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Appendix Hybrid IWB Holster
Appendix Hybrid IWB Holster
Appendix Hybrid IWB Holster
Appendix Hybrid IWB Holster
Appendix Hybrid IWB Holster
Appendix Hybrid IWB Holster
Appendix Hybrid IWB Holster
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Appendix Hybrid IWB Holster

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The A909 is a hybrid appendix IWB holster for your handgun & extra magazine, ingeniously designed for those who demand both comfort and functionality. Its thoughtful design offers a discrete & very comfortable carry option without compromising on the quick access needed in critical situations.

The platform of this hybrid holster is constructed from two different layers of our Italian leather. Natural Italian leather is specifically designed to shape around your body, maximizing comfort without sacrificing stability. The bending point is located between the handgun holster & magazine pouch. Additionally, the inner side of the leather platform is lined with soft calfskin to further support your comfort throughout the whole day. The A909 holster features an open-top design ensuring your reaction is as quick as possible when every second counts. The open bottom can accommodate threaded barrels and prevent the accumulation of dirt, ensuring your holster remains clean and ready for action. The genuine U.S. Kydex used in this holster ensures safe, repeatable firearm reholstering, just-right retention & flawless draws. For those seeking an extra layer of concealment, we highly recommend an optional claw attachment that discreetly tucks the grip of your handgun against your body. A909 is compatible with a wide variety of handguns & their magazines, ensuring a custom fit for your specific firearm.

Equipped with two polymer clips for IWB carry, the A909 holster offers unmatched stability. The main clip, thicker and positioned above the handgun area, alongside a slimmer support clip near the magazine pouch, ensures the holster remains securely attached to your belt without any movement throughout your day. These clips are available for either 1.5-inch or 1.75-inch belt widths.

Natural Italian leather of the highest quality is underlaid with luxurious calfskin and combined with the .08" U.S. Kydex to deliver the best of both materials. This is a holster worthy of your firearm, and with the right care, may also live up to the lifespan of your gun itself. FALCO Signature Stitching adds the final touch to the premium quality of the holster and its longevity. The edges are hand-finished and colored to protect them from everyday wear.

  • IWB hybrid appendix holster for handgun & extra magazine
  • Leather platform designed for maximal comfort
  • Luxurious calfskin underlay
  • An open-top design for quick reaction time
  • An open bottom allows the use of threaded barrels & prevents the accumulation of dirt
  • Combination of wide & slim synthetic clips for extra stability
  • Custom-fit for a wide variety of handguns
  • Handcrafted of natural Italian leather & 0.08" American Kydex
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • 30 Days Buyback Guarantee
  • Design your own holster by choosing from the available options

The product image showcases a holster crafted for the Springfield XDM, illustrating our commitment to customizing each holster to the specific dimensions and contours of your firearm. Please remember, that changes to your order are only possible within the first 24 hours after receiving your order confirmation email, ensuring that your custom holster enters production as swiftly as possible to meet your needs.


This holster is very comfortable and holds the gun secure.

Thank you Sir for your great feedback.

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