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Timeless Open-Top IWB Leather Holster
Timeless Open-Top IWB Leather Holster
Timeless Open-Top IWB Leather Holster
Timeless Open-Top IWB Leather Holster
Timeless Open-Top IWB Leather Holster
Timeless Open-Top IWB Leather Holster
Timeless Open-Top IWB Leather Holster
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Timeless Open-Top IWB Leather Holster

4.33/5 (24 reviews)
  • Guarantee: Lifetime Limited Warranty
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This very slim and comfortable inside the waistband holster offers variety of carry positions, such as appendix or the 3 o’clock position. It features a slight cant, an open muzzle, and open top reinforced by second layer of leather for easy re-holstering.

The belt clips ensure its stability on the belt, and it makes the holster extremely easy to be removed or attached to the belt. The standard width of the belt clip is 1.5”, but you can ask for any width required. The holster comes in mahogany or black, and it is available for a right and left-handed shooter.

This IWB is made of 1/8” premium Italian leather stitched with precision only our skilled craftsmen can deliver. Hand molded on the exact replica of your gun  for a perfect fit, hand dyed, oiled, and lacquered on the premises. Truly hand-crafted piece, that comes with a lifetime warranty. We guarantee it.

  • Timeless IWB holster design for a wide variety of pistols and revolvers
  • New generation of it 20/N
  • Steel clip
  • Made of the finest natural Italian leather
  • Lifetime warranty

After the process of drying the genuine leather, the hand-molded holster might naturally shrink a little. If the re-holstering appears difficult during the first wear and the fit is too high, do not worry. All you need to do is to break-in the leather. Find our tips on the process here:


Our stock photos show the designs made for HS XDM pistol. Your holster shape will reflect your individual firearm model  .

Note: Changes in the order can be made only up to 24 hours after you receive the order confirmation. After this period, it is no longer possible to make changes in the order because it enters the production process.


This is the best leather holster I have ever bought. Quality all the way. I prefer leather holsters over a Kydex because no matter what I do they make for odd shapes when used for concealment. This holster is not only great looking, but it holds my pistol just right and is comfortable to wear. One of the things I noticed is that the belt clip on this holster is awesome. It really holds well and so far it's grip on my belt does not loosen. I love this holster and it was well worth the wait.


After trying several other brands a friend recommended Falco and I'm definitely impressed with the fit and quality, it's where I'll go for my future needs!

We are looking forward for you coming back to us! Please give our thanks to your friend for the recommendation.


Very pleased with this holster! Will be purchasing another soon.


Good job on the holster.

Thank you for your feedback, we are very happy that you like your new companion.


4 stars nice holster. It would fit perfectly if I removed the light. Not sure what happened but it the wrong holster. Very good quality and I will keep it.


5 Star


I have not received my order


This is saying I received my order but it has not been delivered yet.


I have several good holsters but this one rates above them due to the quality and craftsmanship, I would recommend this holster to anyone, GREAT JOB!


Great craftmanship on my holster. Will return for another purchase in the future.


Excellent, perfect fit. And not a loose fit either. Product was well made and I am pleased to have chosen Falcon holster for my conceal carry.

Thank you Sir for your feedback, we are happy to hear that you like your leather holster. Enjoy in a good health and many coming years.


Very well made item and an excellent fit. A quality product with the the finest materials.

We are very happy that you are satisfied with us, thank you for the positive feedback!


The clip is a total pain in the butt to get on and off. It almost makes it to where I don’t to wear it. The holster itself is great. When I got it the fit was very tight to where it wouldn’t even come out but the grocery bag truck fixed it right up . The gun draws smooth as ever now. Back to the belt clip…. It is almost impossible to get the holster on or off. I may try a tactical belt to see if it’s any better since they are thinner.

Thank you for your feedback. The clips are made rigid for safety reasons but in time they will loose a bit.


Thank you for providing me with such a beautiful, flawless holster for my revolver!


Exceptional fit and quality. The best holster I have ever purchased.


I give a five star rating with one small complaint. I wish the belt clip had a little more room. After you clip it over pants and belt, it is really tight.

Thank you Sir for your constructive feedback which we take onboard.


Holster is well-made from quality leather. Holster fits my pistol perfectly. The only thing that keeps me from giving it a 5 star rating is the the leather extension coming off the top of the holster is not quite long enough to cover the length/height of the trigger nor wide enough to cover the beavertail extension and rear sight. Consequently these two pieces of metal can still dig into the small of one's back when carrying it concealed. Simply a design flaw; certainly not a reference to the quality of the of the make of the holster.


The leather is much harder than I expected. The monogram letters can barely be seen. Will stick to American made in the future.


Pistol fits perfectly the only problem was with the metal clip kind of hard to git the belt


I never received my order


I ordered this holster with the 15 degree cant and it came in without the cant. It is has zero degree can't

Sir, the holster A604 we do not sell in canted position, only straight on the hip. This design where you can choose canted position has A106 holster.

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