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Level 2 Duty rated version of a Drop-Leg holster with three adjustable nylon straps. The E902 holster design provides Level 2 retention, durability, and smooth gun-draw. You can choose your preferred Self Locking System’s design from the two options in the holster configurator. Two strong adjustable nylon straps secure the holster to your thigh, while the third is used to attach the holster to your belt.

The E902 is handmade from genuine U.S. Kydex to fit your handgun perfectly. This is because all or Kydex holsters are molded on 1 to 1 copies of individual handguns in-house. Have your FIN or a logo of your unit laser-engraved on the holster for a truly customized look.

  • Open top drop-leg holster
  • Genuine & Durable 0.08” U.S. made Kydex
  • Self Locking System (SLS)
  • Customizable belt width
  • Custom fitted for your individual firearm
  • Red dot sight & Suppressor height sights compatible
  • Open muzzle allows for extended threaded barrels and prevents the collection of dirt
  • Lifetime warranty & 30 Days buyback guarantee
  • The length of the upper thigh strap is 21.5"
  • The length of the lower strap is 20"

Our stock photos show the designs made for HS XDM pistol. Your holster shape will reflect your individual firearm model.


I Great Holster..!! Thank You Falco, after an extensive search, you guys were the only ones, who made drop holsters, for Older weapons. Unlike Safariland,
who only caters to, newer model handguns. Keep Up the Great Work.!!


Fantastic! Holster is comfortable and pistol fits like a glove.


Very well made

Thank you Sir, we are sorry we score this low if you are happy with your holster.


This was an extremely disappointing purchase. To the point I will have trouble ever purchasing form this company again. I purchased a drop leg holster with a small modification. Their website did not give an option for a weapon light when creating your drop let holster. I contacted them and they guided my on how to present my order. I also included a picture of how the light was mounted. Almost $300 later and I am appalled at the quality of product I received. First off, when the package arrived, there was a screw and nut (chicago screw set) floating around the bag. I thought, " why would they include extra hardware?" Upon further inspection. The screw had fallen out of the thumb lock on the holster. NONE of the hardware was tight! I had to go through all the chicago screws and apply blue lock tite and tighten them down. Totally amazed by this, I then proceeded with testing out the fit of the actual holster with the pistol. The pistol fit with in the holster, OK not terribly tight , but not loose. I then tried to actuate the locking mechanism. This would Not work. The locking mechanism would not swing over the back of the pistol to lock it in to the holster. I had to buy a heat gun and reform the Kydex to my pistol, and reform it to allow the lock to swing over the rear of the pistol... After all that I tried to put the holster on. This was Amusing. The strap/ belt loop was so long that when attached to my belt I had to LEAN over to reach for my pistol... Way to long. I had to shorten that by half. Then came the leg straps. The straps were soo short I had to replace them. The straps were so short, at full extension they wouldn't even get 6 inchs from each other. its like they expect everyone to skip leg day.

So after spending almost $300 with falco. I had to buy a heat gun, buy longer buckle straps, and spend several hours of my time finishing their product. Seriously if you want to buy from this company. Wait, Look around, Ask around, find someone local, take every step to make Falco your last resort. Until I have a different experience this will be what I tell everyone about Falco holsters. They claim to be, "THE", holster company, I would argue they are just, "another", holster factory.

I am honestly appalled, If I put out a product like this... I wouldn't have a job for very long.

If I could give zero stars I would.

I would need at least a 50% refund on this, and a 25% discount on future purchase to even consider this company in the future.

Thank you for your feedback which we greatly value. Someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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