Information on the processing of personal data provided under Article 13 of the Regulation

We approach the protection of your personal data responsibly and we strive to ensure your right to information as well.

With effect from 25.05.2018, all personal data are processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95 / 46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation - the "Regulation").

When processing your personal data, we adhere to the principles of legality, limitation of the purpose of personal data, minimization of the scope and storage, accuracy, integrity, confidentiality and liability.

1. Identification and contact details of the operator:

FALCO SK, s.r.o.

Adresa sídla: Zigmund šachta 13, 969 01 Banská Štiavnica

IČO: 36046540

DIČ: 2020066488

Statutory body: Ing. Róbert Kováč

2. Contact details of the responsible person

Our company does not have to designate a responsible person, given the scope and subject of its activities. However, if you have any questions regarding your personal information, please email to us at, call us at 045 692 03 60 or visit us personally at our company address.

3. Purpose of processing of personal data

The company processes the personal data provided for several purposes:

4. Legal basis for the processing of personal data of the persons concerned:

When processing personal data, the company proceeds in accordance with valid and up-to-date law no. 18/2018 Z.z. (hereinafter referred to as the "Personal Data Protection Act") and REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter referred to as GDPR).

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is:

5. Consent of the person concerned

The company obtains the consent of the person concerned free of charge, without coercion and enforcement, as well as without the threat of denial of a contractual relationship, provided services or obligations to the operator from legally binding acts of the European Union, an international treaty binding the Slovak Republic or the law.

Consent is granted separately for each purpose of personal data processing.

You can withdraw consent as a person at any time, in the same form as your consent has been granted.

The company respects privacy and considers personal data to be confidential.

6. Beneficiaries

For the quality of its services, the company needs to know some of the personal data of the people concerned and needs them to provide additional recipients to fulfill their legal obligations and to provide the highest quality services.

In its business activities, the company cooperates with several intermediaries to provide quality services, while in the performance of their contractual activities for the company they process the personal data of the persons concerned. These include, for example, support services for the processing and security of OSH and PPO (Tomáš Ladoš - LABOZPO), waste management (NATUR-PACK, as), accounting services (Viera Sýkorjaková), web hosting services Webglobe - Yegon, sro) and IT security (Magic Computers, s.r.o.).

The Company honestly declares that, when selecting individual intermediaries, it has taken due account of their professional, technical, organizational and personnel capabilities and their ability to guarantee the security of the processed personal data by the adoption of security measures under the Personal Data Protection Act.

At the same time, the company has chosen to select a suitable broker so as not to endanger the rights and legitimate interests of the persons concerned.

The company as the operator concluded with the intermediaries within the meaning of Art. 28 part 3 Regulations of a written contract on the protection of personal data processed by intermediaries which they have authorized to process the personal data of the persons concerned to the extent, under the conditions and for the purpose agreed in the contract and in the manner provided by the Act on Personal Data Protection.

The company also provides information to third parties - health insurance, social security, tax office, labor office, social affairs and family, supplementary pension companies, supplementary management companies and others (banks, commercial insurers, exequatur ...).

7. Terms and method of processing the personal data of the persons concerned

The company processes in its information systems the personal data of the persons concerned by fully or partially automated or non-automated means of processing.

The company does not disclose personal data processed unless it is required by a specific law or by a court or other state authority.

The Company will not process your personal information without your explicit consent or other legal basis for any other purpose or to a greater extent than is stated in this information and records of the individual information systems of the operator.

8. The retention period of the personal data of the persons concerned

The retention period of personal data is determined by the purpose of the processing of personal data and the requirements of individual regulations.

Specific time of retention is prescribed by the internal regulation of the Company's Registered Plan drawn up in accordance with the Act on Archives and Registers.

The company will, in a prescribed manner, liquidate those personal data whose processing purpose and retention period is over. At the end of the defined purpose, the company is authorized to process personal data to the extent necessary for research or statistical purposes in an anonymous form.

The company ensures that the personal data of the persons concerned are processed in a form which makes it possible to identify individual persons concerned for no longer than is necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing.

9. Automated decision making, including profiling


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10. Transfer of personal data to third countries and international institutions

The company does not transfer data to third countries and international institutions.

11. The rights of the concerned person related to the processing of his or her personal data

The person concerned has the right, upon written request from the company, to require:

processing of personal data damaged; if the legal grounds do not prevent it and it is proved that the person concerned objection is legitimate, the company is obliged to block and destroy the personal data processed by the person concerned without delay, as soon as circumstances allow,

If the person concerned is not fully entitled to legal action, his / her rights may be exercised by a legal representative.

If the person concerned does not live, his or her rights under this Act may be exercised by a close person.

The request of the data subject in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act shall provide the Company, free of charge, in addition to payment of a sum that cannot exceed the amount of expense actually incurred in connection with the making of copies, with the incorporation of technical media and the forwarding of information to the person concerned, unless otherwise provided in a special law.

The company is required to respond in writing to the request of the person concerned within 30 days of receipt of the application.

Limiting the rights of the data subject under the Personal Data Protection Act, the Company shall notify the data subject and the Personal Data Protection Office of the Slovak Republic in writing without undue delay.

The Company has informed you as the concerned person about the protection of your personal data and has informed you of your rights in relation to the protection of personal data within the scope of this written information obligation.

In Banská Štiavnica, on 25.5.2018

Managing director