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Magazine Holster

Each FALCO magazine pouch and speedloader pouch is available for over 2000 pistols and 900 revolvers. Each mag holster is made around the exact 1:1 copy of your specific magazine to ensure perfect fitment and retention.

FALCO's magazine holsters are available in nylon, premium nylon, leather, and Kydex for both IWB and OWB carry.  Choose from a wide selection of open-top magazine holsters with tensioning screws or ammunition holsters with snap closure. The best part about pistol mag holsters is they can also be used as knife shoulder holsters. Do not be afraid to play around with our configurator. Same as our firearm holsters, all of our leather magazine holsters can be customized specifically to your taste and needs. Our magazine pouches can be custom fitted for single-stack magazines, or double-stack magazines. Simply enter the capacity of your magazine or speedloader when ordering and we will make sure to adjust it for even extended magazines. 

We recommend matching your mag pouch to your gun holster and belt by getting one of our firearm-carry sets.

Mag Holster

Spare ammunition is necessary for effective defense. Magazine or speedloader should be always where you left it and by your hand. Having it organized will surely reduce your reloading time and maybe even save your life. With proper training and a reliable Falco leather, Kydex, or nylon magazine holster nothing would surprise you and your reaction time would be at your lifetime top.

leather 9mm magazine holder
double magazine pouch

IWB Magazine Holster

If you carry your handgun concealed, it will be best to get inside waistband magazine holster too. All our IWB magazine holsters have an open-top design for an easier draw. Don't forget to pick a model with a retention screw, which will give you the option to set the proper force of gun draw. In case your firearm holster is tuckable, check our F704 tuckable nylon mag pouch. Each concealed carry magazine holder from our manufacture was designed to provide maximal possible comfort to the carrier, security to your spare ammo, and smooth and fast gun draw.

OWB Magazine Holster

Outside the waistband magazine holster carry is the most effective way of carrying your spare ammunition. There is a reason why law enforcement groups around the world prefer this style after all. Having your gun magazine holder on the outside of your belt provides faster draw and opens new possibilities such as a double magazine pouch, horizontal mag pouch, AK 47 magazine belt holster, or AR mag pouch. We provide belt magazine holders with snap closure, open-top, with retention screw, and even Velcro flap. Simply pick your favorite model, customize it via our configurator and enjoy your brand new gun magazine holder.

Do not forget to check our hand-carved OWB magazine pouches which are exclusively made by one of the best leather craftsman. With this magazines pouch on your belt, you will not only carry your magazines in one of the most beautiful and elaborate holsters, but you will also everyday carry the legacy of old-world craftsmanship.

Leather Magazine Holder

FALCOs leather magazine pouches are characteristic of hand-colored, hand-shaped & lacquered natural Italian leather of the highest quality. Only the best leather hides we get are used for the production of our magazine holsters. The premium variant of the holster offers the highest craftsmanship we can deliver, from tiny details of hand-coloring to the natural leathery fragrance that gets you as soon as you open your package. Every leather magazine holster from our workshop is worthy of your most precious firearm. With the right care, it might even live up to the lifespan of the gun itself.

Kydex Magazine Holder

Each Kydex magazine holster is handmade of 0.08” thick genuine U.S. Kydex. Perfect fitment is assured by our craftsmen and the traditional technique we use. All Kydex mag carriers are molded on 1 to 1 copies of individual magazines in-house. The hardware we use for our holsters does not loosen, which provides tight retention and characteristic click during reholstering. Each Kydex magazine holder can be customized using our configurator. You can set up the number of rounds, color, belt width, and even if a left-hander or right-hander should use it. 

Nylon Magazine Pouch

FALCO premium nylon magazine holsters are made of black leather and sturdy, shape-holding nylon which provides a good amount of retention to your magazine or speedloader. With open-top variants, the design ensures the mag pouch would remain open, enabling easier and quick reholstering. Not to mention the smooth & fast draw. Basic nylon holsters are made of laminated material with durable foam that protects your magazine.

Kydex magazine holster
Glock 43 mag holster

Knife And Mag Holster

The best part about each Falco double magazine holster is that it might also hold different objects other than pistol magazines. If you are looking for a knife and mag holster combination, our double magazine pouch with snap closure or open-top double magazine holster with retention screw might come in handy. You might also give a try to our new line of knife holsters.