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Cross Draw Driving Holster Nylon

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Cross draw belt holster nylon

A stable outside the waistband cross draw holster made of premium quality nylon in combination with black leather. The main body is made of sturdy, shape-holding nylon where we reinforced the top of the holster with black leather and added the thumb break for those in a need of extra security.  The design ensures the holster would remain open, enabling easier and quick reholstering. Not to mention the smooth gun draw. The holster also features integrated plastic sights rail for top sights protection. The rail guard also protects the inside of the holster from wearing out and prolongs the lifespan of the products. 

Left-hand cross draw holster nylon

Like all our products, this holster is also available for left-handed shooters. The left-handed cross-draw holsters sit on your right side. Your gun is drawn with your left hand. 

Our skilled craftsmen custom make the holster for your specific handgun .

  • Cross draw OWB holster for a wide variety of pistols and revolvers
  • Made of premium nylon in combination with black leather
  • Integrated plastic sights rail
  • With thumb break

Note: Changes in the order can be made only up to 24 hours after you receive the order confirmation. After this period, it is no longer possible to make changes in the order because it enters the production process.


It fits my Grand Power X-Calibur perfectly. The belt inlets are curved inwards, so the holster hugs to your body and it makes it possible for OWB concealed carry. I like the soft inside material, it doesn't scratch the gun like the polymer holsters.


Well made, fit the firearm very well. Unfortunately it didn't fit my body. Customer service was very easy to work with to resolve the issue and I'm looking forward to my next purchase.


Excellent holster, fits the gun like a glove.


Great purchase for a good price. It does however take time to receive from date of order. Although I wish it would have arrived sooner, it was worth the wait. I will be make more purchase from Falco.

Thank you for your great review. Very happy that you like your holster.


Great product. Fits pistol perfectly, carrys tight against body, good thumb break and easy draw.


This holster doesn't look like any of my other holsters! I like that.. The pic doesn't do the look of this holster any justest!! I ware a t-shirt year round, so this holster is comfortable year round!!! The price is right!!!! I recommend this holster to all of you that appreciate functionality, quality, comfort, and aesthetics.


This is a very nice holster and a perfect fit. Thanks

Thank you James,
We are grateful for your review!


Well made ,comfortable

Thank you Sir


Fits exactly as advertised for my Sig P238. More comfortable to wear than leather holsters I've tried. Workmanship is excellent.


This holster (cross draw for 3 inch 1911) receives a 5 star rating from me because of the quality construction, perfect fit, and rapid shipping. I will be a repeat customer for some of my other handguns.

Thank you for your feedback, Dave. Enjoy your new cross draw 1911 holster.




Very well made holster! Worth the wait.


Bought this holster for my wife's S&W Shield EZ in .380. Holster was an EXTREMELY tight fit the first time we tried putting the gun in. The thumb break strap was so tight I spent about ten minutes struggling to get it to snap into place over the gun. When it finally did, we let it sit for over a week and when I tried popping it open and closing it a second time, it worked perfectly. If you buy this holster for any gun and have to struggle with the thumb break, DON'T GIVE UP. Get it to close just once with the gun in it and let it sit for a week or two. The nylon will stretch and the thumb break strap should work just fine. My wife is perfectly happy with hers now.


Top quality, great fit and I absolutely love it. Very comfortable cross drawing.


Perfect fit, as always! This is my fourth holster and Falco was able to make a custom version which fits both a red dot plus a TLR7A light. Perfect angle for cross draw, not too horizontal and not too vertical. Would buy again!

Thank you for your great review. Very happy that you like your holster.


I love it! It’s my favorite holster!

Thank you for your review! We really appreciate it!


Great holster. About two weeks to break it it. Never thought I would like nylon.


Still getting it broken in but the quality is great. I think it will work out great.


I recently purchased the Extra Mag Nylon Belt Holster for the Sig P320 (M17) and I am quite pleased. This is a newer pistol with not many holster choices for the larger Military version. Falcoholsters did a beautiful job on this one, it fits perfectly. I am very satisfied.


Very nice holster.

Thank you for your lovely feedback.




This is a first class holster! Well made and fits the gun like a glove. I highly recommend Falco holsters.


This is a well made product. A cross draw design is much better when driving as the pistol and the seatbelt buckle don't compete for the same space.

Thank you for your positive feedback!


4 star. Fits really well (both gun and on my hip) but the leather takes a long time to break in. I liked it enough I both another for a second, cowboy action revolver.


Very well made and pistol fits good. The only downside is the time it took to make.


6" Colt Peacekeeper with a Red Dot sight (now also featuring a perfectly fit holster). Top tier customer service interactions to ensure a great fit were a pleasant surprise. Highly recommended!!


Excellent crossdraw holster. Perfect fit with excellent thumb break retention. High quality workmanship and very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


Having many holsters in my day, a drawer full of ones I'll never use. The holster I bought from you is above and beyond the quality I expected. I will only by holsters here from now on. Price and quality is the best!!!


It’s comfortable and fits my firearm perfectly.


Love the holster. It's exactly what what was described and what I expected. Great holsters for a great price......thanks.


Great fit and very good quality material . Exactly what I ordered! Thank you


3 stars

Thank you for your feedback. It would help, if you tell us the reason for 3 stars.


Falco was fast to replace a mis-sized 1st holster w/ no questions asked. They are very responsive and want to assure you receive a quality product that works for you.

Thank you very much for your feedback. We are value your opinion and greatly appreciate it.


Never had a perfectly fitted holster until I got my Falco!

Thank you! We might as well use this as our catch-phrase.


Very good quality. Fit is perfect will order again. Thankd

Thank you for your wonderful review!


I like the nylon holster it is well-made good-looking and it works very well.


Love your product, well made, and well priced!

Thank you for your feedback, we love that you love our product.


Arrived very fast. excellent quality. Thick heavy material,very well stitched. Glock fits snugly and adjustable strap holds securely. I bought it primarily for when walking my property and wanted something to old weapon in when hiking climbing around. Would purchase again!..


The nylon holster excellent , a perfect fit to my hand gun , comfortable and built to last . I've tried many different types but this one is the one . Love it


It appears to be a quality piece , but l don't like how the trigger is covered. I'm hoping that it loosens up for a quicker draw as it is for self defense.

Thank you for your feedback. If you do not like our product, you can use our BuyBack policy and we will exchange your holster.


Construction is top rate... haven't been able to try the new holster as the firearm is in another state.

Thank you Sir for your feedback. Once you have a chance to try the holster, please let us know if everything is ok with the holster fitment.




My second one of these for a different pistol. Workmanship, materials, fit are all excellent! A really good rig.

Thank you Sir for your kind words. Enjoy in the good health in many happy days to come.


I received my nylon holster and broke it in right away by placing a plastic shopping bag around my pistol and inserting it into the holster over night. The next morning my pistol fit snugly into the holster and was easy to draw and holster. It fits perfectly on my web belt. I prefer the cross draw and it sits at a great angle for drawing. I am completely satisfied with my holster.


I've only had this holster a couple days and I have to say it's the most comfortable OWB holster I've ever owned!! Finally, someone got it rite!! I'll be ordering holsters for my other handguns in the near future. Excellent. Well done.


Review for the C826 Cooper cross draw holster. This holster is mostly nylon with leather on the mouth area and retention strap. the leather is sewn over the nylon, so it's double thick in those areas. It is well made and fits the gun well, however, the retention strap is just too short. I ordered this holster for a revolver with an exposed hammer (Ruger LCRx) and it was impossible to snap the strap, try as I might, without cocking the hammer first, moving the hammer out of the way. I wasn't going to carry with the hammer cocked, so I wondered if the strap would stretch, considering it was nylon with leather over it. I asked Falco, and they said the holster was made correctly, but to see if it would stretch. Over a month period, with the revolver in the holster and first snapping it with the hammer cocked, for a couple of weeks, I could snap it with the hammer down, barely. Then a couple more weeks, it snapped, but was still tight. I placed a folded piece of paper between the hammer and the strap and just barely could snap it. Two more weeks and it's reasonable. It will stretch, over time. That is the good news, but why not just make the strap a little longer?! REALLY? Falco says it was made correctly, I say no.
After all that, I do like the holster.

Thank you for your feedback. One of our team will be with you in touch soon.


I've only had this holster for a few days, and I don't carry frequently. Seems like it should be durable for a reasonable price. Gun fits pretty well, thumb break is a little too tight. Long wait to get it manufactured, but that was known up front.


Very nice holster, I just wish it had more material at the top , to seperate thd gun from my skin.

Thank you for your feedback which we value greatly.


I ordered 2 units. One for a G19 which I assume will work well. The second was for my FNX 9,which does not work. Fit was good,absent the retention strap which clearly was not made for a striker fired pistol,not a DA/SA hammer fired.
The quality was good.


The quality and workmanship of the holster is excellent; however, I believe it was made for the wrong pistol because the strap is too short and the holster is a little tight. I have a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Equalizer. I believe the holster may have been made to fit the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm EZ, which is a different pistol. My Equalizer is a newer model by Smith & Wesson.
I'm in the process of returning the holster.


Snap impossible to attach when on belt. Gun fit to tight. Disappointed in Falco.


My Glock 43 does not fit the Cross Draw Holster I ordered. The holster does fit the Glock 42, a slightly smaller gun, but not the Glock 43. The 42 handles a .380 round; the 43 handles a 9mm. We are just starting the replacement process. Send me a review request again after we finish that process.
FYI: Your website does recommend this holster for both guns (42 & 43). You may want to change that.

Hope the replacement process went smoothly and that you are now a satisfied customer!


I received the holster and was bigger than I originally thought. The holster is DEFECTIVE because the holster strap is MISSING a snap to close it. This is unacceptable.


Holster clearly was not the right holster ordered for the gun described.


Pistol, I specified in the order does not fit in the holster. The safety strap is too short. This holster appears to have been patterned for a piston with a much shorter trigger guard. Probably the standard Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield. The holster I ordered was for the M&P9 Shield EZ which is a longer piston with a longer trigger guard.

Second problem, I'm working with your customer service people now but not really getting anywhere. So just one star and no more orders from me. There are lots of people making holsters.

Thank you for your feedback. We will contact you shortly and I am sure we will be able to fix this issue.

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