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We now exclusively offer four product lines for majority of our leather holsters - Premium, Classic, Comfort and Basic. In process of choosing the right holster for you, please select the preferred holster design, then the product line and lastly, specify the holster details you like.

This unique tool will help you create a holster according to your design and functional preferences. You would be able to choose from options such as: leather color, leather edges color, contrast stitching, sweat guard presence, holster cant, embroiling and laser on logos. 

To describe each leather product line in more detail:

Premium line

Holster from this range are made from hand colored leather that is then hand molded, offering the highest level of craftsmanship we can deliver. 

Natural leather structure and a nice rich smell of a natural color and a lacquer are specific for Premium holsters. 

The life cycle of such holsters is the same as life cycle of the gun itself. 

This is holster making at its finest. 

Classic line

Classic line holsters offer the same premium feel as the Premium line products. The leather is already colored and lacquered in a tannery and so we hand mold the already finished skins. 

This level of craftsmanship is comparable with almost all other holsters producers and offers reasonably priced top quality products.

Comfort line

Comfort line holsters are made from nice soft natural leather in combination with hard leather for holster security straps and belt loops. 

This kind of leather is comfortable for IWB carry and gives holsters a very nice appearance. 

Basic line

This line is for those who are looking for basic design requirements but still a good functionality.  

Basic line holsters are being made using hard split leather, which is available only in black color. 

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