Concealed carry in CCW bags

Concealed carry is a vast theme, full of seemingly endless discussions. There are tons of arguments for each concealed carry style. Even though, there is still one carry style that keeps being “shunned”. Is it rightly so?

Concealed Carry Bags

There is a theory that the gun can be carried in any bag or pouch, that has its supporters. It can. But in the case of need you might not able to use it at all. That is why the Bags, Pouches and Bum bags were introduced. They are much more effective, having a special compartment for the gun, keeping it “at hand” and easy to find. In fact, this compartment usually has in-built fast opening system. All the basic designs might be classified into 4 main categories: Tactical, Civil, Business and Tourist.

CCW bags offer a huge variability of shapes and sizes

The greatest Pros & Cons

Comfort – wearing the gun in a bag/pouch eliminates any discomfort caused by direct contact with the gun.

Space – pouches provide enough extra space. Apart from standard stuff can accommodate also additional equipment for your EDC. Lots of bags are designed to be used to fit business requirements. That means even at the office you have everything in your reach- tablet, notebook, diary all together with your equipment.

Variability – from different points of view:

  • You can conceal any gun type.
  • Different materials and designs fitting the use of the bag. Bearing in mind the different carry styles: MOLLE or belt loops, rucksack, shoulder bag, handbag, chest bag or bum bag. These being only the most common designs.  
  • Most of the bags are designed for ambidextrous use of both right and left handers.
Practical chest concealed gun bag

The disadvantages?

Gun Draw – the greatest disadvantage of bags and pouches is the gun draw. The speed of your draw is proportional to your training. Most often frequent opening system are tearing zippers.

Theft – yes, pouches and bags always were a point of interest of thieves. Everyone keeps their things in one place, which is nice, because you have everything “at hand”. Until the problem emerges and the bag with all your belongings gets stolen.

Self-defense – When you get surprised by an aggressor, two situations might follow. You might have your bag out of hand, or you end up on the ground and thus will not be able to reach your gun. Keep in mind that the base of successful self-defense lies in the precaution.

,,For every situation a solution can be found“

Perfect for all outdoors activities, being in the nature or urban environment


Not every bag called “Concealed Carry Bag” is effective. The important elements, ensuring effectiveness are firm materials, enforced weight bearing parts and special tearing opening zippers. It is possible to combine a holster for your EDC and a business bag as a secondary option of gun carry. You can never know what situation will be brought to you. Plus, the bag provides you with lots of space for your EDC accessories.

,,Most shooters have at least one bag or pouch in their inventory“

Our indestructible large tactical bag G101

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