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Timeless IWB/OWB Leather Holster with Snaps
Timeless IWB/OWB Leather Holster with Snaps
Timeless IWB/OWB Leather Holster with Snaps
Timeless IWB/OWB Leather Holster with Snaps
Timeless IWB/OWB Leather Holster with Snaps
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Timeless IWB/OWB Leather Holster with Snaps

4.62/5 (29 reviews)
  • Guarantee: Lifetime Limited Warranty
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This custom build IWB is designed to allow both, inside and outside the waistband carry. The open top reinforced with an extra layer of leather ensures easy re-holstering, and an open muzzle prevents dirt clustering. This design offers a combination of great concealment, high retention, comfort carry and easy access.

The belt loops with strong snaps ensure its stability on the belt, and it makes the holster extremely easy to be removed or attached to the belt. The standard width of the belt loops is 1.5” but you can ask for any width required. The holster comes in mahogany or black, and it is available for a right and left-handed shooter.

This IWB is made of 1/8” premium Italian leather stitched with precision only our skilled craftsmen can deliver. Hand molded on the exact replica of your gun  for a perfect fit, hand dyed, oiled, and lacquered on the premises. Truly hand-crafted piece, that comes with a lifetime warranty. We guarantee it.

  • Timeless IWB holster design for a wide variety of pistols and revolvers
  • New generation of it 95
  • Side belt loops with snaps
  • Made of the finest natural Italian leather
  • Lifetime warranty

After the process of drying the genuine leather, the hand-molded holster might naturally shrink a little. If the re-holstering appears difficult during the first wear and the fit is too high, do not worry. All you need to do is to break-in the leather. Find our tips on the process here:


Our stock photos show the designs made for HS XDM pistol. Your holster shape will reflect your individual firearm model .

Note: Changes in the order can be made only up to 24 hours after you receive the order confirmation. After this period, it is no longer possible to make changes in the order because it enters the production process.


Very comfortable IWB holster. Best I have had.


good quality,fast delivery,


Excellent holster, probably best holster ever purchased. For a smith Wesson model 60 pro revolver, which is hard to find however Falco has plenty of options for just about every firearm you own. Holster is thick leather, no thin junk. Well built, not a single flaw. IWB rides at perfect height balancing comfort and concealment. Took 2-3 days to get from manufacturer to USA. Worth every penny and other holster manufacturers should take note. Will purchase more from Falco.


Great experience and service I the best. I will. E ordering soon and I will never order from
we the people,

Thank you for you positive review! It is always great to hear back from our customers satisfied with our products and services!


Nice craftsmanship, perfect fit. Denatured alcohol works. Highly recommend!


Fits the weapon tight, secure, leather is stiff but will soften with use.

thank you for your feedback, please try leather break in which needed to be done on the leather holsters.


I saw comments about the belt loops being too small for a 1.5” belt but gave it a try anyways. The loops I got work perfect for my 1.5” leather belt from Hanks Belts



Thank you Sir for letting us know. Enjoy your new companion in good health.


Excellent workmanship. Thick leather with solid stitching. Wears well. Finally found the best combination of comfort and concealment.


The product is good.

Thank you for your feedback


Very nice quality. A way to improve the website and help customers would be more specific recommendations for specific handguns with specific accessories.


Great rig, very comfortable in all day carry


I've been "breaking in" my new holster by making it my "every day holster" (EDH) for my "every day carry" (EDC), which is a Glock 26. I love the craftsmanship and comfort that it gives. I've been alternating between IWB/OWB carry, but think that it will get much more wear as an IWB holster. The fit between the holster and gun is second to none, which leads me to believe that there will be another Falco holster coming my way in the not too distant future! The service by Falco in getting my holster out to me was excellent, very quick and efficient. I highly recommend Falco as a go-to holster provider! Keep up the great work!

Thank you for your amazing feedback Sir. We are absolutely over the moon for your kind words. Do not forget to use our discount code for our returning customers.


Great Holster! It fits my Kimber Ultra Carry II perfectly. This is my first leather holster and I did have trouble breaking it in, until I loosened the retention screw. The snaps hold the holster securely on my belt and minimizes printing by keeping the handle of the gun close to my body when it is worn inside the waistband.

Thank you for your constructive feedback which we greatly appreciate


Holster isn't even close to fitting the pistol I ordered it for. Will be returning.

Thank you for your feedback, we already contacted you by email and requested the photo for starting your claim.


Originally bought the IWB only version for EDC. I was amazed at how comfortable it was. Then bought a second IWB for a J-frame revolver. This is my third Falco holster and it is excellent just like the other two. They all fit my rotund frame comfortably and this latest one has the extended flap to keep the trigger area from the sweat off my body effectively stopping corrosion damage to my 40-year-old favorite double-stack-9.
After making do with cheap holsters for decades, Falco is now my go-to brand for quality.

Thank you very much for your positive feedback. We are always happy to hear from our satisfied customers.





Snap loops were really tight on anything other than a thin gun belt. Would be better if the loops had a little bit more length. Other than thay, I am totally impressed with the materials and quality. Thank you, Thank you


Very nice leather holster . Great craftsmanship and broke in easily


Love the target on the back of shipping box, nice touch guys. Great holster too. rides my hip just so and doesn't move. Great job guys thank you.

Thank you Sir for your constructive feedback which we truly appreciate.


Excellent customer service! I noticed an issue with the type of fitment I had ordered, someone promptly responded and assured me that the issue would be corrected. Roughly two weeks later I received the holster and it is a perfect fitment, with excellent craftsmanship. No break-in required, perfect! Highly recommend Falco Holsters!

Thank you for giving us chance to correct the issue


Versatile, very well made with fine materials. Flawless execution of construction, worth every penny.


Beautiful craftsmanship and quality of leather. Fit and retention for locked and cocked 1911 is quite good. Leather snap keepers secure firmly on gun belt. Have had for two weeks and worn doing ranch work including horseback comfortably. I have had other concealed carry holsters that perform poorly compared to this Falco. It will take me a year or so of everyday carry to experience seasonal and situational differences in order to more completely evaluate.


The holster is beautiful. That said, since it IS a leather holster, it takes some time to "break it in." The fit is very tight, both on the gun and on the belt. The loops are barely wide enough for a 1-1/2" belt—I expect that they will loosen up slightly with use. I have only used it in the OWB configuration at this time, so I cannot rate it for the IWB configuration.


The belt snaps are too small even for a 1" belt when the standard width is supposed to be for a 1.5" wide belt according to you the holster's site description. It's totally off and my order was for a heavy firearm.


The belt loops will NOT fit a standard 1 1/2 inch wide belt as advertised. The belt loops at the very best would fit a 1 inch wide belt or less. The IWB holster has sharp edges on the inside that press against the skin. Imagine a dull table knife pressing against your bare skin all day long. The opening for the gun has no reinforcement so once the gun is drawn you can't reholster it. I emailed the company about these issues. They have never responded. Another holster for the junk drawer. Total waste of my hard earned money.

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