Top 5 Best Guns for Women

Are you a lady seeking a handgun for sports shooting or self-defense? Or maybe it's only for entertainment? Whatever pistol you require, you should choose one that is both comfortable to handle and gives a dependable performance.

If you're hesitating on which one is the ideal handgun for you, think about size, weight, and caliber. Make sure the gun you select is simple to use and pleasurable to fire. The best guns for women are based on what the women are looking for in their gun! For example if you are sports shooter you should be looking at Walther PDP because of the longer barrel. In case of self-defense in the woods, the good choice would be S&W 325 or Ruger P94.

There aren't many specific man-woman weapons because many handguns for men can also be fine choices for a lady, but what matters here is the comfortable grip and lightness for concealed carry. The best guns for ladies are light and small yet strong enough for either target shooting, pleasure, or self-defense.

So, without further ado, let's dive into all the aspects you should consider before purchasing a gun and which one is best for your purposes!

What to Consider Before Buying a Handgun

If you are a woman looking for a handgun, consider various aspects. Because women frequently have smaller hands and less upper body strength, the gun you pick should be light and easy to fire. As a result, the finest firearms for women should be smaller and lighter.

Here are a few factors to consider while looking for the finest pistols for women:


It is essential to pick a smaller and more compact pistol that can fit within a bag. These are often subcompact or ultra compact variants. However, if you seek a self-defense weapon, a bigger one may be preferable because it is frequently easier for more precise shooting.


For shooters with weaker arms, heavier pistols might be more challenging to aim. The weapon's weight also influences how comfortable it is to carry during the day. Opt for a gun with moderate recoil and smooth shooting characteristics is essential.


Recoil is defined by the caliber of the weapon and its weight and size. Hence, you might find some small and light handguns with significant perceived recoil.  Because perceived recoil differs from one shooter to another, the best method to assess a handgun's recoil is to shoot by oneself.


Most compact guns are chambered for 380 ACP or 9mm ammo. Either of these calibers has enough power to halt a danger while having a mild enough recoil to be manageable. Although 9mm pistols have more perceived recoil than 380 ACP guns, this is generally offset by their greater size. The 9mm ammo one is also ideal for a more extensive range of applications, extending from self-defense to competitive shooting, making it a very flexible caliber.

Safety Features

Most handguns come with a variety of safety measures. One of the most crucial is the safeguard against accidental discharge if the weapon is dropped. There are some that have manual safety and a heavier trigger pull, but this might make shooting difficult for women. Beginners should look for weapons with enough safety measures as well as adequate instruction on how to operate a gun responsibly.


The essential elements to look for in a pistol are function and comfort, although personalization may also be a significant part of a woman's weapon. There are several possibilities available, such as colors, styles, patterns, accessories, and so on. You may still choose the perfect gun for your purposes while also ensuring that it appeals to your sense of style.

Top 5 Best Guns for Women

A woman's tastes and requirements will determine the ideal pistol for her. Keep the above considerations in mind as you look for the best weapon for yourself. To get you started, we've compiled a list of the best guns for women that provide exceptional performance in a convenient size and caliber:

1. Glock 19

Yes, many shooters do not recommend the Glock 19 for women due to its higher weight compared to most concealed carry guns. Still, the G19 is a favorite among both men and women due to its legendary reliability, 15-round capacity, moderate recoil, and extremely precise shooting.

The Glock 19 is a well-known 9mm pistol ideal for self-defense and competition shooting. It has a total length of 7.28 inches and a barrel length of 4.02 inches, making it compact enough to carry around and large enough to shoot precisely.

Both the 4th and 5th generations of the G19 have adjustable grip sizes, making it an excellent choice for many ladies. It enables the shooter to quickly alter the grip size to match their hands properly. Another fantastic feature is the flexibility to readily adapt to both left and right-handed shooters. Several accessories for the G19 come in a range of shapes and colors, allowing a woman to personalize her weapon in any manner she sees fit.

2. Glock 43

Another classic Glock handgun chambered for 9mm ammo is the Glock 43 or Glock 43X. It is a subcompact pistol that is incredibly light and concealable while packing a punch. The Glock 43's thin form, a little over an inch broad, makes it easy to handle for smaller hands.

The Glock 43 has a barrel length of 3.41 inches, making it simple to shoot appropriately at close range. The pistol does not require any equipment to field-strip for simplicity of maintenance. It is a reliable self-defense weapon that would be a fantastic starter gun or hidden carry weapon for any woman.

3. Smith & Wesson MP Shield 

The M&P Shield from Smith & Wesson is a small and lightweight 9mm handgun that is easy to fire and carry. It is ideal for ladies with smaller hands, thanks to the less than an inch grip width. This handgun also has a more extended grip height, which allows for a tighter grip, greater recoil management, and increased overall shooting precision.

The handgun comprises a stainless steel chassis system and a corrosion-resistant polymer frame. With a weight of 20.8 ounces, it is easy to carry the whole day. 

4. SIG Sauer P365

Another popular best-selling model among ladies is the SIG Sauer P365. This model appeals to both first-time gun buyers and seasoned female shooters.

The compact 10+1 round capacity of this semi-automatic 9mm handgun is what has made it so renowned. There aren't many pistols in its class with the same specifications as this one. This thin 9mm micro-compact handgun is built for easy concealment, dependable performance, and a large amount of ammo.

The SIG P365 has a length of just 5.8 inches and is a wonderful choice for a lady looking for a concealed carry handgun that delivers a powerful shot.

Overall, it's light, precise, and simple to use.

5. Springfield Hellcat

When it comes to picking the finest handgun for women, many shooters neglect the Springfield Hellcat, yet it has been one of the top-selling handguns of 2020 because of its capacity to hold 13+1 9 mm bullets in its micro-sized grip.

The Springfield Hellcat became popular because of its large magazine capacity. While most micro-compact 9mm handguns have a 6+1 to 10+1 round capacity, the Hellcat has a massive 13+1 one.  Picture blasting all of these at once!

The Springfield Hellcat does indeed have a little of a punch to it, which some beginning female shooters may not appreciate. However, a somewhat higher recoil is a modest price to pay for the Hellcat's overall reliability and quality.

Although some owners have noted significant slide tightness and quick recoil, this ultra-compact rifle is nevertheless a joy to shoot.

Our Advice

With so many different handguns to choose from, it's critical to touch and test any pistol you're contemplating buying. So, before purchasing any of the guns listed above, go to a shooting range and try them out. You might even go with good old Walther PPK S, or Kimber Ultra Carry II as long it fits you and you are comfortable with recoil.

For the best shooting experience, we recommend wearing comfortable yet concealable clothing to the range. If you like, you may wear your favorite patriotic T-shirt, but be sure to layer it with something long-sleeved and long pants, as the more skin you cover at the range, the less likely you are to come home with a burn.

Returning to shooting, make sure the handgun you're using has a comfortable grip and is the proper size and weight to cover your needs.  To ensure you can control the recoil and fire the pistol effectively, go to a shooting range and ask to hire the weapon you want. When you select the appropriate gun for leisure shooting, competition, or self-defense, it will be fun and pleasant to use.

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