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Customer Josh S.

Product: Pancake style open top OWB leather holster Premium

As a fellow craftsman, the fit and finish on this holster and belt combination that I bought is really great. Very happy with it and with the way the gun fits. Delivery took longer then advertised, but its not real surprising for the lead up to Christmas and the overseas shipping.

Customer Kyle K.

Product: Tuckable IWB concealed open top leather holster Comfort

Extremely well built for the price. Stitching is in good shape and cuts are clean. Have not had it but a week or so but initial impressions are very good. I will definitely be ordering more from FALCO.

Customer John D.


Perfect fit and works great. Very sturdy and durable.

Customer John D.


Perfect fit and works great. Very sturdy and durable.

Customer Johnnie S.

Product: Slim design secured OWB leather holster for guns with light Classic

The order was on time as was advertised (10 days). Their Customer Service is exactly what customer service should be. Very responsive to questions, understanding of the customer's point of inquiry, and above all, very prompt in responding to the customer's communication.
The holster, for my Ruger Max 9, is made of thick and high-quality leather which will take some time for breaking in but fits my weapon like a glove.
I am delighted to have discovered Falco company. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Customer Scott R.

Product: Vertical leather shoulder holster for guns with light Premium

All in all, this is a fantastic holster. My holster also has a cutout for a MRD optic. I wish the edges of the cutout had a bit a reinforcement.
I will purchase from Falco again.

Customer Helmut R.

Product: Pancake style OWB leather holster for pistol with laser/light Premium

Das Holster für meine Glock 43X MOS passt perfekt. Danke!!

Customer James D.


Lose won’t hold nothing and leaves a black film from holster finish onto firearm.

Customer Sebastian C.

Product: Timeless horizontal shoulder holster with counterbalance

Really great leather and craftmanship, nice comfortable setup. Only sucks a little at the beginning, because of the leather has to REALLY be broken in. I thought they sent me a defect cause the strap to hold the weapon in on the holster was really short, but after like a week or two of oiling it and stretching it with pliers lol, I made it fit fine.

Customer Kenneth S.

Product: Paddle OWB open barrel leather belt holster with adjustable retention Premium

I love this holster! The workmanship is incredible, and it fits great. I had a very nice IwB style holster, but paddle OWB carry is so much more comfortable, and functional as far as not being too tight on the gun.

Customer Michael K.

Product: Paddle OWB open barrel leather belt holster with adjustable retention Classic

Great looking holster fits my sig 365 perfectly

Customer Thomas D.

Product: Quick draw slim OWB leather holster Classic

Great quality, firearm fits nice and snug. I will definitely purchase other products from them.

Customer Rob S.

Product: Vertical leather shoulder holster Premium

Wrong parts screws were mixed matched, still have not received my correct magazine holder even after I had to pay more to fix their mistake!

Customer Joe Z Y.

Product: Pancake style IWB concealed open top leather holster Premium

Very satisfied, thank you.

Customer Colby C.

Product: Leather Horizontal Shoulder Carry Set for gun with light

Kit came exactly as ordered. After 2 weeks in the safe with gun in holster it now comes in and out like a knife through butter. Fits great and very well made. Couldn't latch the strap for a few days, but that's because you need to break the leather in. A note for any TLR light owners, buy a spare door for your batteries, the first shove in after opening my package shove that little thing apart, you can repair it but it pops way easier. Overall very pleased and will be ordereing more holsters for this setup.

Customer Jay R.


The holster is well made and fits my gun perfectly. The belt clip however doesn't work well for my setup, I wear 5.11 taclite pro pants and the clip sits right over a belt loop which doesn't hold well in that position. In order for it to lock into place I have to position it behind the belt loop which places the gun too far in the middle of my back to be effective it also makes it harder to draw my weapon. Also when drawing my weapon the holster moves a lot making it difficult to reholster the gun. To be fair it's not all because of the holster but the 5.11 pants have ridiculously wide belt loops and I carry other edc gear. Still very nice product but it could have other belt clip options for this holster to be more versatile.

Customer James K.

Product: Kydex reinforced Belly Band

Amazing product. Ive tried many of the belly bands out throughout my narc career and this by far the best. Just need one for my other two guns now!!

Customer STEVE y.

Product: Leather Cross-Draw Carry Set

Quality product

Customer Don P.

Product: Pancake style OWB leather holster with thumb break Premium

The holster came timely, and is very nicely made. Very thick heavy leather takes some breaking in but fits my S&W586 l comp like glove after a couple of days with the gun in a plastic bag in the holster. I wish the thumb break had been made just a little longer, but with time it will stretch to make snapping easier. I love the workmanship, could have been a little more pressed into the shape of the gun, but again it fits beautifully and holds the gun tight against my body with no flop away from the body because of the weight of the gun. I will order from Falco again and am very pleased to have discovered them. I would recommend them to anyone.

Thank you Don, for your positive feedback!

Customer Roger S.

Product: Timeless pancake IWB leather holster with snaps

A fantastic holster, well built, made of sturdy leather. The snaps are tight and secure, the holster is comfortable and holds the pistol in securely but is still easy to draw.

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