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If you are deciding which OWB gun holster to buy, you should definitely not miss the nylon material option. You can choose from two product lines. The Cordura black nylon or premium nylon fabric.

Thigh Holster for Women
Thigh Holster for Women


Nylon OWB holster is made of breathable and soft holster nylon material, yet provides great retention and security to your firearm. FALCO offers the most comfortable OWB nylon holsters for pistols and revolvers. Our premium nylon gun holsters are hand-made for one specific handgun to deliver a snug fit, but if you want something more universal, you will find multi-fit nylon holster models as well. If you consider Kydex holsters too sturdy and it pushing you, try Glock 43 nylon holster. You will certainly enjoy this custom nylon holster thanks to its concealment capabilities, additional features like extra mag pouch, and airiness of nylon material. Over the summer, a nylon universal gun holster is the best choice.


All of our OWB nylon holsters for concealed carry are compatible with pistols with high-sight and pistols with red dot sights such as Romeo, Trijicon, Vortex, Holosun, and others. Simply choose your type of optics from the options. If you do not find your light or laser in the options, contact our support, we will still be able to produce a custom nylon holster for you. For example, we recently produced a Sig P365 Xl holster with light and optic.

See our locking holster for Glock 19


We custom-made every light bearing OWB holster from nylon material. According to this fact, we are able to give your light or laser-equipped gun a perfect fit. Our concealed carry OWB holsters for pistols with lights are compatible with various lasers and lights such as Surefire, Olight, Streamlight, Crimson Trace, and more. Please, feel free to choose your own specific combination of firearm and light and get your new best OWB holster. For example, our customers are mostly seeking Sig Sauer P365XL TLR 7 Sub holster or Hellcat Baldr Mini combination. If you do not find your light or laser in the options, contact our support, we are able to produce a custom nylon holster for you based on the measurements of your gun.


Our OWB nylon holsters are the most comfortable holsters. You can wear it for hours and it won't push you. Our OWB holsters are made with belt slits on sides that curve the holster comfortably around your body shape when threaded on your gun belt. However, there are also holsters with snaps that allow easy mounting and dismounting of the holster. You are able to choose one of our OWB holster with thumb break or without a thumb break or a nylon gun holster for your hip, side or attached to the tactical vest. You can also able to order a nylon OWB holster with mag holder or a nylon holster for pistol with light.
At FALCO we are able to produce a custom OWB nylon holster for every type of gun. Such as X frame revolver holster, 38 special revolver holster, revolver ankle holster, and scoped revolver holster.

 If you are not happy with the product, you can take advantage of our 30 Days Buy Back guarantee.
All Falco Belt Holsters can be made as left-handed holsters for revolvers and pistols. If you are a left-handed shooter, you can simply select a left-hand option in our gun configurator. Falco Holsters offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty for all belt holsters and with our replacement screw sets, you can easily replace any worn own screws or attachments. This way, you can truly enjoy your concealed carry OWB holster for life.

Glock 19 Holster with Light
Glock 19 Holster with Light


Everything depends on the shooter's preferences. Whether you like the shoulder holster or you belong to the hip carriers. The choice depends on the individual needs and requirements of a person that carries a gun, and on the occasions on which the gun is needed. One may ask “Are ankle holsters comfortable”? The most ideal is a combination of several gun holsters 9mm. At least one OWB holster per gun is advised. If you want to choose the best solution for you, choose the material, type of retention, attachment, and favorite design of your future custom gun cases.


OWB is the abbreviation of” Outside the Waist Band “, it stands for outside gun carry system-the holster is attached to the belt from the outside. The OWB holsters always belonged and will belong to the most favorite holster designs of law enforcement around the world and civilians too. OWB allows carrying styles. Open, and concealed. In certain countries, the lawsuit does not allow open Gun Carry except at the shooting range or sports contests.