Gun Carry in Belly Band

I will ask one more question. Imagine one of these situations: Summertime, you plan on wearing your shorts, light shirt or beltless pants. Or you are going to run in a park in your leggings. How will you carry your gun? Have you heard about Belly Bands?

Firm Belly Band Holster

Belly Bands

Belly Bends are trend of past years. Being elastic and comfortable, they enclose your body and can be worn on your body or upper part of pants. Apart from the standard gun holder, they often provide additional pouches for magazines, papers, cellphone and other necessities. The gun is usually positioned straight at the hip at 3 o’clock with the fabric Belly Bands and with the Kydex-fabric combined Belly Bands might be at the 12 o’clock and tilted. In both cases the gun draw is fast but requires drill. Belly Bands offer different innovative designs and materials, most often using elastic material and Neoprene.

Semi-Breathable Belly Band Holster

The major Pros & Cons


Comfort – Belly Bands are comfortable, holding in place well. The gun does not create any pressure and does not obstruct in your movement.

Space – there is enough space for all your necessities. Be it additional ammunition, papers or cellphone. Everything in one place without any bag needed.

Effectiveness – after some training the gun draw can be fast and effective.

Variability – the producers offer different variants: Textile, Neoprene, Elastic, Breathable or combined for example with Kydex.

Belly Bands from the left: Firm, Semi-Breathable and Breathable


Lifespan – Belly Bands is remarkably more stressed than regular holsters. It is a part of clothing that wears out in time. The fatigue of material is caused by large sweat absorption. The average life span is from 5 to 8 years. This might be affected by various factors.

Visibility – Belly Band combined with Kydex is largely visibly, since it points away from the body.

Versatility – Not every Belly Band is universal. While the so-called Full size (ex.: Glock 17, CZ 85/75…) or Compact size (ex.: Glock 19, CZ P07…) usually does not cause any problem, you should check on the compatibility with the Subcompact size (ex.: CZ P10S, Glock 23…) so the gun does not fall out while running.

Perfect for your outdoor activities and sports


Belly Bands represent ideal carry style during Summer and sport activities. The newest designs use a material with enhanced air circulation, and also prove more versatile in the case of different gun sizes.

Breathable Belly Band Holster

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