Best Scopes for your AR15

When it comes to your AR15, you will want to mount some optics on it to allow you to take advantage of its full potential. Depending on your intended uses, you will want to get the right optics for the job. Luckily the AR15 is a very versatile platform and can accommodate a wide range of scopes and sights. Let’s go over some of the best AR15 scopes and sights out on the market today!

Best Low-Power Scope

For a low to mid power scope that is largely considered one of the best AR15 scopes around, it is hard to beat the Strike Eagle by Vortex. One of the biggest benefits of this scope is the optical quality, as you get a bright and crisp image. This is a lower powered scope that will only give you 6x power, but for home defense, target shooting, and close ranged hunting this can be more than enough to get the job done.

The Strike Eagle also comes with the Vortex warranty that will fix or replace any problems with your scope, no matter what happens to it. You may not ever need it though, as this scope is incredibly durable and can take a beating! For low-power shooting at short ranges, this one is hard to beat.

Best Everyday Scope

If you are looking for an affordable long range option, then the Burris Optics Full Field E1 Riflescope comes equipped with a long range MOA that has extra-fine precision for distance. It has a 14x magnification that will show you a clear image of your target down range without giving up any clarity or accuracy. The best scope for everyday use, this can be used for hunting, target practice, or both.

The reticle on this scope is very bright and crisp, and you also get an unlimited warranty should your scope get damaged or break out in the field. This is easily one of the best values for the money when it comes to a solid long range scope for an AR15.

Best Hunting Scope

Nikon is another great company that produces quality optics at affordable prices, and their BDC 600 is no exception. The reticle on this scope will give you points to aim with from 100 to 600 yards, allowing longer shots to be much more comfortable. These hash marks can be set up no matter what AR15 or caliber you may be shooting as well.

You will get 3 to 9x magnification with this scope, which is plenty for any of your hunting or shooting needs. Because of the hash marks, you can make quick and on-the-go adjustments while hunting without having to redial the scope. It is also shock proof, fog proof, and water proof to ensure that it is always ready to go whenever you may need it.

Best Budget Scope

While it is the largest and heaviest option here on our list, the Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn scope makes up for it by providing shooters with extreme optical clarity and precision at long ranges that other scopes cannot, especially when shooting over 600 yards. Magnification is 3-9x, but the quality and precision is exceptional at the higher magnifications. And the best part? This scope is incredibly affordable and one of the best budget scopes on the market.

This scope also features a good eye relief, making long distance shots even more comfortable with your AR15. This also allows it to be easily attached and paired with an AR15, as many styles of scopes do not work well with the platform due to poor eye relief. If you want to shoot at longer ranges without spending too much money, this is one scope you need to check out.

Best Tactical Scope

The largest and most expensive scope here on our list, the Hawke Endurance 30 scope is easily one of the highest quality scopes that you can mount on your AR15. This amazing optic gives you a 24-degree field of view with an incredible 4” eye relief, giving you great visibility and comfortable shooting at any range. While tactical scopes can be a little more pricey for quality optics, this one is at a great price point while being the best tactical scope out there.

With a large magnification leel and hash markes that illuminate in the scope, the Endurance 30 riflescope will give you precise aiming points out to 1,000 yards away. You can also adjust the brightness levels to make the reticle as bright or dim as you need. While it does cost more than other scopes, there are few scopes that give you as many benefits and long range capabilities as this one!

Scope Accessories and Care

Regardless of what riflescope you decide to place on your AR15, there are a few simple things to remember in order to keep it functioning properly. A scope that is improperly cared for can more easily be damaged, hurting your accuracy and potentially created unsafe conditions. The first thing you will want to do is keep the rifle scope as clean as possible. The cleaner the lenses, the more crisp and clear the scope will be.

Another important thing to do is keep your scope safe and well protected when you are not actively shooting your AR15. A rifle scope that is bumped too hard can knock it off center, resulting in missed and inaccurate shots. An easy way to protect your scope is to keep your weapon in a high quality gun case that will not only protect your gun, but the scope on top as well. A perfect example of this is the soft cases available from us here at Falco.

These high quality gun cases can easily fit any AR15 with any riflescope comfortably inside and provide much needed protection while the gun is not in use. From riding in a vehicle to hiking around in the woods, a Falco gun case will ensure your investment in the gun and riflescope will stay safe, clean, and protected until you need it. You can check out all of the different Falco gun cases on our website.

In addition to a quality gun case to house the entire firearm, you can also find seperate hunting scope and accessory pouches that are specifically designed to hold and protect optics. This works really well with AR15 scopes, as quick disconnect mounting systems make taking your scope on and off very easy. Simply take off your scope when done, place it in the pouch, zip it up and you can rest assured that your scope will be perfectly protected from dust, mud, drops, or bumps while inside! You can find the V201 Wildcat scope pouch on our website.

Final Thoughts

The AR15 is an amazing firearm platform that has a long and rich history since its creation. The simple addition of some optics can take a great AR15 and turn it into an excellent one and allow you to enjoy its full potential. A quality rifle scope will provide you with a tool that is not only versatile, but will make sure your AR15 is reliable, more accurate, and more effective. With this in mind, any of these riflescopes here on our list are great options if you are looking for a scope for your new AR15!

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