Craft Holsters is also a great place to get your Falco Holster at.

Craft Holsters is a well-established holster dealer in America, known for the excellent care and benefits they provide for their customers. Like all successful companies, it all started with a simple and honest mission: To bring the best European made custom holsters to the U.S. market. Why? Because each responsible gun owner deserves a custom-made holster for his/her handgun.

Old but gold. Timeless Falco Holsters designs provide amazing value for money. Source: Craft Holsters


At Falco Holsters, we invested three decades of effort and dedication into the development of our products. Merging authentic European craftsmanship, premium quality materials, and precise modern technologies, we assembled the largest product assortment in the field. Up to date, we offer 4 leather holster lines, 3 nylon holster lines, and one Kydex holster line. Our CCW bags proved to be ideal for those who prefer off-body carry. Thanks to this, each responsible firearm owner can find gear suitable for his carry preference at

  • We at FALCO HOLSTERS always prefer long term cooperation with our resellers and dealers. CRAFT HOLSTERS became one of our VIP sales channels and we are glad, that many FALCO HOLSTERS users are happy with their service.
Our high-quality products collected countless amazing reviews for Craft Holsters.
  • CRAFT HOLSTERS picked some of our holster designs according to their taste, they keep plenty on stock and provide great customer service and shopping experience. FALCO is proud to have such dealers.
Craft Holsters knows what is best for their customers. That is why they chose Falco from all the European holster producers. Source: Craft Holsters

Craft Holsters chose to re-sell several Falco Holsters designs that fitted their customers’ needs the best. The result of our long-term collaboration is a special holster line handmade by Falco for Craft. This line consists of the old-school designs providing the best value for money ratio. If you are looking for a Falco Holster in a simple and yet beloved configuration, Craft Holster’s website is one of the safe places where to get one.

In the future CRAFT plans to add even more FALCO designs into their offer. If you are happy with their service, you will appreciate being able to find FALCO's Premium Leather assortment and other fresh items there.


We at FALCO HOLSTERS want our products to reach each of you, who wishes to get one. You will never go wrong by buying one from CRAFT. No matter where you search, remember that our complete assortment, exclusive new arrivals, and unlimited product variability will always be there for you at

source: Craft Holsters

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