Folds of Honor: From the Skies Above to the Dreams of Tomorrow

When you look up to the sky, you might think of freedom, vastness, and endless possibilities. That’s what the sky represented for Col. Nick Nichols. But, for all its vastness, the sky also became the backdrop for battles, sacrifices, and stories of heroism.

Col. Nick Nichols: Flying High

Born and raised in Georgia, Nick had always been captivated by the sight of aircraft soaring above.  His father was a highly decorated military pilot who also served in the Vietnam War, where he met his tragic end. Left with only his mother from a young age, the sacrifice of Col. Nichols' father 

inspired him to continue the legacy and join the Air Force, aiming to defend his country from the vast skies. Throughout his career, Col. Nichols flew countless missions, becoming one of the most respected pilots in his division.

However, with every mission that took him high above, there were reminders of the fragility of life.  In one unforgettable sortie, a fellow pilot and close friend was shot down. Though the memory haunted him, Nick's commitment never wavered.

But it wasn’t just the war in the skies that troubled Nick. Back home, he saw the repercussions of military service on families. Fellow service members, some permanently disabled, others suffering mentally, were often unable to provide for their families or fund their children's education.

Discovering Folds of Honor

It was during a military ceremony that Col. Nichols came across Folds of Honor. Struck by its mission to provide educational scholarships to the families of fallen or disabled service members, he immediately felt a connection.

With his influence and experience, Nick became an ambassador for Folds of Honor, traveling across the country to share the organization's mission. He spoke of the countless military families in need,  of children with dreams deferred because of financial constraints, and how Folds of Honor sought to bridge that gap.

Why Support Folds of Honor?

Since its inception in 2007, Folds of Honor has been a beacon of hope for thousands of families. With over 44,000 scholarships awarded, the organization has made a tangible impact, turning stories of loss into tales of opportunity. Folds of Honor stands out due to its direct mission: ensuring that families of service members are not left behind. Education is the foundation for a brighter future, and by providing scholarships, the organization empowers these families to chase their dreams.

Col. Nichols often said, "We fight for our country's tomorrow, and Folds of Honor ensures that  tomorrow is brighter for our families." This sentiment embodies the organization's dedication. By awarding scholarships, they've turned tragedy into hope for thousands.

How Can You Support Folds of Honor?

There are several ways to back this noble cause:

  • Donations: Monetary support goes directly towards funding scholarships for deserving recipients. Squadron: Join the Squadron by pledging $13/month to the families of American heroes.
  • Volunteering: Join the ranks of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the mission of  Folds of Honor to life.
  • Participate in Fundraising Events: From charity golf tournaments to local community events, there are numerous fundraising activities you can attend or even organize.
  • Corporate Sponsorships: Encourage your workplace or company to become a corporate sponsor.  Partnering with Folds of Honor can provide scholarships while promoting corporate social responsibility.
  • Spread the Word: Use your social media platforms and personal networks to create awareness about  Folds of Honor. Word of mouth can lead to tremendous support.

Ensuring Dreams Take Flight

For Col. Nick Nichols, the sky was a canvas of dreams, challenges, and sacrifices. Through his association with Folds of Honor, he aimed to ensure that the dreams of his fellow servicemen's families weren't grounded due to a lack of resources. In supporting Folds of Honor, we honor the legacies of heroes like Nick and ensure that the dreams of many continue to soar high.

Martin Lukačko

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