Leather IWB/OWB Holster


5 years



Colour palettee

55,95 $

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Leather holster for concealed carry and outdoor wear. Hand-shaped from cow leather and suitable for wear both inside and outside the waistband. Covered gun barrel and reinforced top for easy holstering. Easily attached with 2 reinforced leather belt loops.

  • Open top design
  • Two belt loops for optimal stability
  • for belt width 1,6 inch / 40 mm or 2 inches / 50 mm
  • Double stitching
  • Hand-molded for perfect fit
  • Lacuered finish leather
  • Adjustable tension screw
  • Available in black, dark brow, mahogany and natural color
  • 5-year warranty

All new holsters have a tight fit until broken in (this can take one day of wearing).

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