SET A113

Full Size Leather Concealment Set

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The complete set of 3 Premium leather products designed for concealed carry of Full-Size handguns. This combo provides the perfect functionality, and outstanding aesthetics for all leather holster addicts.

The package contains all the key elements of safe and comfortable gun concealement throughout all day carry. The Full SIze Leather Concealment Set consists of our Premium hand-molded holster custom fitted for your specific firearm, matching magazine pouch and our #1 rated gun belt made in the exactly same shade of leather.

Products contained in the set:


The A113 holster with two leather belt loops is designed to provide the highest on-the-belt stability. The leather loops with strong studs make allows the holster to be easily mounted on (or dismounted of) the belt when needed. Positioning the belt loops on the holster’s sides helps to distribute the weight of the heavier firearms very well.

Hand-molded, tanned and oiled by our skilled craftsmen, this holster is made from the finest natural Italian cow hides. The top part o the holster is reinforced by extra layer of leather to keep the holster open even when empty. The holster attaches to your belt by a strong sturdy steel clip, and its compact design allows you to conceal event he largest handguns with no struggle.

This holster can be carried anywhere from 12 to 5 o’clock.


Hand-tanned leather belt made from two layers of sturdy natural Italian leather is designed to be strong enough to carry your firearm and spare magazines reliably and comfortably. The gun belt is made with a high-quality steel buckle and is thick enough to prevent your holster from sliding on the belt freely. Your gun will be in the right place when needed.

The sturdy built of the gun belt distributes the weight of your firearm and ammo evenly- no more obnoxious pants-pulling.  Using the right gun belt will make your gun carry safer, more comfortable, and it will prolong the lifespan of the leather products aswell. The belt will be manufactured in the exact same shade of the leather as your holster.

Ammunition Pouch

Your Premium gun holster will be accompanied by a perfectly matching ammunition pouch. Choose a single or double magazine/speedloader pouch according to your preference.

  • Maximize your Comfort & Safety when carrying concealed
  • Using the right accessories extends the lifespan of your holster
  • You will safe 15% by bundling these products
  • The shade of the leather will match perfectly

Note: Changes in the order can be made only up to 24 hours after you receive the order confirmation. After this period, it is no longer possible to make changes in the order because it enters the production process.


Being a retired police Sgt., my concealed carry is extremely important to me. This holster is not only comfortable, but conceals easily even under a t-shirt. Could not be happier with my purchase. The quality is second to none and the fit is perfect. Cannot do enough to recommend this company and their products.


Krásná práce, možna to není poslední objednávka.


Exactly what I expected from Falco Holsters. I carry concealed on a daily basis. This holster is well made, fits my gun perfectly and is comfortable to wear. Belt is excelent quality too. I’m going to try an OWB holster next.


Fits the S&W perfectly! Workmanship is very nice.

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