Holsters In Stock

Due to a huge increase in sales last year which increased our lead times, we have decided to build a stock of our bestselling products. So you can get our quality products....But faster!

These in-stock items are still 100% custom fitted for one specific handgun and manufactured in the exact same way as our made-to-order items. However, our in-stock selection is limited to certain color combinations, sizes, and available for the most popular makes and models of handguns only.

Leather holsters in stock

Leather holsters

We selected one premium leather holster design for each carry style to be kept in stock for various revolver frames, 1911 pistols, Glocks, Sig Sauer P365, and several others.

You can simply check the “Stock Items” parameter here to see which holsters for what handguns are available. Once you order such a holster, it will be shipped to you within 2 working days. The delivery itself takes from 3-5 business days.

This limited stock selection allows us to satisfy those of you, who want to carry their firearm in Falco Holster but cannot afford to wait. If you carry a rarer handgun or crave a holster in different colors and specifications, do not worry! The rest of our assortment with all its variability is still there for you and we will be happy to produce it for you.

CCW bags in stock

CCW bags

Many of our CCW bags in multiple color variations are also ready to be shipped within 2 days of placing your order. Simply choose the one you like the best here and the magic is done! In a week, your new Falco CCW bag cradles your firearm as nothing else would.

We will keep restocking the bags continuously, but I would advise you to order yours now. These are melting away faster than a winter’s snow.

Nylon holsters in stock

Nylon holsters

If you are a fan of nylon, feel free to choose from our in-stock nylon holsters here. These are always fitted for specific pistol frame sizes such as FULL SIZE, COMPACT, SUBCOMPACT, or SMALL. Please choose the size that corresponds with your shotgun. To make sure which size your handgun fits in, check our size charts here. If you do not mind waiting for premium quality custom-fitted products, make sure to check our Premium Nylon holsters. These take some time to be made but it is worth the wait!

Our belly bands offer perfectly balanced levels of comfort, breathability, and firmness. See if we have your size ready to be shipped in 2 days here.

The filter that does the magic

How to order?

The first and most important step to avoid confusion is to mark the option “Stock Items” when browsing our selection of holsters or CCW bags. This way, you will be able to only see the items that are available immediately. If you do not find what you were looking for, you can simply go back by un-checking the option. 

Do not forget to fill in your gun model

The second step would be to select your firearm type. Now you can see only the items that are compatible with your firearm.
Note: this option is not available on mobile devices so far. To access the stock items on your phone, please just follow this link to see the items.

The available products will show under the product picture once you fill in your gun model

In the third step, once you are on the product you will see all the available stock items listed under the product picture. You can simply click on any of these to add them to your shopping cart.

Well, that is it! You made it. Once the stock item is in your cart, feel free to add any other products or accessories you wish. If the other items in your cart are custom-made, we will ship your stock item separately.

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