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Customer Mickey B.

Product: Tactical Nylon Leg Holster with Extra Mag

Absolutely great holster. Will be ordering another

Customer Alex F.


Great quality product. Holster fits specific gun and light combo perfectly. Will come back for any other holster needs.

Customer ricardo l.

Product: Timeless Open-Top OWB Leather Holster

holster needed some stretching, as expected, at first glance, not really worth the price or the time spent waiting for delivery. won't be a repeat customer.

Customer Tom C.

Product: Easy on Pancake Style OWB Nylon Holster with Thumb Break

Sadly, the belt loops on the holster are designed too loose, therefore they do shift significantly. Hence the holster cannot be secured tightly to the body - instead it leans away from the hip & creates a bulky print if worn under a jacket or shirt. Other than that, the product is well made using quality materials.

Customer Jonathan Brock

Product: Slim Design Open Top OWB Leather Holster

Well please with The holster I bought for my p97 DC. Fits nicely and has good retention. I would recommend them and have recommended them.

Customer Roger G.

Product: Timeless IWB/OWB Leather Holster with Snaps


Customer curtis m.

Product: Timeless OWB Leather Holster with Thumb-Break

beautiful holster ,thumb break works really well .took very little time to break in .stitching is really nice. i would give it a 5 out of 5 rating .good job Falco!

Customer Marcello M.


One rivet was not installed properly and is halfway Off and I’m concerned with it causing a chain reaction. I’d be happy with returning this one for a replacement. The rivet is my only gripe. The holster if very comfortable and makes carrying a a full size auto with attachments very easy

Customer Zach B.

Product: Paddle OWB Open Barrel Leather Belt Holster with Adjustable Retention Classic

Fit and finish are great. The paddle attachment can be a bit of a struggle to get locked down on certain thickness belts as the adjustment screws tend to hang up on the inside of pants and the cant adjustment fits tight to the paddle. Disappointed in the retention, even after tightening the adjustment screw significantly, it never seems to increase at all. I believe the leather could be folded or formed better to offer better retention than simply folded over and stitched.

Customer Micah H.

Product: Slim Design OWB Belt Leather Holster with Front Security Strap Premium

I ordered a holster for my Colt Python with a 5 inch barrel. This custom holster is fantastic, it fits my firearm perfectly. The workmanship and leather are great quality. I would definitely recommend and would order again.

Customer Bradley H.

Product: Timeless Open-Top OWB Leather Holster

Excellent, perfect fit for my andaconda

Customer Warren D.

Product: Stable Easy on IWB Leather Holster Comfort

Could be a bit stiffer for greater stability and re-holstering, but overall a good value.

Customer Jose G.

Product: Variable IWB Concealed Open Top Leather Holster with Adjustable Belt Clip Premium

Great workmanship. Very nice holster fast shipping and no bullshit. They say within four weeks delivered and they mean it. Thank you..

Customer Wayne O.

Product: Universal Nylon Belt Holster for Gun with Light/Laser

I love it. Fits just fine. I very much appreciate all of your help. Thank you!

Customer Wayne O.

Product: Nylon Duty Belt with a Plastic Three Way Buckle

Very nice fitting I should have git the next size up it's a bit snug with my other gear on. I've been using both since they arrived. Thanks again.

Customer jean-françois D.

Product: Slim Design OWB Leather Holster with Thumb Break and Belt Clip Premium

great holster ! very good quality leather and fits perfectly my SIG P226. I wrapped my SIG in thick plastic, greased the inside of the holster well, repeated the manipulation several times and after 2 days, the SIG fits easily and is well maintained. Perfect. THANKS

Customer Dan W.

Product: Leather Roto-Shoulder Holster with a Harness and Double Magazine Pouch Premium

Well built good craftsmanship quality product.

Customer Jason B.

Product: Timeless SOB Leather Holster for Guns with Lasers or Lights

The best holster I've ever owned... and I've owned more than a few.

Customer Jason C.

Product: LVL 2 Retention Pancake Premium Leather OWB Holster with MLC Security Lock Technology™ Premium

The holster itself is very high quality. The leather has to be worked in to allow the pistol to be holstered without pushing the slide, but this is expected of a new holster. The leather itself is very high quality and looks great. The cant angle is perfect and the holster is very comfortable. It is worth the price of a premium leather holster. It is, however, NOT worth the price of a premium leather holster with level 2 retention.

The reason I've deducted two stars is due to the retention button on the inside of the holster. It cannot be relied on to retain the pistol under normal use. You have to be very careful not to get clothing wedged between your body and the button or it is easily depressed and the pistol will pull right out. Even if you are careful and get all your clothing bits out it can still get worked back in there by normal body movements such as sitting down and standing up. I really do not like touching or handling my firearm and holster in public.

Being able to state, "This is a level 2 holster" is great. It dispels some discomfort some people have with open carry by giving the appearance of a well retained firearm that won't be easily pulled and used against you or others. The fact that the level 2 retention doesn't work reliably makes me worry that if that situation ever occurs, the holster will not protect me.

Customer Carlos R.

Product: Timeless Pancake IWB Leather Holster with Snaps

Nice work and tight fit.