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Customer Daniel L.

Product: CrossBody bag for concealed gun carry

This bag is not designed as a cross body bag. The belt/strap is not angles to ride on the shoulder comfortably. The bag will not ride on the chest or back as pictured. There is no question, this is a waste pack marketed as a cross body pack. I would not repurchase this product.

Customer Andrew S.

Product: CrossBody bag for concealed gun carry

Really good bag with a few tweaks I’d recommend and plan on making myself:
The small quick-pull loop-strap that opens the bag is easy in a rush or fast deployment situation to get fumbled or mixed up with the paracord loops on the two zippers. It should be larger and made of an easily distinguishable nylon weave or possibly the zipper pulls should lay flatter and not be loops also.

The bag needs a second removable, adjustable Pretorian-style strap (when worn cross-body) to cross under the draw arm and around the back to keep it from riding up on the neck, drooping away from the body, or shifting around and down toward the hip.
Otherwise, it’s a great bag, good materials and construction and a nice rubber backing to help keep it in place.

Customer Brian Larive

Received my leather holster this week. It took a little longer then I thought , but it was worth the wait . The holster is everything I was looking for and more.
Thank you Falco Holsters.

Customer Ian D.

Product: Semi-Breathable Belly Band Holster

Great product, but the sizing should be better defined since these are shipped from far away (on different websites the sizes are defined differently for the same product). Measured my waist to be on the low side of the medium size but the hook Velcro overlaps to the point that it misses the loop Velcro. It still works but tears up the holster portion due to the overlapping.

Customer Michael Cannata

Just received my holster. Took 2 extra weeks Because of excellent quality control well worth the wait. Im very please with the quality and fit and finish. Now off to the range.

Customer Bryan P.

Product: Leather impregnation and Break in set

Update to my previous review. Falco reached out and offered a refund. Top quality customer service. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but if it's half as good as the service they give I don't have any issues at all recommending this kit. Great job Falco!

Customer Jay C.

Product: Nylon drop leg holster

The construction and finished of the holster were of high quality; however, the design leaves much to be desired. The leg strap is fixed (sewn) to the holster hence cannot be adjusted or replaced and the "drop" strap's belt loop is Velcro'd rather than sewn hence, should the Velcro fail or be defeated by an opponent, the wearer could loose control of the weapon. The weapon's trigger/trigger guard are exposed which, again, is a security issue. Bottom line, this holster, while of excellent construction,
is adequate for heading to the range by hobbyists, is not for law enforcement or serious hikers.

That said, the service was fast, all emails were answered completely and expeditiously and, considering the holster was shipped from the Slovak Republic, arrived in a very short time. With Falco, the basics are there; if they will take a moment, consult with some U.S. law enforcement groups (NTOA, TTPOA, etc.) and update their designs, they could produce some outstanding, high quality and modern holsters that should undercut the competition and make them a healthy profit while providing professionals a serviceable, lower cost option.

Customer Mark L.

Product: Easy on open top open barrel OWB nylon holster

Excellent craftsmanship! Perfect fit and well worth the wait. This is now the only holster I want to wear.

Customer Stephen M.

Product: Pancake style OWB leather holster with thumb break Premium

The wait was worth it. The money, without question. This is the most comfortable way I have ever found to carry a full size auto and not compromise anything. The gun is in and out of the holster with ease and absolutely secure at rest. Quality is top notch and communication from the company has been wonderful.

Customer Mike Jones

Product: Alaskan style chest leather holster Premium

I bought two of these holsters, one for my son and one for my grandson. They both report that the holsters are good quality leather, craftsmanship, and fit their Dan Wesson’s well. They are bothe quite happy with them.

Customer Anthony

Product: Horizontal nylon shoulder holster

Top notch quality and materials. Looks and feels great. Wouldn’t hesitate to get another one.

Customer Ron L.

Product: Pancake style IWB leather holster for guns with light Comfort

Fitment was perfect. Nicest holster I own. Will order again from Falco

Customer Patrick Daniel

Product: Comfortable IWB concealed open top leather holster Premium

I purchased my first holster from Falco Holsters approximately a year ago. It was the most comfortable IWB holster I've tried. As important to me as the comfort level while carrying, is the fact that it holds my handgun securely, while allowing me to draw the handgun quite easily. Since I bought the first holster, I've purchased four additional holsters for my other handguns. In my opinion......easily the best holster I've owned. I would highly recommend this holster.

Customer daniel e.

Product: Semi-Breathable Belly Band Holster for Guns with Light

Nicely done very comfortable

Customer Julie

Product: Slim Design CCW bag

Great bag for every day carry

Customer Nicolas G.

Product: Nylon airflow IWB holster

This is my second holster from Falco Holsters. Just as the first this one is top notch. Well crafted and fits my pistol perfectly. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Customer Shayne M.

Product: Pancake style IWB concealed open top nylon holster

Been look for a nylon holster for a very long time for my Glock 19X and finally found a winner!!! Very happy with my purchase and looking forward to purchasing others.

Customer Michael K.

Product: Comfortable IWB concealed open top nylon holster

I was impressed by the quality of the holster. The fit around my Springfield XD .40 compact was perfect. I expect this holster will last a lifetime and then some.

Customer Bruce G.

Product: Timeless SOB holster

Great holster for my Sig Sauer P239. I have problems with my hips and this SOB holster relieves much of the pressure that the IWB/OWB cause. I would recommend concealed carry fans with pressure points around the hip areas give this holster a try.

Customer Dale Reiner

Product: Folding leather shoulder holster Premium

I was very impressed with my shoulder holster. Well made and great workmanship. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again for another gun.