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Speedloader Pouch

FALCO revolver speedloader pouches are available for over 900 revolvers. Each speed loader holster is made exactly for your caliber and number of rounds to ensure perfect fitment and retention. Speedloader pouches are available in premium nylon and leather.  Every good speedloader pouch should include retention screws and snap closure. You can rest assured these are present with our products. Do not be afraid to play around with our configurator. Same as our firearm holsters, the F105 speedloader pouch can be customized specifically to your taste and needs. Simply enter the capacity of your speedloader when ordering and we will make sure to adjust it exactly as you want it.

We recommend matching your speedloader pouch to your revolver holster and belt by getting one of our firearm-carry sets.

revolver ammo pouch
Double speedloader pouch

Speed Loader Holster

Spare ammunition is necessary for effective defense. This statement is even more important with lower capacity revolvers. Speedloader should be always where you left it and by your hand. Having it organized will surely reduce your reloading time and maybe even save your life. With proper training and a reliable Falco leather, Kydex, or nylon speeloader holster nothing would surprise you and your reaction time would be at your lifetime top.

Revolver Ammunition Holder

With the current cost of ammunition, this will serve well as a wallet too, but its primary use is to hold your ammunition in one place and be ready for your tactical reload. We can customize our ammunition holders to fit different calibers.

Leather Speedloader Holster

FALCOs leather speedloader holsters are characteristic of hand-colored, hand-shaped & lacquered natural Italian leather of the highest quality. Only the best leather hides we get are used for the production of our magazine holsters. The premium variant of the holster offers the highest craftsmanship we can deliver, from tiny details of hand-coloring to the natural leathery fragrance that gets you as soon as you open your package. Every leather speedloader pouch from our workshop is worthy of your most precious firearm. With the right care, it might even live up to the lifespan of the gun itself.

Nylon Speedloader Pouch

FALCO nylon speedloader pouches are made of black leather and sturdy, shape-holding nylon which provides security and a good amount of retention to your speedloader. Not to mention the smooth & fast draw.

Custom Leather Speedloader Pouches

The best part about each custom leather speedloader pouch is that it might be customized based on your taste and needs. You can specify revolver, caliber, number of rounds, belt width, the color of leather, edges & stitching, and even if it should be drawn from the left or right side. Possibilities are almost unlimited and if you wish, we are always happy to make changes to our current designs and create truly custom products for everybody.