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Comfortable open-top Kydex belt holster designed for concealed carry of guns with rail-mounted laser/light. The A903 L holster provides outstanding retention, durability, and smooth gun-draw.  The strong & wide belt clip makes the holster easy to mount and keeps it safely in place on the belt.

Optional holster claw secures your firearm even closer to your side and makes it easy to conceal under a loose t-shirt or a jacket.

The A903 L is handmade from genuine U.S. Kydex to fit your handgun  perfectly. This is because all our Kydex holsters are molded on 1 to 1 copies of individual handguns.

  • Open-top IWB Kydex holster
  • Designed for Guns with rail-mounted lights/lasers
  • Genuine & Durable 0.08” U.S. made Kydex
  • Strong & Durable belt clip available for 1.5” and 1.75” belt width
  • Custom fitted for your individual firearm 
  • Optional Sweat Guard separating gun from the body
  • Red dot sight & Suppressor height sights compatible
  • Open muzzle allows for extended threaded barrels and prevents the collection of dirt
  • Lifetime warranty & 30 Days buyback guarantee

Our stock photos show the designs made for HS XDM pistol with Streamlight TLR 7A mounted. Your holster shape will reflect your individual firearm & light/laser model.


Excellent service! Easy to order. Huge selection of customization. Product arrived quickly

Thank you for your great feedback which we greatly value


Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Would recommend highly to anyone considering a Falco holsters.


First off,
super easy to order and get what I wanted On the holster.
I put this holster on my enigma chassis, as I wear it concealed and like to wear shorts but that another story.
This holster is great!!!! Smooth, retentions well.
I got it for my sig Sauer p229r with a tlr HL.
You might think that the price is a little steep but I assure you that this holster is it.
You can find anything on falco holsters


Fantastic job!! There is NO ONE currently producing a holster for a P365 w/ both an optic, a light, AND w/ the QLS System attached, EXCEPT for Falco!!!! The holster came out great and I couldn’t have asked for more!

Thank you Sir for your excellent feedback. We are happy to hear that




This holster is a great fit, and very comfortable to wear. Falco's customer service is responsive and courteous. Would highly recommend. I'll be buying from them again.

Thank you Sir for your great feedback.


Love it. Fits weapon like a glove, easy to re-holster. Fast production and made it overseas in 2 days after shipping.


I’m not happy with my order. As a right handed shooter I ordered it with a cant but it’s canted the opposite direction. I wrote to customer assistance but received no answer. Maybe they’ll get back to me now…

Thank you for your feedback. Based on photos you posted us, your holster was made correctly. You can exchange the holster if is not suitable to you through BUYBACK that was offered to you, within 30 days window from receiving holster.


The holster has no locking ability for my pistol. So unless I tighten the screws, the pistol will not hold properly in the holster.

Thank you for your feedback. In case your holster doesn´t fit, please contact us on one of our email addresses. So far we know there is an issue, we will do our best to fix it for you.




Very happy with the holster. Fit and finish is perfect for my Springfield XD - Mod 2 9mm, with Olight BaldR.


Great holster, fast shipping. A+

We highly value your feedback, thank you for that


Fits perfect. I can once again carry my Glock along with my laser in a secure manner.


Product was a perfect fit for my light+gun+red dot combo. Hard to find a holster for what I had and Falco made it easy.


I bought a IWB kydex holster for my full size. 45 ACP handgun with TRL-4 laser / light combo. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the custom fit. My handgun seems to snap into place. The holster provides a secure fit without damaging the weapon.

Also, I received my holster within 2-3 weeks of placing the order. The quality of the product exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Falco over all other custom holster companies.

5 out of 5 stars...hands down.


I think Falco holsters are some of the best custom holsters on the market. I currently have 4 custom leather holsters and two custom kydex holsters and with be ordering more in the future. The leather holsters are clearly the best for CCW.


Very impressed with the new inside waist band holster. My M&P 2.0 has a red dot and light configuration and fit is perfect! Easy in and easy out and comfortable fit. It is a perfect fit so very secure to move around without any fear of it coming out at the wrong time. Highly recomend a custom holster from the folks at Falco holsters. I will be buying another very soon for other carry pistols.

We are very happy that we were able to accomodate the holster for your M&P and that you are satisfied. Thank you for your positive feedback!


I ordered this holster back in March of 2023 and have been more than satisfied with how comfortable it has been. Wearing a compact handgun with an attached flashlight inside the waistband can seem daunting and uncomfortable but for me this holster defeats that notion entirely. I highly recommend this product molded for a Springfield XDM .40 compact paired with a Streamlight TLR-1 HL. I will be getting another for my full size SW M&P 40!

Thank you Michael, for your lovely feedback.


I am very pleased. The gun holster is very comfortable.


The holster is well made and fits my gun perfectly. The belt clip however doesn't work well for my setup, I wear 5.11 taclite pro pants and the clip sits right over a belt loop which doesn't hold well in that position. In order for it to lock into place I have to position it behind the belt loop which places the gun too far in the middle of my back to be effective it also makes it harder to draw my weapon. Also when drawing my weapon the holster moves a lot making it difficult to reholster the gun. To be fair it's not all because of the holster but the 5.11 pants have ridiculously wide belt loops and I carry other edc gear. Still very nice product but it could have other belt clip options for this holster to be more versatile.


Love my holster! It fits my pistol perfect. Came exactly the way I customized it.

Thank you Sir for your excellent feedback. We pride ourself in the product we selling and people like you keeps us motivated.


Fit my SP2022 with Olight mini Baldr perfectly!!!! Will buy again or recommend this holster highly!!


Dear Seller,
I received the holster a few days ago. as always perfect and thanks for the gift, a nice key holder. I am happy to be your customer. I always recommend holsters to my colleagues.
among other things I made another OWB order for my p365x ray x. I can't wait to receive it.
A thousand thanks.

Thank you for your great feedback, we value your time spend on it.


Did not fit

Thank you for your feedback. Someone from our team will be in contact with you shortly


Excellent quality and fitting. Time from order to arrival was surprisingly fast. Couldn't be happier

Thank you Sir for your great feedback. We are glad that everything is to your satisfaction.


Great holster! I wear it everyday.


It fit me sig sauer sp202 and olight balder pro a little tight. But after adjusting the screws it was perfect. Simple to create and use.


Good comfortable fit. Only complaint I have is the gun rides up just a bit high. Other than that it’s a great holster. I’ve been trying to find a holster that will bear my firearm with TLR-6 light.

Thank you for your constructive feedback which helps our future customers with their decision.


Exceptional, very high quality material, Perfect for my Glock17. Grazieeeee!!!

We are very happy that you´ve found a perfect fit for your Glock17! Thank you for your positive review.


Well designed. High quality. Definitely recommend.

We are very happy that you are satisfied with our product, thank you for the positive feedback!


very neat durable and great holster 5*


My only complaint is that the retention could be a little tighter, but I also know I have an odd setup and you guys were one of 2 places that I found that could get it done. With that out of the way, I got my holster way faster then I thought I would have, maybe a week. And when I didn’t get a confirmation email, I reached out through social media and got a fairly quick response with the help I needed. All in all. Great holster and great customer service.


Thank you for reviewing our product!


Way too bulky and too much money

Thank you for your feedback Joseph. One of our team will be in contact with you.


I changed my order after about 7 days prom the date of purchase and the customer service was awesome. It delayed delivery a little bit but that was my own fault for making last minute changes. The holster quality is awesome but the warranty is even better. Most kydex is ganna be the same quality if its $20 from amazon or $130 from falco but falco is worth it. The customer service and warranty are awesome and theyve definitely earned 5 stars

We are very happy that you are satisfied with our product and services, thank you for the positive feedback!


The IWB kydex holster for my Kimber Ultra Carry II w/ TRL- 6 STREAMLIGHT is indeed comfortable, and perfect for appendix carry. The one fault is that the short retention screw and spacer were too tight to appropriately draw and holster the weapon. After replacing them with a longer screw and spacer I had on hand the holster was perfect.


The holster fits a little tight hard to get gun Out


The website seemed to have a lot of features that I was able to customize for the the holster. In regards to the cant of the holster I was under the impression that I would be able to adjust the angle on my own as I saw fit, I was wrong. There are no cuts in the holster or the clip to allow for adjustment of the holster/clip angle. Also I ordered the largest size clip and I wear thin belts and yet the clip does not secure around the belt. The clip opens too wide and doesnt close enough to keep a tight grip around fabric and slips. The holster itself doesnt have a retention screw, adjusting tightness can be done by adjusting the screws that hold the holster together. This is not ideal because I have to compromise the integrity of the holster just for the sake of being able to draw my pistol from it. It’s either I keep it as is and not be able to draw, or I loosen the screws so I can draw but have a rattle and take the chance of the screws walking out and have my firearm slip out of the side of the holster. There is no middle ground. I am not incredibly blown away by this purchase. The is a chance that I can modify the clip angle by drilling slots into the holster for the clip screws to travel through.
On a good note, the holster fits my firearm very well after I made my own adjustments. Because I this is a tactical holster, a good fit can be hard to find. I am part to blame. I got everything I ordered. Although, I wish I did a bit more research on this company and their products. I guess I was looking for adjustable features. For the price, I probably wouldnt order another product without having the ability to make minor adjustments on my own without compromising the holster.


The communication was excellent. The holster materials and construction are solid. The Fitment was not very good. The trigger guard should be higher for more coverage of the trigger guard. There's a noticeable gap that leaves the rear of the trigger exposed. I had to dremel and sand an extra 1/8 inch from the sweat guard where it interferes with the pistol's red dot optic when holstering.


Textured kydex rubbed my beltline raw in an hour.

Thank you for your constructive feedback, which we take on board.


Placed an order for a Styer m9a2 holster since I had previously ordered a holster from you guys for an HK USP and loved it. This time around not so much, wait time and shipping was faster compared to last go around but I would exchange wait time and shipping for quality. Biggest issue is there is ZERO retention even cranking down the two screws, my USP gives a crisp CLICK once it's seated the Styer just plops and is only friction held and I use the term as loosely as it's hold. Not pleased but not upset at least I have a holster.

Thank you for your feedback, one of our team members will be in contact with you soon.


I am very disappointed with this holster. The first one that I received was a birthday present. All the specs were accurate and it should have been perfect. However, when I received the holster, the gun would not fit. The holster would not fit properly around the slide. In order to fit the holster in I had to remove the screws and force the gun inside. I requested a return and a new holster thinking this one was defective. I was given a discount code to order a new one for free including free shipping, but their site would not allow me to order a free holster and my discount code was consumed. After another email informing them of my problem, they ordered it for me and sent it to my house. I received no order updates or shipment tracking emails. I eventually realized that it had been sitting inside the doorway of my back door for three days. I was excited for the new holster, but unfortunately again it did not fit. Same issue as last time it did not fit around the slide. Whether I’m supposed to break it in like a baseball glove I do not know. Maybe they want me to wrap it in rubber bands and stick it under my mattress. I will update if the problem is resolved.


gun does not fit into the holster at all. Muzzle only goes in about a 1/4 inch.
Can not get a date of when I will receive one that will. I need it for an upcoming light bearing weapon training class. so with no idea of when i will get one that works i basically don't need it anymore. At this point i do not believe they can make one that will, I suggested they send me a label and i ship whole order back for a refund which they said no.


Holster came in melted and deformed probably because it took a while to get here or something, I’m not sure

In this situation, please contact our customer service and we will love to exchange it for you.

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