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After the extreme growth in sales within the Gun Industry, the 8-to-9-weeks lead time for a custom-fitted holster became a new global standard. This needs to be changed.

Falco Holsters is proud to launch its new Timeless Holster Line by March 1st, 2021. You will no longer need to compromise the product quality to avoid waiting. Thanks to the newly launched leather line, we will have your custom-made, handcrafted Falco holster manufactured & delivered within 4 weeks. Guaranteed.

The Timeless Holster Line consists entirely of all-time favorite Falco Holsters leather designs. All these holsters were rated extremely functional and high-quality by customers all around the U.S. What gets the customers hooked is the rare combination of genuine European craftsmanship & modern production technologies that result in precisely made holsters. In the new product line, not only have we brought the all-time best-selling designs back to life, but we also guarantee to have them delivered to you within a 4-week timeframe. Affordable price, fast production, and the fact that the holsters can be custom fitted to over 2000 models of pistol & 900 revolvers make this Timeless Holster Line relevant for every responsible gun owner.

Check our 4-Week Delivery holsters here:

“Our customers love Falco Holsters thanks to the unmatched product variability we offer. They can customize the holster up from scratch at We will always offer this level of customization with our standard products for those, who know that customization takes time. On top of this, we decided to provide a solution for clients looking for a holster of the same quality, but at shorter lead times. Our Timeless Holster Line is just that.” 

Since 1989 Falco offers an extensive range of gun holsters and tactical equipment for civilian customers and duty use. Craftsmanship and permanent innovations are our best features. We make our holsters from the finest materials to ensure a perfect fit, so your gun is safe and in the right position when needed.

Carry in custom-fitted high-quality gear and Stay Safe guys!

Róbert Kováč

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