Why we make custom made items

One of the advantages of having our own factory and in house development department is that we can customize products or build any product according to your individual specifications. If you were not able to find on the market what you are looking for, we are here to make it for you. Custom made items are the best way for us to move forward. It’s also the highest level of customer service we can provide for any customer.

Upon receiving an initial email roughly specifying what is it you are after, our experienced colleagues would start the consultation process with you to gather all the necessary information and product details so they can thereafter recommend a specific solution tailored to your product requirements.

Once both parties are happy with the proposed design, we would be able to issue a quote and a time line of your product’s manufacture. If you decide to go ahead, the production process would begin. It is usual that more than one design variation is needed to be made until the final product design is produced. You will be kept informed through the whole process, even sent photos of your product on its way to be born.

It is a mutual process and we always welcome your feedback.

A quick step–by–step guide for made to order products:

  1. Your specification of a product
  2. Consultation process
  3. Quotation, Time line, Payment
  4. Production process
  5. Shipping
  6. Feedback

Róbert Kováč

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