Why to carry gun in a holster

Before a gun is used, the way it is being carried is as much important as the gun itself.

You need to have your gun in a right place, where it is easily accessible and your gun draw can be ergonomic in every situation you can find yourself in. That’s why there are so many holster models.

In particular situations like when sitting in a car you will not be able to wear your gun on the back or to have a shoulder holster whilst jogging. So choosing the right place of gun carry are the basics of where to start when deciding for your holster.

What a well chosen holster does, is to hold a gun in a fixed position whilst the holster doesn’t move itself either. No movement equals safety which is an aspect that cannot be underestimated.

When you get into a situation where the gun is needed for self defense, there are only seconds before you need to act.

During these seconds you don’t have time to re-draw your gun if it has moved and changed its position in the holster. Or when under attack, your gun must be fully and easily accessible whilst the holster stays within its position on your body.

There is a saying that if you don't wear a gun on your body it is like not having a gun at all. To put it simply, there can be a situation when you would not be able to draw your gun if it is in the wrong position.

For this reason different holster types are needed for different handguns. Each works best in various situations, keeping you safe and helping you resolve the issue or a matter at hand.

Róbert Kováč

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