsmanship and quality through and through.
Thank you, great work!!

Customer Nal V.

Product: Shoulder Bag for Concealed Gun Carry


Customer Luis C.

Product: Nylon airflow IWB holster

The holster was great quality I ordered him as a gift he love them would definitely order more takes a while so order early

Customer Gregory

Product: Breathable Belly Band Holster for Guns with Light

Great product. If you’re thin like me and never wear jeans (sweats for me w/untucked shirt), this is a great solution for a compact 40 or 45. Any gun for that matter. Love the holster. However, I recommend just tucking the pistol against the body, rather than in the pouch. Makes it much easier to mount. The band is nice and tight to support it.

Customer Victor K.

Product: Easy on open top open barrel OWB nylon holster

It's a great fit. Needs a little use and we are good to go. Ghe customer service is incredibly good. They kept me informed every step of the way

Customer Jesse S

Product: Elasticated stable leather OWB holster Premium

Great fit for my Glock 19. Super comfortable. Can hardly feel it there. Would definitely recommend.

Customer Justin Ch.

Product: Slim design OWB leather holster with thumb break Premium

Great quality leather holster. More comfortable than I expected and still keeps my P365 very secure. Five stars!

Customer Mike N.

Product: CrossBody bag for concealed gun carry

The holster is exactly what I anticipated, however, the shoulder strap is too short. What can I do to extend the shoulder strap?

Customer Gene P.

Product: Slim design OWB belt leather holster with front security strap Premium

Fits my gun perfectly and got here way sooner than I thought it would! The holster is comfortable and beautiful. Thank you.

Customer Marvin F.

Product: Folding leather shoulder holster Premium

Everything about this pistol rig is first-class and professional! The fit on my 1911 was perfect and the vertical roto feature makes for a fast and comfortable draw. The staff was a pleasure to work with and would recommend their company to anyone!

Customer Gabriel Z.

Product: Tactical nylon leg holster with extra mag

Super happy with the holster. Fits like a glove and is well made. Worth the wait to have a custom holster.

Customer Allan M

Product: Dual angle open top OWB leather holster Premium

My initial thoughts are positive. The product seems to be well made. It exceeded my expectations as far as fit and size. I have only worn it for a couple of days but like how well it fits and conceals under a t shirt. (I am not a slim person). I am already considering another one for a different firearm.

Customer Daniel P.

Product: Timeless SOB holster

Just got my SOB holster in for my M&P Shield and I have to say, you guys make some of the most handsome leather products I've ever seen. This is my third holster from Falco and each one has been exceptional. The fit and function is just as good. These are really nice holsters and the pride and craftsmanship is obvious. Looking forward to my next selection.

Customer Ryan J.

Product: Cross draw OWB nylon holster

Having many holsters in my day, a drawer full of ones I'll never use. The holster I bought from you is above and beyond the quality I expected. I will only by holsters here from now on. Price and quality is the best!!!

Customer Dawn E.

Product: Horizontal leather shoulder holster Premium

Great product! Excellent quality! Everything fits and adjustment was quick and easy. One point of interest....when specifying the magazines, it's important to mention what bases are on the mags. I have extended bases so the mag holder won't close. I failed to indicate this when I ordered. Totally my fault! Bottom line...great stuff!

Customer Tyler K.

Product: Horizontal leather shoulder holster for guns with light Premium

I was a bit skeptical since the company was overseas, but I decided to give it a shot; the design and price looked competitive for the quality plus they have a warranty. It takes a few weeks for the custom fit, for whatever you have purchased they seem to have quite a selection, but it was well worth it. Everything looks beautiful, just follow their directions to break in the leather.

Customer Gary D.

Product: Stable easy on IWB leather holster Premium

I have owned many holsters but this holster is extremely nice and the craftsmanship that goes into making it is amazing. I have a few other pistols that need holsters and I will be getting them from Falco holsters.

Customer Lucas

Product: Comfortable IWB concealed open top leather holster Premium

My only regret is not getting one sooner. Excellent quality. Great fit, super comfortable even with a full sized handgun!